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Happy reading Pals.!!



He tried his best to put his concentration into his work forgetting his wifey for sometime.. But her angelic face having the most beautiful smile kept on flashing in front of his eyes. His lips curled into a smile . All he wanted to get  his lady back to the place where she always belonged.. He rested his head back and kept himself indulged in her thoughts. His series of thoughts were broken by a knock at the door... Ram lifted his head up and told the person to come in... He was surprised to see "his face". For a moment Ram couldnt believe he was standing right there infront of him..Rajat came in casually dressed in purple shirt and Red pants *ahaa claps*



Rajat- Hello Ram.



Ram- Hi Rajat,come have a seat..



Rajat settled down..Ram-So Mr Fulltime anjaan.. You took your hobby way too seriously haan.. Books after books.. But...



Rajat raised an eyebrow- but ?



Ram-Neither me nor Priya read your books..for obvious reasons..I mean... For your first book your inspiration was Jyoti but...you took a U turn from there..to..Ram left the topic...



Rajat made a constipated face..hmmm



Ram-Anyways what brings you here my friend ?



Rajat coughed-ahmm.. Priya..



Ram-Priya ?? Excuse me.. You talking about my wife Priya ??



Rajat-Ram, I am talking about my friend Priya, whom I care about very much... Who is very special to me { he halted for a few seconds looked lost and started blushing...then suddenly a thunderbolt struck and he came out from his dreamland} what is all this Ram.. What have you done to my friend.. Did i leave her with you for this ?



Ram-Enough Rajat.. Mind your tongue.. She is your friend okay.. But... She was is and will always be my wife... She is the love of my life... And whatever happens between us is totally our personal matter no need of any interference please..



Rajat-But I care for her Ram..



Ram closed his fist to control his anger.. Both the men were disturbed by a knock at the door..Rajat's face lit up seeing his friend standing at the door... He looked at her from head to toe and his cheeks turned red.. His eyes twinkled seeing his friend.. Priya looked at her sulking husband.. She somehow controlled her smile seeing her hubby pouts..



Priya entered the cabin..Priya-Hello sir.. Nice to see you here... You were saying something ?



Rajat-Yes Priya.. {He stood up} I am so worried for you these days.. Your condition really horrifies me to death... How can he be so callous and let you leave your house..? But dont worry Priya.. As i had already told you I will always be just a call away for my friend.. Feel free to ask for anything..



Priya-Thank you sir but no thank you... {she encirled her hand around Ram's arm} What will I need if I have the most wonderful and loving person in my life.. Nothing will happen to me till he is with me..



She made her grip on him even more tight... Ram looked at her with so much love filled in his eyes.. She threw the most adorable smile at her husband..



Rajat- But Priya... I heard you are not with him ? He gave a confused look..



Priya shrugging her shoulders-so what Rajat sir... Whether we live in same house or not doesnt matter.. We are always together in our hearts...two bodies one soul.. See Rajat sir...those 7 years when I was in coma those years couldnt tear us apart..at that time also we were so closely connected.. And now.. Yes there are a few differences I accept..but those issues wont reduce our love and respect for each other...our hearts will always beat for each other.. He will always be Mine and I am forever his.. Love is above all differences sir..



Ram by then had tears in his eyes seeing this side of his hitler biwi.. He smiled through his tears...



Rajat had no clue what more to speak... He slid his hands inside his pant's pockets-okay then.. I should better leave..



Priya--ahh wait sir...



Rajat lifted his head up which was dug into the ground and looked at her with twinkling eyes...!!!



Priya-Just a reminder sir..it is not consider good anywhere in the world to poke nose in personal matters..and that too in the issues of husband and wife..my goodness its strictly prohibited...i hope you will keep this is in mind forever.. We have worked together thats why I am being polite with you sir otherwise I would have called it sick and disgusting.. {Rajat's eyes turned red due to pain} thats all sir... Have a good day..



Priya looked away..Rajat couldnt stand there anymore he left the cabin as soon as he could...



Priya removed her hands and stepped back...Priya-I have loads of work Mr Kapoor..erm Sir.. I should be leaving..



She turned to leave..Ram clutched her wrist..Ram-Priya !! He murmered...she turned to look at him..



She could sense a change in his tone.. Breaking the eye lock.. She made up a mind to tease him..



Ram-wait..she cut him-was that too rude to him..I mean he was just showing his concern for us..sorry..for me..



Ram-what nonsense.. This made him even more angry.. He looked away..



Priya-okay okay sorry I was just kidding Mr Kapoor.. I have never given permission to anybody to speak in our personal matter or bad mouth you... I cannot stand people raising a finger at my man...



He could feel a lump in his throat.. He smiled sheepishly.. She still loves him so much...cares for him like anything this always rejuvenated him... After a while.. He sighed.. Priya asked him if something was bothering him...



Ram-You know why all this is happening.. Rajat Vikram Kady and all advising us?



Priya-Why ?



Ram-Because we are not able to solve our issues..actually there wasnt any issue Priya..you made a decision to walk away from me.. No matter our hearts are always togther but physically we are not together.. I thought you will retuen back soon but I was so wrong..



Priya always hated this pain in his voice..



Ram-You know very well how I want you to be with me at every step of my life..my day starts with you and it ends up at you Priya.. I thought In Delhi after spending time with me you will decide to come back to your rightful place..but no... I was again wrong.. Nothing is that complex Priya.. We just making things even more complicated staying apart... Our family our kids need both of us not just you or me..



Tears rolled down her cheeks.. She felt weak..his pain was weakening him...



Ram-Stop this okay.. I cant afford your tears.. He wiped her tears with his palm..



Ram-I am losing all my hopes Priya.. Each day is passing... More than staying happily together we have spent our married life living apart and flaunting our false egos..



Priya-I dont know Ram for how long it is going to continue... I too miss living with you...Eating with you laughing with you teasing you bullying you loving you.. I miss everything..



Her throat choked..Ram turned his face away to fight back his tears.. We can put back everything once we are together.. Pihu is our daughter she is our baby.. She will change her mind Priya trust me.. We cant let her live this way..with any grudge for you in her heart... No Priya..



Ran took Priya's hand in his.. Our daughters are our heart beats Priya.. They need both of us.. Please dont complicate things anymore... I promise we will handle everything together...



He looked straight into her eyes... She saw lots of expectations in his eyes... He was so desperately requesting her to come back to him.. She too was lifeless without her life... His puppy face and moist eyes melted her heart in no time.. She sighed..



Priya- Everything will be fine na Ram.



Ram-Do you trust me.she nodded a yes.Ram-Good.. Everything will be fine...



She rested his head softly over his heart.. After 6 months she was so close to him.. He enlaced her arms to hold her tightly... He closed his eyes and smiled.. Finally she was back to the place which was only hers..she belonged to him.. He was only hers.. Tears again welled up in her eyes.. She giggled..Priya-thode mote ho gaye hain aap..Ram-what !! Kuch bhi.. He saw her laughing.. He felf peace in his soul.



Ram-Ghar chale Priya..She said a yes... And finally the journey back home started..!!






*bites nails*Waiting for the feedback !!


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Posted: 2014-03-25T04:46:37Z
Brilliant Clap I wish aisa hi ho Day Dreaming
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Posted: 2014-03-25T04:54:58Z
Bechare Rajjo ka bull baja dia yaar..
too good.. Loved the way Priya stood up for Ram.. And the way Ram asked her to come back..
Loved it..
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Posted: 2014-03-25T05:34:29Z
itna hate karthe ho rajath ko bechara good person hai yaar. he tried to  placate them always.  now even . I dont think priya would say something like this. its good to stand for ram but am sure she wont say that long lecture to the person whom she respect and was her support in times. 

dnt hate rajath so much. bechara filler hai story mein. 

last part is good . husband wife  thinking of good of kid 

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Posted: 2014-03-25T05:36:20Z
Lovely update it was sanju di u always write fab n how r u? I m fine pls pm me whenever u write
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Posted: 2014-03-25T08:15:17Z
Nice OS!!!Smile

But yar bechara rajat itna bhi bura nahi hai!!!Wink
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Posted: 2014-03-25T10:36:58Z
Lagta hai pura kasar nikaldiya Rajat peLOLLOL...priya bolrahi thi ya aap ha ?
I loved it Heart...and it is true that no one should come in between RAYA...Dononko ek hi kamre mei band karo kud ba kud suljaayenge problems...dekha nahi choti pihu ne kya kiya tha isha ke time peSmile

aur remaining update tho mast mazedaar thaHeart...I thoroughly enjoyed reading this...Dancing
aap ne pm nahi kiya is baar?Unhappy

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Posted: 2014-03-25T10:40:18Z
Originally posted by luvbalh

itna hate karthe ho rajath ko bechara good person hai yaar. he tried to  placate them always.  now even . I dont think priya would say something like this. its good to stand for ram but am sure she wont say that long lecture to the person whom she respect and was her support in times. 

dnt hate rajath so much. bechara filler hai story mein. 

last part is good . husband wife  thinking of good of kid 

lagta hai rajath ko bahuth pasand karti hai aap...Wink
iss se pehle tho accha hi lagtha tha per aaj kal ... ek tho RAYA ko dikha nahi rahe aur upar se inki exercise  dekhna pad raha hai..is liye shayad ye wala update me aisa aaya pura frustration baharLOL
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