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Paro apologizes for not believing in Rudra. Rudra's boss praises Paro's bravery and tells everyone that she will be under the protection of BSD. After everyone leaves, Rudra tells Paro off and drags her to hosptial to show her Dilsher in his unconscious state. Paro is shocked and is bombarded with accusations from Rudra with Sunheri and everyone supporting. Mohini is happily watching. Paro tries to convince everyone that she didn't do it as she wasn't there. However, Rudra is in a rage doesn't listen and drags her outside. 

Danveer stops him and tells him to believe in Paro. Rudra, however is adamant that Paro is just another beautiful woman who has tried to kill his father. 

Tejawat arrives home and starts packing while Mala just awakens. He tells her they have to leave right now as BSD are coming to get him. Mala is confused as she doesn't want to leave and remembers her son's wedding today. She even mentions how she would have liked a daughter-in-law like Paro to marry Rudra. Tejawat annoyed has no other choice but to uses chloroform to make her unconscious again to take her away.

At the BSD office Paro continues to  convince Rudra. Rudra tells her he can never trust her now. Paro turns to even convince Aman, however, stands helplessly. Paro refuses to stay anywhere except with Rudra. Aman smiles at that while Rudra is taken aback. Paro's Mami is brought in where she hugs Paro emotionally after seeing her after so long.

Rudra and Aman search Tejawat's House to find guns. Rudra finally sees a picture of Thakur and the Thakuraiyn...Rudra's mother. Rudra is shocked. Devastated, he then receives news about Dilsher going into a coma. He goes to the hospital immediately

Paro's Mami apologizes for not recognizing her that day. Paro forgives her and praises Rudra for saving her. She believes he will save Nandini and all the other girls as well.

Mami leaves Paro behind reluctantly as the Senior BSD officer told them Paro has to stay with them for her safety. 

Rudra is upset be Dilsher's bed and tells him that he has found his mother. He believes Mala left them for Thakur and hates her even more. He's determined to find them and punish them. 

Aman and Paro talk at the office where Paro assures Aman that she didn't hurt Dilsher in any way and as she is like a sister to him she wouldn't lie to him either. 

Rudra drinks liquor to drown his sorrows and cuts himself. Paro tries to help. Rudra in attempt to push her away falls, only to hold her close in his drunken state. Paro sits him down on the floor and tends to his wounds, feeds him food and water. 

Rudra falls asleep on Paro's lap.

Rudra gets nightmares of his mother leaving him and sleep talks. Paro calms him letting him fall asleep with her hand on his head.

When Rudra wakes in the morning he's flustered seeing himself asleep on Paro's lap. He gets up telling her off. 

 Paro tells him what happened, but he disregards it awkwardly. Hearing Rudra taking about Thakuraiyn, Paro tells him Mala is innocent as Thakur told her so. Rudra hears her calling her Maasa and asks her why. 

Paro tells him she is like a mother to him and has brought her up. Rudra angrily leaves. Paro is left confused.

Paro tries to get Rudra to eat. But Rudra accuses her having put poison in the food. Paro eats it to prove herself innocent. Aman watches this feeling bad for Paro. Paro leaves.

Aman and Rudra go back to Thakur's haveli to find a book that has all Thakur's contacts. Rudra gets emotional, but tries to control himself. 

He finds photos and gets angry seeing Thakur and his mother together and also finds photos of Paro and Mala together.

Dilsher is brought back to the Haveli in his state in hope to recover again.

Paro goes to the them Mandir to pray and it told by the pandit that Rudra will surely forgive Paro if she keeps persisting. Paro ties a tell to the wishing wall for Rudra. 

 Paro sees Rudra and runs to him and trips. He catches her hugging her close. They pull apart awkwardly. Rudra goes past Paro to pray for the first time for hid father. Paro tries to convince Rudra once more that she is innocent, but Rudra angrily leaves. Paro is left determined to prove her innocence. 

With Aman's help Paro is entered into the Haveli as Gauri to help Dilsher get better. Rudra can't see her face as it's covered and is told by Aman and the Senior Officer that she cannot speak. The plan works as Rudra doesn't suspect that Gauri is Paro. Meanwhile Sumar wonders how to be able to kill Dilsher now with 'Gauri' watching Dilsher as well as Rudra. Chachi plans to put the blame of Gauri when the time is right. 

Paro alone with Dilsher removes her veil and talks to him saying she will prove her innocence. Danveer, however, enters and is shocked to see Paro present. Paro tells him everything. Rudra comes looking for his phone making Paro panic and cover her face hoping Danveer won't say anything. Paro gives Rudra his phone. Rudra notices Danveer nervous and asks. Danveer covers himself and Paro not revealing anything. Rudra leaves. 

At night Paro checks on Dilsher's temperature and goes to sleep on the floor. Rudra comes and sleeps on the sofa. Paro sees him and helps his head up. She checks on Dilsher again and is shocked to see he has a temperature. 

Paro goes to the kitchen to get a bowl and flannel, but Rudra comes. Paro covers her face and watches as Rudra looks to eat food. Paro makes food for Rudra making him grateful. Meanwhile Mohini goes to take Dilsher's mask off. Paro, however, goes to the room to place the cold flannel on Dilsher's head, making Mohini hide. 

Maitili comes to see Rudra making Roti. She tells him she'll make it instead. Paro returns to the Kitchen. Rudra notices her mendhi and unveils her revealing Paro. Rudra and Maitili are shocked. 

Rudra rushed back to Dilsher's room to find Mohini and asks what she is doing there. She lies saying she was just checking on Dilsher. Rudra angrily goes back to Paro. Paro pleads that she is innocent and asks for forgiveness for not believing him before and hitting his head. Everyone comes present. Paro apologizes to everyone. Danveer tries to defend Paro but, Rudra is stubborn and Rudra drags Paro out. But Paro stops him and sits on the floor refusing to leave untill he has forgiven her. 

Rudra gets a call and goes to Dilsher's room to talk to him about an award he's receiving for the mission. He gets emotional remembering the past.

Mohini taunts Paro, but Danveer defends again saying it's Dilsher's house and so she can stay. He ushers everyone away to their rooms. Paro is left in tears

Rudra goes to kitchen to find Paro normally working. He angrily tells her to leave though she ignores him. 

Rudra threatens to drag her out the house, to which Paro leans out her hand to him. He gets angry and leaves. 

In Dilsher's room, Paro comes to put an ointment on Dilsher's feet. Rudra watching her notices that she hands his rudraksh on too. Paro tells him it's from the mela and protected her from Tejawat, despite him not there with her. She says she won't give it back till he has forgiven her. Rudra asks why forgiveness from him is so important to her and also who he is to her. Paro blurts it means a lot to her as she sees him as her protector. Rudra and Paro are shocked by her words. Rudra leaves while Paro is confused with her feelings towards Rudra. 

In the morning Rudra packs a bag full of money. Paro tries to convince Maitili that she is innocent but fails 

Sumar asks for some money from Mohini. Mohini refused and they both have a spiteful argument. 

Rudra asks Paro if she is willing to do anything for his forgiveness. Paro agrees. Rudra takes her before everyone and tells her to marry Sumar. Mohini is outraged, while Rudra offers Sumar money to marry Paro. Sumar agrees, while Paro is paralyzed with shock. Rudra questions her once more if she is willing to marry Sumar for his forgiveness or did she lie about being sorry. 

Rudra leaves Paro upset while Mohini and Sumar argue. Paro turns to the Mandir hoping for some sign, Sumar comes to sweetly convince Paro. Paro cries silently making Sumar lift a hand to wipe her tears. Rudra stops him and tells him to wait untill after the marriage. Alone, Rudra tells Paro that he knows she won't be able to say yes and so should leave now. He tells her that beautiful women like her can't be trusted. 

Mohini tried to convince Sumar again only for him to threaten her that if she tries to stop him he will tell everyone that Paro didn't light the fire to kill Dilsher, but she did.

Maitili finds out that Paro is innocent finding the duplicate bridal dress. Paro is thankful that she believes her. 

Rudra gifts Paro a bridal dress but, Paro spots a doll that she recognizes. Rudra tells her not to touch it as it means a lot to him. He leaves. Paro checks the doll and finds the stitching of 'P' on the dress making her realize it's hers from very young. She realizes that Rudra was the boy that she gave the doll too. She is shocked at this twist in fate. She realizes that she's always been connected to him and he is her destiny and her future. 

She runs to the Awards Ceremony where Rudra is receiving an Award for the mission.

Rudra is in pain remembering all his time with Paro and is restless that Sumar is going to marry Paro. 

Maitili find the rest of the bridal dress and shows Samrat. They are both confused why someone else would wear a bridal dress exactly like Paro. Mohini tells Sumar that Paro has runaway. 

Paro comes to the stage and Rudra is confused. Paro tells him that she was the girl that gave him the doll all those years ago. Rudra gets emotional with disbelief. Paro tells Rudra that they are meant to be together and asks him to make her his. 

She offers him sindoor. Rudra is shocked and gets angry. He hits it away accidently falling on Paro's parting a little. He drags Paro from there. 

While Sunheri comforts a sad Sumer with sweets, Maitili and Samrat asks Sunheri if she saw the face of the girl who set the room alight. Mohini is alert hearing this and spitefully says she did it. Samrat assures they won't talk about it again and takes a still curious Maitili away. 

Rudra is furious and tells Paro that he is not the person he was 15 years ago. Paro is confident that he is he still has kept possession of her doll. Rudra says she has lost her mind, for which she replies saying she has lost her heart. Rudra is taken aback by her confession of love for him. Paro tries to convince him that she and him are meant to be together. Someone interrupts making Rudra tell Paro to do what she wants he doesn't care. Rudra leaves. Paro sees her parting has sindoor and becomes happy

Rudra at home is furious while Danveer tries to calm him. Paro comes to say she isn't leaving as a wife can't leave her husband. Rudra takes Paro out the house with her doll and shuts the door telling her it's over between them. Danveer tries his hardest to convince Rudra but, Rudra is convinced that love and marriage isn't for him. Chachi returns the money back to him. 

Rudra later goes to the door to see Paro asleep on the steps with the doll in her hands. He guiltily goes over to wake her but, sees the sindoor and backs away going back in the house shutting the door behind him. Paro wakes hearing the door slam and asks her doll if Rudra came. Paro smiles knowing he did. 

Sumar and Mohini hatch a plan to get rid of Rudra and Dilsher at the same time.

Paro talks to the doll about her hopes and dreams with Rudra wanting to make him smile again and a part of his life. Mohini comes and offers her to come back in the house. Paro finds something fishy about this and asks what Mohini wants in return. She says nothing but might ask later. Paro goes back in the house but, doesn't trust Mohini. 

Mohini is happy as her plan is that by bringing Paro in the house Rudra will want to leave with Dilsher. 

Maitili is about tell Paro about the dress, when Mohini calls her. Paro goes to Dilsher's room to investigate. She finds Dilsher's inhaler and a jar of ghee. She leaves to show Maitili but, trips dropping the jar accidently on Rudra's head. Rudra disturbed while working out is furious and asks why is she back in the house?  

Mohini defends Paro and says Paro will stay in the house and if he doesn't want that he must leave with Dilsher. 

Sumer talks rudely to Rudra about his mother and then about Paro making Rudra angry. Paro, however, stands between them stopping the fight. Sumer is about to move Paro making Rudra pull her out Sumer's touch and warn Sumer. 

 Sumer leaves and Rudra tells Paro that he doesn't want to see her face. Paro promises to do so.

Paro shows the Ghee pot to Matili and Sunheri as they show her the duplicate dresses where the duplicate has the smell of ghee. Sunheri remembers that she actually didn't see Paro's face and the girl that ran away didn't show her face either. She is sorry not to have believed Paro. Paro forgives her. 

 Maitili suggests her to tell Rudra but, Paro refuses as Rudra in his rage wouldn't believe her. 

Mohini plans for everyone to go to the mandir leaving Rudra and Paro alone in the house with Dilsher. She hopes that this will anger Rudra further making him want to leave.

Paro keeps her face hidden from Rudra, however, in the kitchen when she tried to cover her face with her pallu her dori becomes undone accidently. 

 Rudra coming in sees this and looks away quickly. Paro struggles to tie her dori making Rudra slowly come over and tie it for her before leaving. 

Rudra finds out everyone has gone to the temple and thinks Paro has sent them so she and he can be alone. He calls her shameless and has no character because he feels she undid her dori on purpose to get close to him. Paro is deeply hurt. He in rage forgives her for everything and drags her outside. Paro says she won't leave and tells him how their story is similar to Shiv/Parvati's. Rudra tells her their story is finished. Paro says she will never allow it to finish.


Mohini comes to Dilsher's room, she says I am not sinner but, sometimes it is important to do sin and you are lying straight on bed so, whats the need to live, she is about to take of his oxygen mask. Paro comes there, she hides behind side table, Paro places wet cloth on his head. 

Personal View : I don't think Mohini is so foolish that she will attack Dilsher where the family is there and anyone can walk in and catch her  A filler scene no doubt!

I can't choose any one scene or moment. Because these two moments have touched me!
First, Paro is taking care of injured Rudra,He is broken. He is scared,he is  lost. He is suffering in his own pain and anguish. There she came as angel. She took care of him, like mother consoled him ,wiped his tears. She took care of his wound. She fed him,nursed him.

When the little boy living inside Rudra took Paro's hand for warmth, for security for care. He finally left the ongoing war in his mind and slept in Paro's lap.

The lyrics beneath are very apt for this scene.
    Karyeshu Dasi, Karaneshu Manthri;
         Bhojeshu Mata, Shayaneshu Rambha;
                  Roopeshu lakshmi, Kshamayeshu Dharitri;
                 Satkarma Nari, Kuladharma Patni                

The second scene is where Paro realizes her respect for Rudra as she had seen the doll, she had given Rudra 17 years ago! Paro was glowing with her newly found feelings, attraction  or may be love.

She ran towards her destiny, her rakshak, her Rudra and reached at the award ceremony hall. She then called Rudra "Major saab" and asked him for his hand in marriage.

A great job done by the CV's by showing a woman step out of her comfort zone to ask a man for his hand in marriage.

The following is another apt song for the above scene.

Preet Ki Lath Mohe Aaisi Laagi
Ho Gayi Main Matwaali
Bal Bal Jaaun Apane Piya Ko
Ke Main Jaaun Vaari Vaari
Mohe Sudh Budh Naa Rahe Tan Mann Ki
Teh Toh Jaane Duniya Saari
Bebas Aur Laachar Phiru Main
Haari Main Dil Haari
Ishq Junoon Jab Hadh Se Badh Jaaye 
Hanste Hanste Aashiq Suli Chadh Jaaye
Ishq Ka Jaadu Sar Chadhkar Bole
Khoob Laga Lo Pehre Raste Rab Khole
Yehi Ishq Ki Marzi Hain
Yehi Rab Di Marzi Hain
Teri Deewani

Ashish Sharma and Sanaya Irani have done a beautiful job portraying these scenes as Rudra and Paro respectively.

Do I really need to mention the Scene of the Week. Isn't it obvious? There was no other scene to match the scene where Paro confesses her love for Rudra in front of the whole world. Here is the small recap what happened between them. 

Paro reached at the award ceremony called him. Rudra was overwhelmed to see her and Paro blushed furiously seeing him coming towards her. Paro remembered Rani Sahiba's words and then how she threw the doll to him and him filling her mang with her own blood.

Rudra tried to scare her off and said she should have left for Jaipur to which she told him that she is not going anywhere. When asked she showed him the doll and told him that she wanted to talk to him about it. Paro told her that she was the one whom the doll belongs. She told whether he ever asked himself why that little girl gave him the doll. She told him that it was not only him who was suffering who was in pain and just to share that pain that little girl wanted to share that pain with him and she did not have anything with her so by giving away something that was dear to her and belong to her was a gesture of sharing the pain. 

She told him that whatever happened 15 years ago as he remembers each and everything similarly she remembers everything that happened on that day. Just like he thinks that the doll belongs to him when it actually belongs to her. She belongs to him as well. Rudra was so overwhelmed that he wanted to touch the doll and so did he want to touch Paro but, he resisted. Paro made him realize that they belong to each other and it was their destiny.

He was not her destruction but, her protector and that she needs to be there with him forever and let their difference away and be together. She also said she belongs to a society where a girl doesnot confess her feelings in front of everyone. But she had to come to him and tell him that in this whole world Paro can only be rudras forver and ever. She held the sindoor in front of him and told him that bhoolenath not only written his name in his mendi but, also in her fate. She wanted to get married to him and she is waiting for his approval. Parvati can only belong to Rudra.

He tossed the sindoor in the air and accidently it falls in her mang but, neither of them notice it.




Her non-stop taunts to her son Samrat or to her daughter-in-law, Maithli is very annoying. Why is it wrong to support your own wife? Nevertheless, after risking Dilsher's life now she's still planning something to get rid of Rudra and Paro.

According to me dialogue of the week should be

 "Apnaayiye Mhaare ko Major Sahab, Byaah kijiye mujhse... Mhaare ko aapki haan ka intejaar rahega.."

Because this dialogue was a shock to everybody as no one expected Paro to propose Rudra infront of everybody.

This week it was hands down Mohini and Sumer's duo that was intentionally or unintentionally funny almost all of the time. But what was absolutely epic, was the scene from this week's Maha-episode, where Sumer waltzes down thestairs in a sherwani, with a miniature Taj mahal in his hands. The guy is unapologetically idiotic and has no sense of any kind whatsoever, which makes him endearingly funny. And the way Mohini enacts out a darbaari voice for Shah-Jahan, we all were rolling on the floor. The voice modulation was perfect, and the "Mausam ki Kasam" dialogue just stole the show!

Mohini: Jahanpanaa, aapki daasi mausam ki kasam khaa ke kehti hai, ki joh kuch bhi hua, usmei mhaara koi haath nahi tha... Mhaari garden pe talwaar mat rakhna Jahaanpanaa... Aapki Mumtaaj bhaag chooti Maharaaj!! 

No question about the character of the week this time.
The character of the week is 

For showing a working head and heart both ... Paro is both dil and dimaag.
She connected the dots of the childhood doll, the repeat meetings between her and Rudra, her nightmares, his rescue ... and followed her heart that he is the one destined for her. And she followed it up with a public proposal, flying in the face of all convention and of her own conservative rural upbringing.
She followed her head  and discovered the truth of the fire, with help from Maithili, another woman with a combination of dil and dimaag. 
She remains determined to win Rudra's heart, despite his refusal ... she reads his actions and recognises what his heart says, although his head is fighting his feelings. But Paro stays firm in her belief that she and Rudra are meant to be, and she will fight for what she believes in.

And finally for re-defining the heroine on Indian TV ... not an abla self-sacrificing naari, but a strong woman who is ready to fight for her own happiness. 

It was a weird two weeks! There were hardly any emotional scenes as it was some truly light-hearted weeks! And finally found one on the starting day of those 2 weeks.

The moment where Paro who was left in Rudra's cabin and sees her mamisa for the first time since she was told dead to her.. She called out mamisa as her mamisa ran to her and gathered her in her arms hugging her tight. And the two of them cry their heart out and mamisa talks about the day when she spurned Paro in the village and they console each other.

The other one, its emotional! BUT its romantic! I am in two minds if it should fall to the emotional side!!

Rudra is crying thinking of the revelation of his mother and Paro who sees him on the other side of the one way mirror rushes to him.. And tries to tend to him, while he pushes her away. Finally fainting in her arms hugging her and she manage to lie down with him and care for him and finally after she tends to his wound, and tries to go away to bring him food Rudra holds her hand and asks her not to leave him. She promises she will not and comes back with food and water. She feeds him that and finally he sleeps in her lap.

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When rangrasiya is taking great heaps of twists to interest viewers they really need to check on the basic story they heed. It's obvious viewers want to see Rudra and Paro  together , but the maker's desperate efforts to do so have been failingmany hearts. Lately we got to see Paro falling for Rudra and is obsessively in love with Rudra who refuses to see her point. Well it is to say Paro was pictured a sensible woman but her love seems to be insensible, I won't say that her falling for Rudra was not a mistake but to go on and propose him in such times when he worries a lot over his father was nothing lesser than a mistake. 

To love is all about understanding love and I can't see Paro making even a step towards understanding rather than giving him his space and time to think she is pushing him into a chamber concealing him from further thoughts. It seems adding to Rudra's misery his family is also pushing him-his Kakisa and Sumer as villains and all others as supporting characters-all do the same that is torture him in some or the otherway. When everyone hopes to see Rudra  getting out of his agonies , relieving himself from anger and all; he is rather brutally being pushed further into his frustrations. The makers should really think of a way better to get our hero being cured by love and showcasing Paro as a real strength and support rather than being a nagging presence.

These two weeks were quite interesting we saw Paro trying to prove herself innocent and Rudra was under the assumption that she is the one responsible for his dad's condition. Paro attempts, however, failed but she remained strong. Another earth shattering moment was when Rudra asks Sumer to marry Paro.

Paro also somewhat realized that she loves Rudra and another thing that came very unexpected  was Paro's proposal to Rudra, however, Rudra is unable  to accept Paro but, Paro is trying her level best and can do everything to prove herself.

The story is progressing in a good direction and actors are doing an awesome job, so I would rate this week with a


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OS of the Week:  Conflagration by


The element of fire has always been a key part of the story of Parvati-Rudra.  Whether their characters, their relationship or their interactions.  Read here for one author's take on this aspect of their story.  In particular, their take on that all important 'ring of fire' from the beginning of the show.

SS/FF of the Week:  Fears, Forgiveness & Repentance  by 
While these three particular stories can be read  and enjoyed individually in their original OS forms, it is highly recommended that they are read as one collective body of work for the best reader experience.

Start from Fears and work you way through this beautiful and stirring work.  Links to the subsequent parts are provided on the first page of each new chapter.  FYI, the Repentance chapter is not yet posted but once you get to the end of Forgiveness you will definitely hang around impatiently for Repentance to begin.

Here's your wining signatureClap

Because Paro sees HOPE in Rudra's CONTRADICTIONS..!



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Thank you all for the immense support! We have successfully reached the fourth newsletter. I hope we cross many more editions.

Congratulations winners!Clap We hope you like this week's edition.EmbarrassedPlease leave your comments and suggestions :)

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YAY! Well done team! Brilliant layout again! Loved it
Loved picture of the week this time. A picture really does say 1000 words :)

Congrats to the winners too. 

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This is just fab work ! 
Kudos to the entire team who does it every time Smile
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Awesome newsletter...ClapClap
Congratulations to all the winners...Smile
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