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What shall I say...20th March...when I see the date in calender I find myself in all smiles and awkwardly am blushing too..Being a man I don't know all these upto one year ago.I was thinking till then that I am a happy and successful business man who has everything in his life.I was always on the giving side either it be love or it be happiness but I was happy.But last year my life took a new but lovely turn..this day in my life is the most memorable day, as I have seen her for first ever time in my life. 
One year back:
I was waiting to meet an official in his office, there I saw her radiating the surroundings with her laughter. She was simple yet elegant.All her beauty lied in her eyes. I was so lost in her charm that I found myself staring at her without any second thought. I could see her only her and felt sweetly surprised when she was coming towards me..Still I was lost in her. I was abash when she was there before me calling me "Mr.Kapoor"..I was ashamed that I was staring at her so indelicately and was wondering whether she has caught me. She called me again "Mr.Kapoor" then I came to my senses and said "Yes"..She was like "I am sorry to disturb you but seeing you here I was so excited that I couldn't control myself from talking with you.I am Priya, I teach in the nearby MBA college and you being a successful and dahsing businessman (she bit her tongue I found it so beautiful) are famous among our students.They inspire from you. If you don't mind can I come and meet you in your office I need a favour from you, I will meet you and tell you what it is.Please Sir"
I just nodded as Yes and gave her my card..I was like tonguetied.
She started again Shall I come tomorrow at 10am I was again nodding in approval. She was so happy and thanked me dozen times offered hand shake and left from there.
I was simply standing there staring at my hand trying to recollect what happened. Was I dreaming? Was it real?When I was about to test my hand for her fragnance peon came to me saying "Sir ji aap ko bula rahe hai".I shook my head and went inside.

The evening when I met Vikram he was looking surprised when he saw me.
R: Kya hua?
V: Tu theek tho hai na.
R: Yeah. Am perfectly fine.what happened.
V: Nahi mujhe laga ki tu blush kar raha hai.
R: WHAT? Are you gone mad.why would I blush.
V: Wahi tho main jaanna chahtha hoon.Why are you blushing.Dekho abhi bhi blush kar raha hai.
R: Kya yaar tubhi na.
V: Chal bachu bolde mujhe kya chal raha hai??
R: Nothing.
V: Ram tu jhoot nahi bol sakta.I know something happened tell me.
R: (Was I blushing like a stupid) Nahi yaar...
V: Common be a man..spill it.
R: Ufff..Vikram..
V: Haaa bolo Ram..
R: Glared at him.
V: Batayega ya Neha ko bataoon.
R: NOOO..Batata hoon.Hmmm.Today I saw one lady.
V: Ok tho.
R: Let me tell..you just listen.
V: Ha ha Bol.
R: I was like you know staring at her madly all the while.I dont know, there was some attraction in her that I was just lost in her. She came to me talked something I don't remember clearly what it was but she told she will come and meet me tomorrow at 10am as she needs a favour from me.Pata nahi yaar kya hogaya tha mujhe but she is very beautiful and my heart behaved strangely when I was staring at her.
V: Ye tho mujhe Neha ko batana hi hoga..tu aur ladki ko aise aankhein paadhke dekha!! She must be special. I too want to see her. What is she?
R: I went to meet principal secretary na wahi ke paas ke MBA college mein teacher hai.
V : Ohhh may be donation chahiye unke college ko.
R: I dont think so.But let us wait. she will come na tomorrow.
Both left from there after a drink.

The next morning Ram got ready asusual but he wore his favourite tie. His heart was racing. When he sat to have breakfast strangely he didnt feel to eat and was feeling stomach full. Others in the family were too busy to observe this. He left to office bidding bye to them.
He reached KI at 9am and met Vikram in his cabin.His secretary came to remind him about that day's schedule and he asked her to postpone 10am meeting to some other time and told her that a lady called 'Priya' will come and to send her in immediately.
Vikram was observing this with a smirk and was eager to see the lady who baffled The Ram Kapoor and to know what was special in her.
The clock struck 9.45 and Ram closed all the files and started pacing the room.Vikram told him to relax and to sit. But Ram showed deaf ear to him. Vikram thought he was impossible and advised him "Ladki ke samne dont behave as if you are impatient and eager.Behave yourself"
R: Ha ha mujhe pata...
It was10am and Ram's secretary came inside asking him that the lady has come and shall she send her in.Ram said "I told you already to send her immediately, you just go and send her".Then she entered his cabin asking "excuse me Sir".
R: Yes Yes please come in.
Vikram was seeing her and he found nothing special in her. He decided to wait and watch.
P: Thank You Mr.Kapoor. You are so kind that you gave me your appointment in an instant. I never dreamt that I would meet you like that. I am sorry if I had troubled you.
R: No... pleasure is all mine.
Vikram glared at him and Ram composed himself.
R: Tell me, What favour do you want from me.(thinking of donating huge amount)
P: You can call me Priya Mr.Kapoor. Its nothing but I need some thing valuable from you.
Vikram thought that this is another donation case.Ram is unnecessarily going gaga over her I have to control him from donating huge amount without learning anything about her.
R: Yes how much valuable it is Priya?I mean what is that you want.(opening the draw to take cheque book)
P: I told you na Mr.Kapoor my students get inspiration from you. So I want your valuable time so that you can come to our college and give some motivational speech to our students.
Vikram then turned his gaze towards her and started observing her more interestingly.
Ram was surprised that she asked this and he usually avoided such things so he was thinking what to do.
P: I know its very difficult for you to make out time for such things. But believe me with your presence itself my students will feel elated and your speech will motivate them to reach good heights in their future. Please Mr.Kapoor please accept it. It may not matter for you but it matters for my students so please say Yes please sir.
Silence prevailed for a while.
Vikram broke the silence "Sure he will be there just drop the date,time and venue with our secretary. He will definitely come".
Ram stared at Vikram and he signaled Ram to say Yes.Ram agreed for that and promised Priya that he will come.
Priya couldn't believe her luck. She thanked them and took leave.

Vikram wanted to tease Ram..kya hai iss ladki mein?She is a simple lady.Tu ne tho world level beauties ko dekha hai.
R: She has some charm and grace..She is gorgeous for me..mere aankhon se dekh.Kitni khoobsoorath hai..I want to get lost in those beautiful eyes...Errr
V: Mujhe kisi ki aankhon se dekhna nahi hai.I just wanted to make you blurt out your feelings.
R: Was irritated that he was fooled by his trick.He said ha theek hai theek hai..ab kaam karle.
Vikram had a hearty laugh and left to his cabin.
Ram's secretary adjusted his dates and informed Priya that he will be attending their college meet on the day she requested.
Priya was very much excited that she was going to surprise her students with Ram Kapoor's visit.She did all this to motivate the students and channelize their energy and idealogy in a positive way so that they will have bright future ahead.
She took all the pains in arranging for college meet after taking Principal's permission, still keeping them in suspense about who would be that special guest.
Here Ram was excited that this was his opportunity to come closer to Priya.Vikram was happy in helping him in all ways.
The day arrived and Ram wore his best ever suit with a red tie. Vikram was wondering pyaar ne Ram Kapoor ko kya se kya bana dia..he used to get irritated with red now he was liking it.
On the day of college meet Priya came to KI in the morning to remind him about his visit.Seeing Priya after so many days (it was a week) he was elated.Vikram was always warning him to be in his senses.
R: Usse dekh ke mera dimag kaam nahi kartha sirf dil hi kaam kartha hai aur woh bhi bahut joron se dhadaktha hai..phir kaha se I should be in my senses..
V: Still Ram we are not teenage kids.
R: I know that.okk.chalo lets go.

Ram and Vikram reached the college and Priya was waiting for them. Ram was awestruck seeing her in blue saree but quickly composed himself. She took them to the auditorium and guided them to their seats. Few students who were lingering outside were super excited to see Ram Kapoor and rushed to the hall.
It was dimly lit as per Priya's plan. She got onto the dias and told the principal that the chief guest has arrived and if he permits they can start the proceedings.
He nodded an yes and she went to the mike.She started her speech "The dignitaries on dias and my dear colleagues and students a very good morning. I am sorry for keeping you in dark about the chief guest all these days but I am thankful to the principal who had faith in me and gave me permission for everything.You will know why I did all this very soon.Lets welcome our chief guest onto the dias..The most successful,hardworking and the most sought after business tycoon Mr.Ram Kapoor, who was very kind to make out time for us in his busy schedule"
At the same time spot light fell on Ram and he was little bit embarassed but he moved on.
The auditorium went pindrop silent for a minute and when students got their senses back it roared with thunderous applaud.
"Then without wasting time let us ask Mr.Kapoor to give his valueable speech."
Ram was uncomfortable with all this but he went ahead and started speaking.."Hello young minds" again he received a roar of applaud and from there he didnt pause or stumble. Without saying single word about himself he spoke for 20minutes regarding hardwork, spontaneity, presence of mind, decision making capacity and team work importance in businessfield. "I dont know how many of you will enter my field but I wish good luck for all of you. It was pleasure meeting you all here, I thank Priya ji for this."
Priya was surprised to hear her name but with students roar she came back to normal.
Ram and Vikram took leave from them and Ram bid bye to Priya with his eyes.
V: Tab tak kaise embarassed tha but business ke baare mein shuru kiya tho you forgot everything na.
R: You know me still you ask silly questions.
V: Priya ko bhi bhool gaya..
R: Usse kaise bhool...yaar tu mujhe chidana band kar aur gadi jaldi chala we have to go to office.
The days passed slowly for Ram and normally for Priya and happily for Vikram as he was enjoying teasing Ram.
After a month..
R: Usse dekhna hai.
V: Daily you are seeing her. You have changed your route and coming through her college road.
R: Yaar I want to meet her, talk with her.You go and enquire about her family. I want to marry her.
V: Usse toh poochle woh tujhse shaadi karegi ki nahin.
R: Kyu nahi karegi?? I have everything.
V: I am not talking about money as she isnt interested in that things. Can you give her a good family? Will you be a good companion for life? I think Priya is more sort of person who has value for heart not for money.
R: Woh sab main dekhloonga tu jaake pata karke aa..ABHI.
V: Haa jaa raha hoon.
Vikram came back after three hours with all the details. Ek din tu mujhe marwayega..
R: Kyun? Kya hua.
V: Kisi ladki ke bare mein enquiry karna itna easy nahin hain. They were eyeing me suspiciously. I told I am match maker and their neighbour aunty gave me details..but when Priya's parents came back to home I ran from there.
R: Bakwaas band kar. Give me the details.
V: Theirs is a small family she has younger brother who is working and her mom is little bit over board and good news is today evening one groom is coming to see her.
R: Kya??No way.
V: Thats why aunty gave me details.I was wondering why she is telling me everything. this was the matter. She mistook me for someone else.
R: What shall I do now.
V: You just tell her you love her.
R: Kaise?
V: Muh se..
R: Vikram..
V: Ok ok call her and tell her you want to meet her. Then in between talks you propose her.
R: Are you sure..
V: Yeah damn sure.
R: Calls his secretary and asks her to get Priya's number.
He rings her after thinking for a while..He listened her voice after three rings.
P: Hello
R: Hello..
P: Hello..kaun hai
R: Main..main..
(Vikram was holding his head)
P: Haa aap..aap..kaun ho aap
Ram wanted to keep the call but Vikram pushed him to talk.
P: Impatiently..aap bolenge yeah main disconnect karu.?
R: Hello Priya its me Ram
P: Who? Ram means..
R: Ram Kapoor of Kapoor Industries.
P: (Stood from chair) "Mr.Kapoor aap...sorry I couldnt identify your voice.."wondering why he would have called her.
R: I want a favour from you. Shall we meet today. Where shall I come?
P: No sir why would you waste your time. I will come to your office.
R: No, I will.
P: Its ok sir I will come after this class.Bye sir.
R: She is coming here
V: Then you be prepared what to talk and how to talk.

Priya came after two hours..Ram was eagerly waiting till then.He was nervous, excited and afraid too about her reaction.
P: Shall I come in sir.
R: YES please.have a seat.
P: Thank you sir.
R: Please stop calling me sir.
P: Ok Mr. Kapoor.
R: (Ram kehke bula sakthi ho na) gave a smile.
P: Tell me Mr. Kapoor what shall i do for you. I am surprised that YOU need a favour from me. I was thinking but I couldnt get what it would be. Any lecture for your employees or ..
All the while Ram was sitting in his chair keeping his hands on his tummy and pressing them hardly and sweating a  lott..he was feeling his heart in his mouth.
P: Are you ok Mr. Kapoor shall I call your secretary?she was about to get up
R: I..I...LLL LOVE YOU...I Love You PPPriya..
Priya was stunned in her place. She was staring at him in shock and disbelief.
(Will continue in second and final part)

PS: This is first ever story I have written. I tried a hand at writing and this story came out. I am posting it in BALH forum and awaiting for your criticism, comments and suggestions.I wanted to make it single part but as am new I didnt know what to edit so I kept everything I wrote and the story will finish in second part. So please do read and let me know how you felt.
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OMG this is awesomely written.
Viji will give you my full comment after reaching my home.
you for this beautiful.

Edited ...

Coming to the part ..

First sweetly shocked and surprised to read an OS from You ..
The words of yours just slided with the flow.. So intresting , so soothening and so tempting to read what next ..
Brilliantly penned down ...
Ithna achha title hai jo "Love at first sight "

cupids with heart emoticon
Mesmerizingly You have written clearly Ram's love at first sight ..
And while seeing her he is going gaga over her and with out second thought he has given the appointment to her ...AWWW HE IS CHOOO CUTE CHOOO CUTE ..
Priya is like you said simple and yelegant and very intelligent  and thinking about her students ..
She asked him A meeting for her students ...
Gosh Vikram and As well as Ram also surprised by her offer ...
Beuatifully you described the part ..

Vikram acted like broker here ..I rofled over that scene .. LOL
ANd After Knwoing Priya is going to see some groom ..He called her to tell his feelings
wah wah kya baath hai
I loved it
She is all surprised what might be he wants from me...
When she heard his proposal from him ..
She was in big shock

OMG OMG you quoted evrything so beautifulyy ...
and now cant wait for next part ..
jaldi se update dena...
Love you for this .. Hug
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Posted: 2014-03-20T09:42:03Z
Res thankgod izzat bach gayi

Omg omg i cant believe this firstly i never expected something like this from you such a neat flow of words best thing the story is from ram's povEmbarrassed and  my favorite jodi after raya mere jai veeru had so many scenes in fact more than rayaLOL
love at first sight for ram ji Hearthe is totally smitten by priya and the story looks very convinced with all that guest lecture thing thankgod this will continue with second part looking forward viji

once again you rock mamClap
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Posted: 2014-03-20T09:56:48Z
Originally posted by iLuvRamKapoor

Res thankgod izzat bach gayi

Mera bhi. yaar LOL

Will chat tonight choti. Missed you.
you. Edited by luvsakshi - 2014-03-20T11:57:52Z
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Posted: 2014-03-20T09:58:27Z
This OS is open to all so please silent readers do respond. I may not be able to send pm to all as most of the members aren't in my buddy list.
Thanking you in anticipation.
Neel n Mani will wait for your comments.
PS: Thanq Neel.
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Posted: 2014-03-20T09:59:03Z
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Posted: 2014-03-20T10:01:10Z
OMG this is really awesomeHeart my eyes literally popped out while reading
 too goodClapClap...continue soon...will be waiting eagerly Day Dreaming
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Posted: 2014-03-20T11:21:37Z
Huraaayyy os from viji di HugHug
hi angel ..saw your mom is a writer now Big smileBig smile
awesome writing di 
hahhaa would have given anything to watch ram's face when he saw priya for the first time LOLLOLLOL
extremely good 
diii you stopped when ram proposed ...hawww
continue sooonnn please
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