20th March - Written Update - RangRasiya

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Part 1

Rudra falls on the ground ...! Paro says.. wont let u shed blood of any of my own ever again! Tejawat says.. gud ..now come..! Paro ends up tripping on the ground near Rudra and he holds her hand and says.. dont go.. he will kill u ..! Paro frees her hand from Rudra and leaves..!

Dilawar asks how is Dilsher? Doc says.. he is unconscious ..! He says guess he has some breathing trouble and is badly burnt.. ! Doc says his chances of survival are minimal ..! Dilawar says atleast try to treat properly ..! Samrat asks him to keep calm ..! Dilawar gives his phone to Samrat to call Rudra..! Rudra doesnt answer ...he is unconscious ..! Aman comes and tries to revive Rudra..! Rudra gets up and asks about Paro?

Tejawat tells Paro that nothing to worry about.. u did a great job ..! Paro says never hurt an ant even. .and today i hurt him ..! She looks at Rudra rudraksh bracelet and says. .its his..! Tejawat asks her to be quiet and let him think what to do further..! He suddenly breaks and her bangle (that Rudras mom had given) falls on the road..! Tejawat asks to sit properly or someone will see! Paro regrets beating Rudra and Tejawat says ..if u hadnt .. he wuld have killed me! Paro says.. something is wrong...! Tejawat says. .. sorry for fuming .. a bit troubled so..! He tells her to keep calm and says.. will end both our troubles soon !

Aman tells Rudra that Tejawat took Paro in his car.. but our mission is successful ..! We got all the weapons and Tejawats men! Rudra says.. Tejawat will kill that girl ..! He wants to tail Tejawat . .but Aman asks him to reconsider..! Rudra gets in the car and decides to drive off ..!

Tejawat brings Paro to some village and asks why here? Why not home? Tejawat says.. BSD is sniffing behind us .. so better we should stay underground..! Tejawat asks Paro if she thought .. why mirchi is ground? To keep it in check.. coz mirchi is very stubborn .. n burns our tounge..!

Part 2

Tejawat says its painful but necessary..! He says no enimity but necessisity! Paro asks why telling me all this? Tejawat says .. was in front of me.. so..! He asks did BSD make her sign something? Paro says no. .i know u r right and we r not wrong ... i know BSD is wrong .. who kill innocents.. my own people ..! Tejawat reassures her!

Paro has her back to Tejawat and says.. only i know how i lived there..! I died long ago ...! She rues how she could not run .. nor end herself as Rudra threatened to end our village and u all ..! Thank u for giving me a new lease of life..! Tejawat points gun at Paro ..! Paro says thankful to Bholenath.. for sending u ..! Tejawat says am grateful to him too ..for this oppurtunity ..! Paro turns and is shocked to see the gun pointing at her..! Tejawat says.. was worried how to end this trouble and today .. Bholenath ended all the troubles. .! Paro says i did not say anything to those BSD . .din sign anything! Tejawat says i know.. ur a good girl .. but i have to do this..! Paro asks why wanna kill me? Tejawat says. .for the world ur dead already..! Paro says Rudra spread that fake news of my death! Tejawat says .. he wont come to save u here! Paro asks what are u saying? Tejawat says.. ur innocent or faking it? Gonna kill u ..! Paro asks u gonna kill me? Tejawat says.. have to .. tried before .. but need to kill u now..! He rues that his men are captured and they will confess and so to divert BSD . .ur death rumors will keep them busy ..and by the time they dig things out .. i will go out of here! Paro says.. so Rudra was right? U and arms dealing .. u r a traitor..! Tejawat pushes Paro on the ground and says.. am a protector .. of my family name. .and village..! Paro asks what about us? Tejawat says.. in war. .one has to sacrifice and this war was for our self respect..! Tejawat says.. when a gun is loaded and its fired.. sometimes it makes the soul bleed too ..and that blood can be of our own ..or our enemies..! Tejawat says.. now dun be depressed .. be proud . .that ur sacrificing ur life for a great cause..! Paro asks how is this great???

Part 3

Tejawat says.. listen to me carefully ..yes i do all this arms dealing ...and create terror in the country .. this is my answer to this country ..! Paro asks so my wedding was a drama? Tejawat says .. was for a purpose! Paro asks was my wedding fake? Tejawat says yes..! Paro asks and my hubby? Tejawat says ..yes fake.. and every year the barat has arms and the groom is the leader..! Paro recollects Varuns sweet words.. and Rudras every word..! Paro rues that.. Varun never wanted to marry her..! Tejawat says yes. .n was for this arms thing only! Paro says if that day BSD din come then .. i did be on the other side of the border..! Tejawat says.. Varun wuldn have killed u. .but sold u..! Paro recollects Rudras words again ... ! Tejawat says.. every girl who has crossed the border is either killed or sold! Tejawat says.. now that ur questions are over.. lets get this done! Paro says. so Rudra wanted to help me.. why such big drama Tejawat? Why did u make us hate BSD? Why crushing us? Tejawat says. .fine ..that u r finally figuring things out..! Yes i wanted to keep u all crushed.. to keep u in control ..! Tejawat says.. this is a pious thing..! Paro says how to call it pious? Tejawat says.. i respect their sacrifices .. n light a diya...and i did for ur parents too! Paro says. .so BSD din kill my parents? Tejawat says no .. only uniform was theirs. .but men were mine..! Paro says so all the dead of Birpur is coz of u ? U lied to us? Tejawat says tired of ur questions and answers..! Ur friend was the nagging one...! Paro asks u killed her too? Tejawat says yes..! Paro says enouf.. cant tolerate anymore! Tejawat says .. lets end it then!

Tejawat points gun at Paro .. and she falls and sees Rudras bracelet help her duck the attack..! Paro says. .u cant kill me coz Bholenath is with me.. Rudra is with me! Paro throws the ground chilly powder on Tejawats eyes..! He screams ..

Precap --- Tejawat swears to teach Paro a lesson . .to make her life a living hell .. make her burn every second..! Paro beats him with the grinding stick and says.. maybe we are not as strong as u guys but dun insult a woman ever again ...coz when she decides to retaliate.. she can handle anyone!

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woww thanku fr d quick wu
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Thanks for sharing so early...
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I have missed your live updates since Geet days.
Precap is one of the best I have seen in so many days Clap
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Thank you for the fast update
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Many thanks for the super fast WU
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Thank u so mush for WUBig smilexxx
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thanks for WU
amazing episode :D
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