Rangarasiya Written Update 25 March 2014,Paro helps Rudra

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Rudra is gob smacked  flabbergasted shattered to see his mothers picture as Thakurian and he just can't believe and remembers his father's  saying FB that beautiful woman won't be anyone's  neither fathers husbands or sons  and Mohini school mates saying your mother ran away  FB and Aman says remember sir  we stopped her at checkpost  FB Aman is worried looking at him and asks shall we check anything else  Rudra asks Aman to go as he has seen enough and feels suffocated to stay there he is thunderstruck and if a lightening stuck him .His phone is ringing and he says I am coming and runs out.

Mamisa  says sorry and asks Paro to forgive her  I did not know and I refused to recognize you everything turned topsy turvy  Paro says now it is set right to keep faith as we are with the correct people  we need not fear BSD as they are our saviors .It is  Dusherra as the Ravan  like Tejawat has run away .Though not dead but we are now independent  of his evil rule and  I was saved but so many girls from the village suffered  Mamisa cries wont I see my daughter again.Paro  tells Rudra  will bring back her sister and other women from across the border. For 18 years this Thakur has suppressed us and a traitor Rudra came this year and in one year he saved us and Mamisa wants to take her back But General  Singh does not allow for safety reasons as Tejawat may want to take revenge from Parvati and says he will put some jawans outside their house too in the village. Paro asks her to have faith and she will be safe here  and now slowly everything will be ok Mamisa  goes . Singh says you have decided to stay with Rudra if she wants he will make other arrangements she says yes as she feels safe with him and he teases her that last time you said he was a jallad and she says she was wrong as her mamisa said time is the biggest teacher and hurt is the best lesson he is not a jallad but was and is her savior and will always be and she is bound to him. Inspite of Singh giving her lot of men to safeguard her she will feel safe with Rudra only.

Rudra comes running to the hospital Dilsher's room has been shifted Doctor says Dilsher is in coma and Danveer is very agitated and sad Rudra also Doc says the situation may worsen so be prepared for any eventualities. Rudra threatens Ranavat Babusa till today you kept fighting so fight again you will have to come back otherwise I won't leave you( he expresses his grief in the only language he knows). He tells his babusa he found her came to know that aurat her photo you brought from the fire whom he called his wife at one time and he came to know she left him and went with Tejawat . Had he been there he would have killied him He pleads commands  his  Babusa not to go anywhere leaving him alone he knows his anger  otherwise  he won't know what he will do with himself he gets FBs of his Mohini chachi telling him his mother  never loved him or his father .

Aman comes paro asks where is Rudra He says his father's health has deteriorated  Paro wants him to take her to him Aman says you heard what sir said  and Paro asks him do you also think I am responsible for Bapusa's illhealth  he  says he does not know Paro says I think of you as my brother so I want be with him only. Rudra comes and tells Aman to go  and they will inform about Tejawat tomorrow . Aman asks him will he not go home  Rudra just goes in.Paro says he is not showing but he is totally shattered . Aman says he will leave her in the tent but she wants to stay with Rudra as he stayed with her always Aman says ok food is inside eat it. Rudra is drinking remembers the picture his father in hospital FB and his mother singing hali sun le Ramji. A glass breaks Paro goes inside smells the liquor in the bottle and watches the broken glass removes the pieces sets the table and sees Rudra in the mirror room

Totally stoned and faltering and she watches him and their song inka saath hai jaise mathi sang kumbar and the glass she goes to him and hold the glass both their hands touching (one circle complete when paro was at the other side) Paro is shocked and watches and his hand is  bleeding she runs  and catches hold of his hand he asks her to go and leave him alone and she wants to put medicine and he tells there is no medicine and all is cut insides and  out and he is feeling very hurt and he pushes her but he falls on her and  hugs her as he pushes her and the song continuing her. And he falls on her slowly she makes him sit down and watches his hurt  and slowly picks his hand asking whether it is paining  he says so much that it will kill me  she tears her chunni and slowly cleans the wound  and blowing on it and asks is he bit ok she then ties it and then thinks she should call Aman Bhaisa  he says no and says khana  she goes to bring it but he catches her hand saying repeatedly  don't leave me and go I don't want to stay alone she tells to look at her and says she will not go anywhere she will bring food and come  she brings food and feeds him and he smiles and says you came back and she asks him to open his mouth and feeds him the RR song in the BG and she tells him once you also feed me like this and when he coughs gives him water and he says enough. She wipes his mouth  and he says he is tired and she tries to take him to his room but he lies down there and sleeps with his head in her lap

Precap  she says in all this Thakurian masa is not involved so leave her alone  she says  Thakur told me she does not know anything. Rudra says why are you calling her Masa and she says she is like my mother.

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wonderful update! appreciate ur workHug
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Posted: 5 years ago
Haha Rudra inner desires wud be cursing if ever she was his step sis i swear rudra banna wud hve get dumped smewer haha...after all zis only one sudden question Y r u calling her maasa! Bechara dil se majboor hai haha...awesome update dr
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Posted: 5 years ago
Merci pour WU Heart
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Posted: 5 years ago
Awesome episode Star
Thaks for the lovely WU Thumbs Up
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Posted: 5 years ago
Thank you very much for the lovely written Update darling!!
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Posted: 5 years ago
thanks sooo much
it was an amazinggg episode
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Posted: 5 years ago
Chalov thanks for the written update. wonderfully detailed!
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