Rang Rasiya 11th April- Written Update

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Part 1

Rudra says if you are innocent, then this is milk. Paro says she can't drink milk, she gets restless and sick. Rudra says if you will drink milk, I won't drink alcohol. Paro closes her nose and drinks the milk. She coughs. Rudra says one more draught. Paro says not anymore, she will get sick. Rudra says, till the time she drinks milk...he will not touch alcohol. Paro drinks the second glass. Rudra points at the jug. Paro refuses. Rudra holds the glass and Paro empties the jug. She rushes to the washroom and vomits. Rudra follows her, and when she comes out...he goes inside to vomit. Paro knocks to check if he is alright. Rudra stumbles to open the door and then finally collapses on Paro. Paro drags him to the bed. She lifts his body on the bed, and while lifting his leg, his body topples.LOL Paro puts her hands inside his pocket and rolls him up on the bed. She removes his shoes and then taking the pillow and the blanket, she clears the floor and sleeps. The night is heavily over when some squeaks wake Paro up. She suspects mouse and stands on the bed.

Part 2

Paro sits on the bed at one corner. While sleeping, he holds her hands. Paro lies down on the bed near him holding his hands and sleeps.

Next Morning, Rudra gets up to find Paro close to him sleeping. He calls her name and when she doesn't wake, he sprinkles water. Rudra asks whats she doing here? Paro says that last night there was a rat. Rudra says what last night! Why is she in his room? Paro says why...doesn't he remember. Rudra says this bridal wear, this sindoor. He asks her to get out. Paro walks out recalling their marriage. She runs to Maithili, and tells her that he doesn't remember anything. Not even marriage. Rudra says that he asked her to go. Maithili says where will she go. Rudra says to the kitchen, to make tea. Maithili asks but Paro said you forgot the marriage. Rudra says she is not in her senses, how can someone forget marriage. Don't worry, neither will he forget, not he will let her forget. He asks her to go make her tea, for her pati parmeshwar.

Sumer gets the money from the Newspaper for giving them the a picture. Sumer says that now on, he will live richly.

At the breakfast table, Rudra calls for Paro. Danveer tries to talk. Rudra says whatever happened yesterday, happened between him and his wife, he wants no interference. Mohini asks but where is his wife. Rudra wonders that making tea doesn't take that long. Mohini advises him to control his wife, or else she will grow out of control. Rudra says Danveer Kakusa must have learnt this. He rushes searching for Paro. Paro is sitting on the floor in her room.

Part 3

Paro is sitting in front of broken mirrors. Rudra says if she didnt listen his voice. Paro says she's not able to understand why is he doing. Rudra says ok, so listen. Because of her, he lost his job, his respect is at stake. Every vow he took yesterday, he will follow all of them. The tears, just get accustomed to them...because they will be with her for the entire life. Paro hurts her hand. Rudra asks if its bleeding. Paro says he likes her tears, so why care for wounds. Tears hurt more than wounds. Rudra cares for her wounds. Paro watches him.

Precap- Rudra is throwing away the broken glass pieces when he finds the envelope of the Newspaper. He says that means someone from the house took the pictures.

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So does he remember the marriage or not ?
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Posted: 2014-04-11T10:47:34Z
^Yes he does!

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Originally posted by .BadtameezDil.

^Yes he does!


So he was just playing along on Paro ? I havent seen the epi yet

But glad they slept on the same bed - that means a lot Big smile
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Originally posted by tvbuf


So does he remember the marriage or not ?
He remember everything...the marriage, the vows...
Wo na kuch bhula hai or na paro ko bhull ne dega...
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Posted: 2014-04-11T10:54:23Z
many thanks for the WU
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Posted: 2014-04-11T11:01:23Z
Thanks for the lovely WU.
Have a feeling that somehow Sumer and KCM will pass on the blame to Paro. She won't be vindicated this soon.
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Posted: 2014-04-11T11:03:45Z
Originally posted by tvbuf

Originally posted by .BadtameezDil.

^Yes he does!


So he was just playing along on Paro ? I havent seen the epi yet

But glad they slept on the same bed - that means a lotBig smile

He is going all evil with her. So hes gonna play with her feelings basically!
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