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Updated in post 2 below
This can be read as an OS on its own or as the sequel to Heart Song posted here.

Prologue: Parvati has moved into a tiny house in Jaipur to start her embroidery business. Rudra is helping Parvati set up the living area as a design studio to meet clients.

Rudra walked into Parvati's house and his heart stopped for a second at the sight that greeted him before hammering with a need to protect.  Paro was perched on a high ladder, teetering as she stretched to stencil a spot near the ceiling.  After she had steadied herself, Rudra quietly moved into her line of vision & gently called out to her.

"Come down, Paro! I will do it"

He stood guard under the ladder as she came down and climbed up in her place. His long arms and lean fingers made quick work of the task. 

Paro unconsciously gawked at the way his t-shirt stretched across his chiseled back, the way his jeans clung to his narrow hips and powerful thighs until Rudra lifted an eyebrow at her "What?"  She shook her head before walking off to make herself useful.

Both worked quietly, lost in their thoughts but achingly aware of each other. Each seemed to instinctively know what the other wanted handing a nail, a piece of fabric or a curio to be put up. Every look, every brush of fingers set off tiny tremors lighting sparks and kindling desires.

Rudra seethed with barely controlled helplessness.  He did not want to help her setup this studio, he did not want her living alone in Jaipur.  He wanted her in his home, in his room, in his arms and in his bed!  He had accepted his feelings for her at least to himself and since the elder Ranawat teased him mercilessly, was pretty sure his Bapusa knew.  Did she know?  Did she know that he wanted her irrevocably tied to him with a delicate strand of black beads?

By late afternoon, they had made good progress and the living room somewhat resembled her vision for it.  His stomach growled and both laughed as they heard an answering rumble from hers.

"Tell me what you want to eat Paro.  You rest a bit and I will go get it."

"No...I made lunch before we started the day. Go wash up and I will warm the food"

He entered her tiny bedroom and stood looking around.  The sparse room was tastefully decorated, splashes of color brightening the space.  He was touched to see a picture of his clan along with one of her Maamisa and the Thakurain.  Entering her neat bathroom Rudra inhaled deeply. "Jasmine, roses and .. her!" he thought, savoring the fragrance that was uniquely Paro. He wished his bathroom smelled like this.

Rudra's stomach grumbled again as he saw her ladling Rajma Chawal and delicate aloo parathas onto his plate.  Rudra ate heartily, enjoying the meal in companionable silence. This is what his soul craved- a small house, this woman's cooking, peace, quiet and maybe a little spitfire in pigtails in the image of her mother?!

"Whoa buddy slow down" he told himself with a smile.

 Rudra was lost in the dreams he wove as he continued to work systematically until he hammered his thumb instead of the nail. He let out a colorful string of curses hissing at the pain as he walked to the kitchen sink to wash off the blood. Paro ran as fast as she could "Couldn't you be more careful?" as she held his thumb firmly under the cold water. Rudra inhaled her unique fragrance enjoying her proximity. She didn't seem to realize that she was almost plastered to his right side trying to reach his left thumb.  He stepped back from the sink and she immediately slid in between him and the sink.

"Its still bleeding" Paro's voice was quivering.

"It's ok Paro" Rudra started to speak only to forget every word he knew as Paro held his thumb to her lips and started sucking on the bleeding edge.

Time stood still for Rudra as he moved closer to Paro unable to resist any more. Her braid snaked down his chest and her delicate arms held his.  He was almost hugging her from behind and his thumb he thought shakily, his thumb was in her mouth!

"Paro" he groaned turning her around and watched as a single tear ran down her cheek. Rudra was incredibly moved that she was hurting for him.  He gently cupped her face in his palm lifting it up and placed his lips under the teary eye, drinking her tears.

"I'm an army man Paro.  This is nothing.  Don't cry"

Parvati felt his mustache tickle her and both felt the little tremor that ran through her.  Rudra threw away the caution that protected them like a blanket and did what his body had been demanding for months now.  He widened his stance and with a hand to her lower back tugged her closer to him, trapping her between him and the sink.  His hand moved up to tug a jhumka off her ear and toss it away before a hungry mouth moved in.  His lips memorized the outline of her shell like ears before kissing and sucking on her earlobe.

Paro felt like she lit up by a fire and carried away by a flood at the same time. She turned her face away, unknowingly offering him better access and raised her hands to his chest intending to put some distance between them. Slender fingers traced the column of her throat pausing to feel the thrumming pulse there.  When Rudra nuzzled her neck and placed a wet open mouth kiss at the nape, Paro was floating up in the swirling stars.  She didn't know if this was what she wanted but it felt so good to be held in his arms, to be needed, to belong.

She barely heard her own mild protest of "Rudra" and Rudra didn't hear it over the pounding in his ears.  He laced his hands in her hair and pulled her face so close that she could see his dilated pupils. Unable to meet the heat in his smoldering amber gaze, she scrunched her eyes shut.  Rudra rained kisses starting at the forehead "Paro" each kiss interposed by husky whispers that clearly stated his need

moving to her eyes "my Paro"

the tip of her nose "don't be scared my Paro"

He stood still, his lips a breath away from her trembling ones. She could feel his hot breath on her lips and she wanted more than anything to feel his lips.  But propriety demanded her protest and she called out a feeble "Rudra.. please.."

Jallad that he was, he took that as her command.  "Oh! I will please you Baby" he smirked as his calloused fingers traced her jawline and his lips planted tiny kisses on her blushing cheeks.

What had started by each as an effort to comfort the other was now a dangerous churning current that was equal parts love and desire.  The love that they weren't ready to acknowledge and the desire that was shocking them with its intensity.


P.S: Yes, this will be continued but the more FB I receive, the faster I will update.  What ? I'm a Jallad you say ? Oh Baisas dont flatter me!

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Continued from above as promised.  Am disappointed by the number of FBs but thank you to those who took the time to post your thoughts, it means a lot to me.

Rudra and Paro were equally swamped by liquid fire rushing through their veins.  Paro's hands which had risen up to hold his broad shoulders were now at the nape of his neck feeling the hair there. Rudra reveled in the touch of her hands that singed his skin with their tentative touches.

He pulled back his head to look at her face taking in her closed eyes, pink cheeks and trembling mouth.  He gloated at the reddening mark his mouth had made on her delicate neck.

"Paro, open your eyes and look at me" he urged as he gently kissed her eyelids.

She opened her eyes before looking down unable to meet his heated gaze, her cheeks darkening.

Rudra titled her face up to meet his eyes and issued a husky command "Kiss me Paro"

He watched her eyes grow huge in wonder and confusion

" I.. I .uh how ?

Deep inside his heart and mind Rudra heard a raw, primeval roar as a possessive instinct as old as time itself boiled his blood. She was his and only his!

"Mine" he growled before brushing his longing lips gently across hers. Another butterfly glide across her sweet lips and he waited for her response, ignoring the urge to plunder and take greedily.  Her hands caressed his broad shoulders exulting when they tightened under her touch. She felt him shiver as his arms tightened around her, one sliding up her neck to hold the back of her head, anchoring her for his kiss while the other arched her back to allow him closer.  

Rudra decided it was time for a real kiss! He moved his thumb over her lips, tracing first the upper lip and then the lower tugging at it softly.  She parted her lips and he leaned in with a low growl and brushed his lips over hers increasing the pressure with every erratic heartbeat. Coming up for air, he angled her head to better receive him and crushed his mouth onto hers.  Her hands in his hair stilled for a moment before he felt her tug his head urgently.

The Jallad smirked!  He would ensure that their first kiss would fry her brain and tattoo her mind forever.

His tongue traced the seam of her lips and when she parted them ever so slightly, he darted in, groaning at the sweetness of his Pari. Both were lost as Rudra drowned in the sweetness that was his Pari and Paro in the fire that was her Rudra. 

He broke the kiss as he felt her body shiver uncontrollably and the fingers in his hair slackened, her knees buckling from under her. "I got you baby" Rudra swiftly caught her, picking her up in his arms and holding her to his chest.  They just stood in the kitchen gazing at each other, drowning into heated pools of desire and wonder.  Carrying her, Rudra hesitated for one lustful heartbeat outside her bedroom door before moving on to the relative safety of the living room sofa.

Rudra held her securely on his lap, as Paro hid her heated blushing face in his chest. 



"Look at me Paro"

She burrowed further into his chest refusing to and deep rumbling laughter erupted from him.  She looked up spellbound. Rudra laughing was a rare sight to behold. He looked at her for a heartbeat before eyes smoldering, he started kissing her face again.



"How soon will you marry me?" 

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Ohhh...wowww...super writing and what an HOTTT one...Blushing...Please do continue...Wink
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loved how he said oh I will please you baby
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Awesome os , plz write more
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interesting...v v interesting !LOL
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That was just fabulous.
plzz cont.
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Pls don't be so mean and stop at that point. Write some more. Its lovely so far.
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