Rang Rasiya 14th March: Written Update (Ranjha Mera Ranjha Tu)

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Posted: 2014-03-15T03:03:06Z

Part 1

Mohini calls up Tejawat but Thakurain picks up. She asks who is it. Mohini says she wants to speak to Thakur Sa. Thakurain says its his wife. Tejawat intervenes. Mohini informs that all the preps are done, the girl will reach him. But he should remember to kill Rudra. Coz, if the girl reaches him but Rudra is alive, he'd create chaos. Tejawat says he's worthy of his promise. Thakurain says who is it. He seems worried. He says nothing, everything is fine...or will be.

Sunehri brings Paro outside. She says this parda is kept so that the bride and groom don't see each other. Maithili commends that Paro's looking heavenly. Rudra advances towards her, but Sunehri stops him. She goes asking him to wait. Rudra sees his shirt sleeve stuck with curtain. Paro says be careful, the curtain will tear. "Yeh bhi hai kuch adha adha..." plays in background. Rudra is stunned seeing her, cannot stop gazing. Paro looks uncomfortable. Suddenly, drum beats break their eye-lock. Paro helps Rudra with his sleeve. Paro sits for haldi.

Haldi Ceremony starts. Mohini congratulates Rudra applying him haldi. Maithili and Sunehri apply haldi. Dilsher applies haldi and asks since when did he become stubborn. Rudra says, its in blood. Mohini applies haldi on Paro. Sumer tries to apply, but Rudra denies. Rudra is observing Paro when Laila comes to apply haldi. Rudra notices her. Laila goes aside and mixes something in the haldi. She says that he accused her for the girl when she did nothing, but now your girl's beauty and everything...she will snatch it away. From now on, his moon will have only scars. She joins the function. She unveils in front of Paro. Maithili says isn't she the one who...Maithili says yes, she is a drama queen and her work is to create drama. And today she's here to apply haldi to the bride. She applies haldi and wishes her luck and life. Paro says she knows her. Laila says wow! The bride's got good looks and good memory. How could she forget her advice about the 3 type of men, how did she choose Rudra? Some poison she spread in her life, and now I will spread some in your life.

Rudra sees Laila. Laila says came to wish you on your special day. Rudra says can't trust you. Laila says wah! He betrayed her and testing her trust. Rudra sees the haldi and says if he isn't hurt. Rudra gets suspicious.

Maithili offers some juice and food to Paro. Rudra asks what did Laila do. She runs to Paro and takes her away. He washes her with water. Paro forces herself away. Rudra says poison is mixed. Paro says can't believe. Paro feels some burn. Rudra asks if its burning. Paro nods. Rudra puts her below a tap and then slowly slowly washes off her haldi. "Ishq ka khel naseebo ka hai..." plays in BG. Laila comes and sees them close. She takes out a knife to jolt at Paro. Paro calls Rudra in fear. Rudra stops her and pushes her. Laila says he hurt her for Paro. Rudra says I told you stay away for her. Laila says he told her about her? Rudra says Laila. Laila says only name? Did he tell her that she is his wouldbe wife and I am the one who...Rudra says be in character in front of Paro. Laila says and you Paro. Rudra stops her. Laila says now she cannot even eye Paro. He covers Paro in dupatta and asks her to go to Sunehri's room.

Laila says that she is in love with Rudra. Rudra says what did she say? Love? She knows Rudra finds all this bull-shit. Laila says she's developed feelings. Rudra says its nothing like that. Laila says really? Then what is between PaRud??


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Posted: 2014-03-15T03:03:28Z
Finally my net is working. 
Couldn't post yesterday.

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Posted: 2014-03-15T05:36:30Z
Originally posted by .BadtameezDil.

Finally my net is working. 
Couldn't post yesterday.


Not a problem.
Many thanks for the WU.
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Posted: 2014-03-15T11:17:28Z
Thank u so much WUSmilexxx
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Posted: 2014-03-16T09:47:03Z
Thank you so much for the update:)
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Posted: 2014-03-16T11:03:13Z
thanks for the update...
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