Parud SS: The Warmth Between Us. COMPLETED! (10/06)

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Chapter Four: Alarms and Hazards


It was a few days later when the news had hit all radio's about the war brewing between neighboring countries making families worried for their son, fathers, nephews, uncles who were in the army protecting the border. The storm hadn't hit full force yet, but the anticipation and nervousness was there as well as the hope that the news was blowing things out of proportion and things will settle down between the countries. 

The BSD wards were slightly more busy with 2 more nurses on duty than usual. It was the minor injuries and wounds here and there, but Paro couldn't help let her mind drift off to Rudra as she tidied away some of new clean towels in. She blinked as she noticed she was doing the folding all wrong and shook her head annoyed at herself. Why do I keep thinking about him? I just hope he's ok too, but...yes that's what it is Paro. He's just a patient ..that's why you're just worrying a little. That's all.

Paro frowned however looking up at the window in front of her at the faint reflection of herself. She looked perfectly normal with her hair hair up in a high bun today with a few strands feathering her face...But she felt different. Her heart felt different. Paro's eyes widened then at herself in shock.

I'm...I'm not falling in love am I?!

The mere thought of it peeking into her brain sent off alarm bells ringing through her body. Her breathing escalated slightly as she watched her cheeks flush pink a little instinctively. Paro closed her eyes firmly and lowered it not wanting to see herself. No..No I can't fall in love with...with a soldier. 

All her years in training up for a nurse she had been taught by her seniors and mentors not to have any kind of feelings for a soldier, because of their lack of commitment to women. 

"It's just time-passing. They only flirt and sweet talk to pass their time."

"There's hundreds of nurses. You're not the only one."

"They're committed to their country but not to women. Remember that."

"They serve their duty and you should serve yours. Don't cross the line."

Paro shook her head painfully remembering. Where was all this before!? Why didn't I remember all this with Rudra!? ... Why didn't I realize that I'm falling in lo-... Paro paused controlling herself before looking back up at the window at herself with firmer determination in her eyes. No. He's a patient. Just like any other soldier. And I'm a nurse. Just like any other nurse. Nothing more and nothing less. 


It was only the next day however when Rudra entered the ward with his eyes looking for Paro. His stern eyes fell on her with her hair in a high bun with a clean cream long gown on with a white apron on. His eyes lingered on how the gown tucked neatly round her petite waist and modestly covered her back and chest with long white sleeves making her look heavenly. Not really caring about the excited lash-fluttering eyes that followed him as he head towards Paro at the end of the ward not noticing his presence yet. 

Paro smiled gently at the soldier sat on the bed and took the glass from him as he swallowed the tablet of medicine.

Paro: " You should be fine now sir. But if you do have any problems with your stomach again please don't hesitate to come back to this ward."

The soldier stood up with a thankful smile and nod before leaving Paro's side and out. Paro finishing the form for him, shut the book and turned round only to gasp seeing Rudra in his strapping green uniform, standing close behind her.

Paro with eyes wide: " S-...Sir!? What ...What are you doing here?!"

Rudra frowned at her: "I'm here to visit you casually becuase I have no work of my own."

Paro stared at him and looked round to see some of the nurses trying to hide the fact they were listening in.

Paro: " Ex-excuse me? What?"

Rudra raised an eyebrow speaking firmly: " Why do soldiers come to the ward Parvati? Because they are injured usually. And to be a bit more obvious. I'm injured."

Paro blinked with her eyes searching him: " You are?! Where?"

Rudra huffed and put his hand out to her revealing a deep cut across his palm. Paro held his arm instantly concerned and led him silently to an empty bed in the corner with it's side white curtains drawn. Rudra sat down on the bed amused at Paro getting the first aid box out quickly. 

Paro: "How did this happen Major?"

Rudra frowned annoyed: "If it's not obvious again... I got cut accidently."

Paro: " Why did you come only straight to me?"
Rudra raised an eyebrow: " I like your efficancy...and again the obvious...You're a nurse too."

Paro shot a look up at him as she sat down to clean away the excess blood. She was careful as Rudra hissed a little at the pain, but soon frown noticing something odd about injury. She had seen her fair share of cuts in her career so she knew the difference between different types of cuts...This looks as if he's

Paro suspiciously looked up at Rudra noticing how his fond gaze startled and looked away from her back to an annoyed stern expression. Paro sat back a little understanding perfectly what was going on. She remembered what she told herself yesterday and stood up beginning to walk away. Rudra frowned watching her leave his side. 

Before he could ask where she was going he noticed her talk to another nurse who's eyes gleamed at something she said. The two nurses then returned to him with Paro smiling sharply at him.

Paro: " Major this is Preeti. She's take over from me and bandage your hand."

Rudra frowned watching Preeti shyly wave at him before sitting beside him with his hand, but with eyes dreamily on him.

Rudra turned his head to Paro: " Parvati-"
Paro innocently blinked at him: " I apologize Major. But I have other responsibilities and patients with bigger injuries to deal with. I'm sure Preeti will do a satisfying job."

Paro then left the bed making Rudra nearly call out to her again but sigh heavily annoyed. He then looked at Preeti who was still gazing at him scarily. Great.


Rudra huffed and gruffed under his breath STILL being tended to by this Preeti. He looked over his shoulder unable to see Paro due to the curtain blocking his view as she treated the patient there. 

Paro stared down at the soldier laid down on the bed with a confused look while glancing at his records once more.

Paro: "Sir I honestly feel you are totally fine. It's nothing to worry about. In fact it's written here you've been coming here regularly with unknown injuries. "

She held the clipboard against her chest looking down at the soldier with his eyes trailing down her body making Paro feel uneasy. His sickly smug smile didn't make it any better either.

Soldier: "Is it my fault I'm sick all the time?...It's not like I come down here for other reasons. Watching Laila night after night with the other soldiers is boring now. So here's the deal I'll get out this bed and leave...if you come on a date with me tonight? How's that sound sweet cheeks? "

As he wagged his eyebrows at her, Paro felt like slapping him right there and then. She didn't care who this Laila was, but his comments were now testing her patience. She restrained herself and used a stern voice instead.

Paro: " You are perfectly fine sir. I insist you get ready in your uniform and leave as soon as possible to be back on duty. That's the end of it."

She turned to leave however gasped as the man rudely grabbed her wrist tightly and pulled her a little closer. Paro looked round not wanting to create a scene and tried to struggle free her hand.

Paro hushed in a outraged tone: " Sir what are you doing!? Let go of my hand."
The soldier was about to pull her closer, when suddenly the curtain moved out the way to reveal Rudra casually walking in with his eyes sternly on the soldier. The soldier recognizing the Major immediately let go of Paro's hand shocked seeing him here. Paro stepped back rubbing her wrist with her eyes thankfully on Rudra.

Soldier stuttered: " Sir!? ...Sir I-"
Rudra grilled in a deep dangerous tone: " Rahul Singh isn't it? The one who's constantly been skipping training sessions on the pretense of 'being ill'?"

Rahul looked flustered at Paro before looking back at Rudra: " I...You see Sir-"
Rudra immediately leaded down to his level with eyes piercing into his: " How's your health Singh?"
Rahul fearfully: " It's fine sir. *laughs nervously* I'm good to go. Right nurse?"
Rahul looked to Paro who silently looked away. Rudra however felt a twitch inside him not liking this guy even looking at Paro. He gripped Rahul's shirt immediately making Rahul look at him with eyes wide.

Rudra dangerously: " Then I want you to leave from this ward right this second. And if I catch you in this ward or even in any kind of medical situation you will be asked to leave the BSD for lack of satisfactory health. We need healthy soldiers in the BSD. Not sleezy talkers. Have I made myself clear?"

Rahul feeling like the size of an atom: " Yes...Yes sir."

Rudra: " Now apologize to the nurse and THEN MOVE!"

Paro nearly jumped out her skin at Rudra's sharp ending and held her hands to her chest to stop her heart from jumping out in shock. Rahul immediately got out the bed and quickly said sorry before swiftly taking his uniform from the side and going on his way. Paro was thankful that not a lot of people were in the ward to hear Rudra shouting and glared at Rudra a little wanting nothing more but to be far away from him. Rudra however bridged the gap between them with those molten eyes only on her.

Rudra: " You ok?"

Paro gently sighed turning away to fill out Rahul's form to put away: " I didn't need your help Major."

Rudra smirked a little at her controlled tone: " Yes Paro, I know how brave and fiesty you are. I still remember the tug on my bandage from last time you know."

Paro's cheeks reddened from the comment, when suddenly her eyes widened hearing something different.

She turned to him with eyes wide and questioning: " You called me Paro."

Rudra huskily: " I heard the senior nurse call you that. And here I thought Parvati was pretty. Paro's definitely made a home on my tongue."

Paro reddened at that wanting him to stop calling her Paro as it made those butterflies inside her uncontrollable. Trying to remember to stay away from Rudra, Paro sighed and moved to walk round him. He's just a patient. 

He was also a very persistent one as he suddenly blocked her way by putting an arm against the pillar semi-trapping her against it. Paro shocked turned to Rudra with firm eyes only to see him fondly staring back at her. Slowly he lifted the other hand between them.

Rudra calmly: " Could you at least fix this up properly. I think the Preeti had her eyes elsewhere on me."

Paro looked at the wound once more to see he was right. It's wasn't tightly wrapped or even properly positioned. She shook her head with a silent sigh and nodded repeating in her head to stick to her duty. She lifted her hands to hold his wounded one to slowly unravel the bandage.

She felt his eyes and lop-sided smile warmly shine against her face making her blush a little and quickly finish the job. Finishing, she let go of his hand and looked to the floor with her hands held together patiently. Rudra inspected his hand and smiled before uttering a thanks to her. Paro smiled lightly before but remembering. What are you doing Paro?! You're supposed to be avoiding him!

Seeing his arm was down from the pillar, Paro went to quickly pass him only for his arm to lift once more against the wall. 

Paro sighed quietly this time looking up at him: "What is it now?"

Rudra stared at her carefully this time with a slightly more serious gleam in his eye. He stepped closer to her making her lean back against the pillar while gulping. Paro felt her heart race restlessly.

Rudra stopped and tilted his head at her curiously: " You haven't finished Paro."

Paro blinked confused: "I..I beg your pardon?" 

While silence lingered teasingly between them, other nurses walking by noticed their position and couldn't help but hide and stare shocked that this handsome major was interested in Miss quiet Paro. Fortunately for Paro they couldn't hear what was going on between them.

Rudra frowned: "Have I done something wrong Paro?"

Paro flustered looked down at her hands: " Except for cutting your hand purposefully to come here...No you have done nothing wrong Major."

Rudra bit his tongue in his mouth against his cheek with a smirk on his lips. He raised his eyebrow realizing he was caught. She's definitely clever for sure too.

Rudra leaned closer again making Paro feel conscious: " No it's something else in your eyes...You're still scared of me."

Paro suddenly looked into his eyes startled at his words. Rudra's eyes gleamed just then as if catching something.

Rudra whispered: "There...That fear... but it's not about the bar incident... It's something else."

Paro looked away quickly finally finding her voice: " I don't know what your talking about Major."

Rudra stood up straight then as if retreating til next time. 

He sighed deeply with his tone firm: "So there is something your bad at."

Paro shot a look at him nervously: "What?"

Rudra replied unhesitating: "Lying."

Paro looked down flustered making Rudra lower his arm from the pillar.

Rudra watching her face fondly: "But your good at that. "

Paro looked back up at him once more curiously: "W...What?"

Rudra smirked stroking her cheek with the back of his fingers ever so softly making her gasp.

Rudra huskily: "Blushing."

Paro stared at him with eyes in shock. 

Rudra chuckled lightly: "Take care Paro."

Paro watched him walk away making her instantly reply making him stop in his tracks to listen.

Paro gently: "You too Major... Stay safe."

Rudra looked back then at her reading her eyes that held slight worry and concern for this soldier going to the battlefield where it was unsure if a war was certain or not. His eyes smiled back at her before turning to leave while Paro couldn't help let a secret smile play on her lips once more while her hand touched her cheek...ignoring the alarm bells ringing at the back of her head.



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