Cant Let You Go || A TaaRey OS

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He entered in room with tray of food, Darkness was spread all over in room just like how his life is now, Full of Darkness, He walk toward a girl who was sitting in one corner of room, crying over her fate.

 "Taani stop crying, nothing is going to change now, eat something, you hadn't had anything from yesterday" He said, he sat on his knees, put the tray beside him

 "Don't you dare Rey , don't touch me with your sinful hands" Taani shouted, she jerked away his hand when he try to cup her face, She was crying badly, The reality had hit her hard, she look at her husband with disgust

 Before yesterday he was her loving and sweet rey who loves her more than his life but the truth of her husband come in front of her.

 "You are a beast rey, you lied to me about your real identity, why you did this to me rey, I loved you with all my heart and you gave me this in return, you never loved me rey you never did" Taani said crying hysterically, her voice chocked because of continues crying

 "Dare you say that I never loved you, I love you taani that's why I hide this from you, I didn't wanted to lose you" He said in angry tone, Rey grabbed her shoulder in tight grip.

 "Don't touch me rey, You are a bloody terrorist, For whole world you are a business tycoon but now I know your real face rey, You are a terrorist, Why you hide this from me rey?" Taani said while struggling to get out of his grip

 "Because you are my life taani, I love you if I'd told you about me before you wouldn't have accepted me, I cant change this taani, the fact is that am a beast but this beast loves you a lot" Rey said bringing her close to him.

 Yesterday his loving wife comes to know about his criminal link and about the real RS who is beast, a terrorist

 "I don't want to stay here with you, am going delhi, I want divorce" Taani said still sobbing

 "You are not going anywhere taani, you can't leave me, I'll not let you go" Rey said holding her possessively in his arms

"But I don't want to live with a criminal" Taani said directly looking straight in his eyes

"You have to taani, you've to live with me whether you like it or not but you are not going and forgot that divorce thing because you are mine only mine, I'll never give you divorce not even in my sub conscious state" Rey told her, his voice was intense and serious, He'll keep her with him until his last breath even if it was against her will. 

"Please rey let me go" Taani said, her eyes were red because of crying.

"I can't let you go" Rey said, He scoop her in his arms and place her on their bed

"If You can't let me go then kill me like you used to kill those innocent people" Taani said

This time he didn't answer her instead he captured her lips in his, pulling her into deep passionate kiss, She tried to push him with her tiny hand but he was too strong for her, He hold her both hands in his and pinned them on pillow above her head, This is the only he could make her believe he loves her, Well he is not a man of words, he always failed to express his love for her in words and she knows that.

Rey was kissing her gently yet passionately. Pouring his all love for her in kiss. In reality he is a terrorist but he too is a human, he too wants to live a happy life with his love taani. He didn't wants to lose her, He can go against to whole world just to keep her with him, He can do anything for her, she is his possession, Obsession, life she is his everything.

Taani was losing herself in her husband's love, how much she tried to hate him but couldn't, He is her world, she love him immensely, one truth changed her happy sweet world into a world of pain and betrayal.

 "Reyy" a soft moan escape from her mouth when she felt his hands on her private body parts, he was busy in worshiping her whole body with his kisses

 "I cant let you go taani, I'll die without you, you are the sole reason of my existence" Rey said placing wet open mouth kisses on her shoulder till neck, One by One he remove every piece of cloth from their bodies, Their bodies were moving in swing, Both were lost in another world, Rey entered in her making her moan in pleasure and pain, Rey place his lips on her soft one pulling her into gentle sweet kiss, diverting her mind from pain, he thrusted hard until they reach their climax, He collapse his body on her, both slept in each other's embrace forgetting everything.


 "You are not going taani" Rey said, He snatch the suitcase from her hand and threw it away on floor, rey close the door of their bedroom.She was ready to leave his house but on right time he came home and stopped her.

 "No rey you've to choose, Me or your underworld business" Taani said, straightly looking into his eyes, Her voice shows him that she is not talking any nonsense.

"You" Rey said without thinking, she is his life, If her wish is him leaving this criminal world then he is ready.

"I'll leave this criminal world for forever, I want you only you" Rey said, She immediately run to him and flung her arms around him, hugging him tight like her life depend on that hug, He too pulled her in his cosy warm embrace.

 ~*~ ~*~ ~*~ ~*~ ~*~ ~*~ ~*~ ~*~

Posted: 2014-04-13T07:58:38Z
but y rey in criminal world
thank god he left that world
love it
just love it
keep writing
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Posted: 2014-04-13T08:00:05Z
Wow awsm os
Loved it
This os was just so different
Do keep writing
U write brilliantly
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Posted: 2014-04-13T08:03:34Z
Embarrassed Embarrassed awesome yr
Its very hawtt n sentimental tooo
Loved this reyvery much , very loving rey
Taani too loves him a lot
Thanks 4 writing it
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Posted: 2014-04-13T08:03:57Z
reswa ROFL
unreswa ROFL

os achhi this isiliye unreswa ROFLROFL

i would love to have a terrorist bf/ husband...

n m stuck wd possessive controlling freak

anyways... finally rey gave up on criminal world...
that was so romantic...

i cd be three shots CryCryCry

os was fantastic
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Posted: 2014-04-13T08:04:36Z
hum unreswa naahi karenge sunshine babua ROFLROFLROFL
hum allergic to sunshine ROFLROFL
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Posted: 2014-04-13T08:05:01Z
awesome os
finally our tigress changed d beast
thats a lovely ending
rey cant express his feelings in words
thats def nt a problem
when he know hw to express it in mre passionate way
loved it completely
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Posted: 2014-04-13T08:13:41Z
unresed my comment on page 1ROFL
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