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Priya gets up early in the morning and gets ready and is eagerly waiting for ram. 
Priya(thinking): mr kapoor kab ayenge. Subah ho gayi hai.

Then suddenly the bell rings. Priya opens the door and finds her man, her love, her ram...
Priya: aapne ane me itni der kyu laga di mr kapoor?
Ram: i have come at correct time priya. Come priya your house is waiting for you. 
Priya goes with ram to their house.

For the past 5 months the house was just a makaan as the eldest bahu of the family was not there but today the house will be back. The happiness will be back. Priya is scared and at the same time excited to come back to her house and to her ram.

Ram parks the car and they come at the entrance of kapoor mansion. They can't spot anyone and then dadi and krishna ji comes and she does the puja. As priya and ram were coming inside holding their hands in each other their comes pihu

Pihu: you are not..
Before she could complete.
Ram: very good pihu u came. Bansi kaka pihu ka samaan lijiye and keep them in the car and tell driver to leave her at shergil house.
Shergil house is her house.

Before going
Pihu:  i wont leave u mom. I wont. 
Priya: tum jo chahe karo pihu. Tumhare dad ki asli khushi mere sath hai cos we love each other which u wont understand. 
Pihu: i have loved sammy.
Priya: really? U have not. U have just got him. Sammy toh sirf...
Pihu: cut that crap.
Ram: mind ur language pihu.
Pihu: dad?
Ram: ye tumhara gHar nahi hai ab so pls go now. Shergil house is ur house.
Pihu goes from there.

Priya and ram come inside and priya seea her twin daughters mayra and pari. They have tears in their eyes. They run to their mom and hug them

Mayra: we missed u mom
Priya : i missed you too 
Pari: mumma aap abhi rest kar lo. We will chat later.
Priya: ok my sweet children.
She kisses them on their head and ram and priya head to their room.

Priya enters her room. She becomes weak with the memories of that room. Their c night, the morning after c night, their sweet nok jhok and when she calls him ram for the first time.

Priya rests for sometime and ram is working for sometime.

They have their dinner with family members chit chatting. All are very happy. Saumya is very happy but juhu isnt. Then after dinner ram is in his study and priya comes back and is inside the changing room setting her clothes in the cupboard.

Ram comes inside.. he didnt find spot priya so he went inside the changing room and sees her setting her cupboard. Ram comes near her and hugs her from behind. 
Priya: mr kapoor kya kar rahe hai aap? Chodiye na
Ram: 5 months k baad mili ho thoda biwi k sath romance banta hai.
She turned and looked into his eyes and smiled..
Ram: why are u smiling?
Priya laughs and says: mr kapoor romance apke bas ki baat nahi hai. Aap budhe ho gaye ho
Ram: me proof dikhta hu abhi
He winks at her

Ram picks her up and keeps on her bed. Ram comes near her he tries kissing her on her lips and priya moves his face and ram kiss her on her shoulder. Slowly and slowly priya unbuttons the kurta and ram removes the nighty she has worn. Soon there are no barriers in between them. Ram kisses her on her lips and they deepen the kiss for around 4 minutes and they separate. 
The room is filled with moans of their love making. 
They are sleeping peacefully in each other arms.
Shhh... let them sleep..
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Posted: 2014-04-03T13:16:14Z
i just loved it yar 
 but my choti is growing 
now .. 
 u should write more 
 thank u for ur pm
but i am done before LOLWink
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Posted: 2014-04-03T13:27:11Z
Originally posted by BALHLOVER

i just loved it yar 
 but my choti is growing 
now .. 
 u should write more 
 thank u for ur pm
but i am done before LOLWink
awweee sanju I got the first comment from you... i am so happy...
thank u so much sanju. Inspite of busy schedule u read it. I am so happy dee..
thank u so much dee. Love u dee...
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Posted: 2014-04-03T17:15:44Z
Lovely OSSmileWink
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Posted: 2014-04-03T20:54:34Z
lovely and romantic os
raya are now together
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Posted: 2014-04-03T22:28:54Z
Hi Riddhima. 
Good morning  
Thx for the pm.
Uff ye pihu,  thank god u did'nt give many dialogues to her any other character. 
Priya was so restless waiting for her man so eagerly. 
Raya and their happiness does matter,  and thanks to raya for understanding it and prioritizing it. 
Sensible priya,  equally sensible ram tto send his daughter toto her house. 
Happy raya , happy hum. 
Lovely os. 
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Posted: 2014-04-03T22:48:10Z
Wonderful OS.  Full of only Raya.  u cut pihu out.  Thats soo good.
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Posted: 2014-04-03T23:20:37Z
Lovely os...
pihu ko tata bye bye bol dia ram ne.n.
acha kia...
raya romanceDay Dreaming
ramji aur buddheLOL
Thanks for the pmHug
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