NEW OS: An Unwanted Marriage

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The slow music echoing in her ears ,Priya excused herself from the party and walked to the balcony. Its 100th time she came to see whether his car reached or not ,She breathed ,Please God send him soon ,I want to be
with him right now ,KK patted her shoulder .

She wiped the dropping tear ,Ji Ma kahiye.
He will come dear ,You just go and rest .Will send some Juice to your room.
She left to their room.Her gaze landed on a portrait of their marriage picture.
She caressed it with her fingers and was lost in the memories.

2 years back.
"Papa" Ram's shrill voice echoed in the hospital room ,"No I can't do that "
"If you have any love,respect on me ,you have to marry this girl."His papa turned to other side of the bed and slept.

"Maaa"Ye kya hai?you are not feeling well and asking me to marry at this time ,Priya roared at her mother..
It's your wish to decide Priya ,I told my last wish..
"Maa"she closed her mouth ..Left to meet that guy ..

* * * *
Ram & Priya met at a CCD, an awkward silence was prevailing .
Both together said "I want to tell something ..."
Ram assured go ahead ..
Priya mimed ..."No you go ahead ..."
Again both blurted out at the same time "I Dont believe in marriages"

They were surprised but felt happy in their hearts that both were in the same phase ..
They discussed something and left from there to tell the news to their family members.
Everyone was happy that at last they were going to marry on this condition.

The KM was fully decorated to welcome their daughter in law .
Sharma's house was beautifully adorned with flowers to bid their daughter.
The auspicious time came ,Ram tied mangalsutra around Priya's neck ,flowers showered on them as well as blessings.

Priya entered Ram's room,Astonished to see the room all decked up as for first night ...
She slowly patted her head "Ohh I forgot this is our first night .Hmm rolling her fingers to see the man ..He was glued to his laptop working on something .

She changed her dress asked him where should Isleep sitting on right side of the bed, removing all her jewellery.He propped himself on left side , "Are you going to sleep here?next to me .."
With a naughty smile ,she came forward near to his face ,Their breaths intermingling with each other .

Kya ?? why shouldn't i sleep here ,After all its our first night , he swallowed hard .
You forgot our condition ..He stammered ...
She smiled at him and closed her eyes for rest as she was very tired of all the marriage works ,With in a second she drifted off to sleep .

He gazed at her shockingly ..He too drifted off tosleep in the midst of time ..

Both got ready in the morning went to meet up lawyer ,Vikram & Neha were already waiting .
Ram hugged both of them , Priya said hi to them ..

Neha chipped as usual .Priya kya hai ? you are glowing!! hmm winking at her ..
Kya Neha???
Ram "Chaliye"
Yah ..all went inside ...Lawyer Handedover him the papers ,Both signed and gave them to Vikram & Neha to sign on them as witness!!

Both bursted out "Divorce " Ye kya hai Ram, our Priya ap bhi ,aise kaise..
Raya looked at each other ..
We...we don't want to marry ,Just for my father I married he answered ..
For my mother's health I've married priya retorted ..

Anyway I am not going to stay here my new formula work is still pending , I have to stay in USA for an year or so .In the mean time i can get divorce from Ram !!

VikNeha shocked ..
Vikram doubtfully asked , Ram "you have cracked the deal with John's company right "

Yes .. so" he was confused ..
Vikram lips curved into smile ,"Ohh so you have to work in USA for an year for our company ,Your dad made all decisions and bought a house for you and Priya to stay."

Priya was just dumbfounded hearing this .Vikram and Neha argued but RAYA won the battle.Unwillingly they signed on them and left from there ..

Neha "Vikram ,can we tell to aunt about this "
"No Neha ,not now
..well marriages are made in heaven ,Don't know why god made them a pair"looking their retreating figures ,He sighed .
Raya were in shock .Their plan was almost spoiled .

They have to stay together from now on .Soon they flew off from India to live separately in their house.
They reached their house in USA ..It was simple and small house with single bedroom.
He very well knows it was all planned by their parents as they too know that they married unwillingly .

They both smiled at each other ..So Priya all the best for your work ..
Thank you and all the best for your work too Golu.

Hey be in your limits don't call me by that ..
Our kya kahu mai ? Golu ko golu hi kehthe hai ??

Oh shut up you Hitler ?
What mai our Hitler ,you shut up .
First you started, coming near to her. Stop there ,still he was approaching her.

I hate you Mr ..
Oh do you think i love you ...God i just hate you girl ..

I too hate you ...She Stormed off to washroom..
When she came out ,he was yelling at his mother ,where is the cook what is this mom , why you fired him .God you know i cant eat this food .I want Indian food ma,that too hath ka bana khana .

KK:Toh kya !!Priya hai na waha pe?
R:Kaun Priya ? why she will cook ? Doesn't she have any other work .Kk:Because she is your wife!!
Ram almost spilled out that i am not married but paused himself seeing signaling Priya .

Okk ma i will see what can i do .bye ..
He gazed at her angrily ,walked past to kitchen ..
He cracked the eggs to cook an omlette.He burnt his hand while doing it .
"AAah"Ram moaned with pain.
Priya rushed there taking the pan from him ,She put his finger under running water.
P:Can't you see Ram!! See its almost vialed up.Keeping an ice cube on his finger .
She made an omlette ,served him tearing it in pieces with fork.
He murmured "Thank you " Tasted it ,Its really tasty he said to himself.

She quickly made dinner ,arranged it on table ,called him for dinner .
He sat calmly asked her .Do you know cooking??
Hmm unfortunately I know cooking ,she too sat with him for dinner ..Both ate ,drifted off tosleep ..

The days were flying.Its almost a month ,Their day started with fight and ended with fight..
Good morning[ I hate to see him by my side she said to herself],wishing him
Good morning [god I hate to see her by my side he said to himself],wishing her

Both went to their work .
Ram came back to home after the work
.Surprised to see Priya sleeping in an awkward manner in the sofa .He checked her temperature it seemed to be little high.
She looked so fragile ,petite and very pale ...He has serene feeling when he saw her ..

He leaned on her caressing her hairs planted a gentle kiss on her forehead.
He jolted back ,Oh Ram what are you doing man ,Don't loose your self , don't get tied up in this relation ship.He swept off from there laid her on the bed covered with a quilt .

He prepared their dinner with his least cooking skills.
She lazily opened her eyes found she was on her bed ..Startled ,wondered how she came there ..
Good evening madam !!If you can change and come.
she cut him in between Oh i forgot to cook ,Give me 5 mins I will make it
fast ,You must be hungry ,She scrunched in pain clutching her stomach ..

What happened Priya ? Nothing ,I am coming .She rushed to wash room.
Closed her eyes, tears rolled down .Ohh again this monthly pain ..She freshened up ,washed and come back to kitchen .
Stopped in midway by his call..Madam !!! Can you please have a seat ,moving a chair by dining table.

She surprised to see that dinner was ready ..
Aap ...
Shh he served her and himself too ...
She tasted it ,It's good Ram ...
He tasted it ,its not that much good ..
What Priya !!Is it nice ..It's not that much good ,he pouted

Its nice Ram,I like it ..
He silently ate looking at her .She is different today ,She is not retorting back ,not fighting ,not taunting why ? why ?
She cleared the plates directly went to the bed.Its an unusual thing again,she will atleast walk for 10 mins ..

Why ? what happened??
He slid beside her ,wanted to touch her ,wanted to ask her what was her problem ,But its beyond imagination .
His train of thoughts broke when the side mattress gaining up .
She was going to washroom again .This is the 2nd time in 10 mins ..

Wasnt she feeling well ,But why she was hiding it from me? I am her husband damn it ??
turned himself to other side,He could see her clearly ,she slid again clutching her stomach tightly rolling around ,Unable tosleep .

When a warm hand was placed on her tummy ,she tried to free from his grip .
But his head crooked up on her hair ,His hand possessively encircled her into him .
She struggled a bit to release his grip but failed ,and his patting on her tummy made her soothen her monthly pain..

The more she struggled,the more he caressed her tummy...She snuggled closer to him,feeling his warmth ness and snoozed tsleep.
Their up and down fights growing their relation ship more but still they were contended to get divorce .

4months passed ,Priya waswaiting for him eagerly ,Her heart is racing fast like a horse ,sensing something was going to happen .She called him 10th time,It was unreachable .
she slumped on chair ,Oh Ram plz ek baar call karo na.
She was pacing up and down in their room ..
When her phone rang ,Her lips curved into smile seeing the flashing name ..
Hello Ram I hate you , why you are not calling me , Im waiting for you ..
Madam ,please excuse me ,a male American slang wished her ..

H..Hii ,sorry , Can you pass this phone to my husband plz..
American:Oh Im sorry to say this but madam there is a big accident near the bridge ,Don't know where is your husband i just got his phone near the car ,We
shifted all the people to ,Mary hospital , could you please go and find out and i will drop this cell phone with police you can collect from them ..

She was dumbfounded !! What was it !! she felt earth is crashing under her feet. Why my knees are quivering under the weight of my body .My heart fluttering for him , Why is it so ? If something happens to him ??That thought was dreadful for her ,she closed her eyes winced in pain,Rushed to Mary hospital,while her tears were flowing .

She searched all the rooms,But she didn't find him, There is only one room left ,that is morgue ,She collapsed on the ground crying copiously ..
Why Ram why you left me ?? All alone ...crying uncontrollably ..
She remebred all her fighting with Ram!! She yelped in pain ..

Ram ??? Where are you ??She hit her head to the wall ,What I should answer to your mother ..
I said I will take care of you ...Crying copiously ..God I want him back please ..

Priya ?? His voice echoed in her ears ..

Her vision clouded by tears ,Ram!! she gasped ...
Ha why you are here ? what happened?
She threw herself in his arms ,Searching for any wounds .
Are ..Are you Ok Ram? They said that .I mean ..she swallowed hard ..

Ram can so imagine what she must have gone through..
He was ok except for a bruise on his forehead .
She hit him on his chest hardly ..
Where the hell is your mobile,How scared i am you know ,If something happens to you how amI gonna survive ..

You idiot ,stupid ,don't you think of calling and inform me about the situation ..She narrated how she got to know about the incident .
I'm scared to death ,Hugging him tightly ..He too hugged her back assuring everything was ok ...

They were back to home ,She made all his favourites ,not letting him go for a seond far from her eye sight .
Ram made her lie down turned to leave ..She clutched his kurtha tightly . Please don't leave me ...
She slid his hands in his arm , slept off .

Ram was in mixture of thoughts ,What was happening between them ..
Why was he longing for her ,Why her cries teared my heart .Why I see her when i close my eyes ..Why ? why ?
He has seen her trembling figure when she hugged him ,He very well knows how she feared about the incident ..His train of thoughts were broken by Priya's stirring .
He adjusted her near to him,giving a feathery kiss on her hairs drifted off to sleep .
Few days passed ,They were all ready to go out side ..
They heard a knock on the door ,Ram I will check you finish it with your tie and come soon.

she opened the door to find a postal boy with an envelope ,She took it from him , read the letter while her tears were brimming in her eyes, she managed to read the letter ..
Why madam is strucked? what was it for ?? He read from her back side.

That was their divorce papers framing that they can happily be separated .
She slowly sat on a chair near to her ..
He took the letter from her ,There was an awkward silence prevailing in the room.
I should do some thing ,Life is too short ,Patting himself back

He broke the silence "Hmm Priya why can't we journey together all our life?"
Did she hear correctly ,She disbelieved the fact ,But her legs moved to his figure ..
Seeing her tears ,He murmured if you are not ok with it ..

He stopped in midway seeing her lips curving into a big grin ..
He opened his arms for her ,She cosily slid into them giving a bear tight wali hug to him .
His face touching hers ,His lips were inches away from her ...

He murmured "I love you "
Before her reply he took her lips in a passionate kiss , His hands roamed on her dips & curves .
Making their love life beautiful ,They have become husband and wife in true sense .
He wiped away her tears ,murmuring a quick sorry in her ears ..
Pulled her on his chest he too drifted off to sleep with his soul mate.
They haven't turned back to see the past .Still the fights are going as usual .They returned back to India after her work .

She enjoyed the bliss of being elder daughter in law.Every one pampered her alot as she was the apple of their eyes .Two years turned so easily .
She cleared from her thoughts when she heard a screech sound but she hasn't cared .

Two months Ram ..Its been 2 months you left me ,tears rolled down from her cheeks.
She closed her eyes ...
A pair of hands blindfolded her .she whispered Rammm ...
Turned herself to him ,Hugged him tight ..
He gave a million dollar smile to her ,"What happened? why these tears??"looking at his hands ..

Nothing I missed you badly ..
Sweety im calling you every day and coming to video chat ,Still you missed me ,giving a naughty smile ..
Ramm she hit on his chest ."I love you "
Hmm 10 ..9 ..8 ..7..6 ..5
she rushed to the room ,he followed her quickly calling Priya ...

4. 3 ..2 ..1 ..
"Happy birthday Dear Ram "& Happy new year ...
He thrilled seeing the cake and decoration ..
She made him to cut the cake ,both fed each other ..
So where is my gift he asked her ..
She blushed ...Hmm I may not give you right now but ..

But i will claim what is mine ,Nuzzling her neck planting a kiss on crook of her neck ..
Please Ram ,losing in his charm ..
Kya Priya ,Always you stop me,Today i will claim all these 2 months ka dose also ..

She rested back her head on his chest ...
Ram wo..mai..
Priya ..kya wo ..mai ..bolo na,..[Possessively encircled her in his embrace]
Her cheeks turned to almost beet root color ..God how I should tell him ..

Wo ,Im giving promotion to you Ram ..
Promotion kaun sa???
Dropping a kiss on her forehead ,She lifted her finger to show him..
His gaze turns towards where she was pointing ..
He looked at his child hood picture in a big sized frame ,Priya used to tell him always when I come to know i'm pregnant ,I will make this big one and will gaze at the picture daily so that the coming one also will look like you ...

Her voice echoed in his ears ..
He disbelivingly asked her "Is it true "
She nodded her head affirmatively and shyly turned her face to avert his gaze.
planted a kiss on her cheek ,Thank you Priya ,Thank you so much for this wonderful gift ,This is my best birthday gift ever .

They claimed that night in their love bliss clearing their Two months longingness. The stars witnessed their love wishing them Happy life, they dimmed their shining to give the darkness for their endless love.The room filled with her moans & his gasps .

Drifted off to a deep slumber after filling two months of longingness.
Its drizzling ,the wind soothend up their warm bodies ,welcoming a fresh morning ..

This Os has written long back ,Unfortunately I found out that I haven't posted in If ,so posting here .Hope you all like it .

This Os has written long back ,Unfortunately I found out that I haven't posted in If ,so posting here .Hope you all like it .

Thank you very much for sapring your time to read this FF and make me feel happy with your commnets ... Thank you soo much ...

HugHeartHugHeartHugHeartHugHeartGod bless you all 

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yippi me frst
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Posted: 2014-03-19T06:46:48Z
Sorry Darling I read it yesterday itself but coz of busy I couldnt comment..
 Sorry but I was  all the while when I was reading.
Frankly Neel you two are awesome A  for you two for penning this and binging this here.Loved it..

to get married and here these two married against their wish for their parents sake.
And DIVORCE application the next day itself.. these two are impossible.
But their parents are too intelligent they made all arrangements to push them to live together 

ram and cooking!!!See he burnt his hand.. but when Priya is there why to worry she will manage everything  

So they were hating each other fighting with each other with out knowing that they were falling in love..Bed wala scenes tho rather funny hai.Right end Priya ka Left end Ram ka..
(wasnt there any couch in their home???Wink)

Her pain moved he was getting attracted to her..LOL..too good.cupid was playing main role..hai na..

And the accident thing was final matter..she realized she cant live without him..

And the divorce was granted!!!Then they learnt their feelings 
Waahhh kya track hai..Fell in love with its..So they expressed their feelings ..and became one..

And now she is pregnant...Awesome yaar.Let Happiness be bestowed on them forever and ever.
I Loved the story to bits.. 
It was mindboggling and truely many twists and turns..

Keep giving us more like this.

PS:Neel for you my special wishes... 

Writer: You are simply amazing..keep rockinggg gal.

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Superb os... ye os aapne etni jaldi de diaShocked hote hote pyaar ho gya Wink wo line hai na shadi k baad hote hote pyaar ho hi jata hai... pehle fight phir bht sara pyaarEmbarrassed Pr di mujhe dusra wala os bhi chahiye Wink waiting . . . . . . Day DreamingEdited by Mini1991 - 2014-03-19T08:44:35Z
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Posted: 2014-03-19T06:58:51Z
Will give pM LATER
system is not working properly ..
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Posted: 2014-03-19T07:00:38Z
beautiful os
loved it very much
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Posted: 2014-03-19T07:39:10Z
Awesome OS!!!
GR8 JOBSmile
LOVED IT!!!!Heart
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Posted: 2014-03-19T08:02:33Z
..!.. Edited by luvbalh - 2014-07-05T13:09:39Z
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