OS: Yesterday and Tomorrow--Jallad (completed) *mature content*

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Hello Forumwasis !!

I am working on the newest OS-Yesterday and Tomorrow--Jallad (Part 9) so kaam kar raha hu, chappal maat marna! in the meantime, I thought I would whet your appetite a little, by giving you just a small glimpse--a few paragraphs! of the newest upcoming OS. 

This time, I am taking on Parvati's favorite taunt, and Rudra's reaction to it--what it means to them--Yesterday and Tomorrow. Here from the weekend's update, I'm  presenting these randomly selected chapters from "Tomorrow--Jallad"

Tomorrow: (SNEAK PEEK--FULL STORY linked below!!!)

The Jallad. A term of such fear. A curse, a whispered taunt. It was now a word that had been uttered in a honey sweet voice for over a year, and it was now Rudra's favorite way of referring to himself. He did not even know exactly when the shame and disgust underlining the term's meaning had changed for him. The word, re- born in love's chrysalis, had become the mischievous nickname his beautiful, innocent wife used to call him to her side. 

Whenever she called him this, twinkling hazel eyes peeking at him through lush strands of hair, he would chase after her, pretending to be furious. Paro would giggle, and the sounds of her anklets would fill the Haveli, as she ran from him like a startled fawn. Her ghagra flaring in the wind, she would run, soft feet soundlessly chasing down sun-beams as she fled from the "Bara se Jallad" through  echoing corridors. Her delighted laughter tinging the air with music, as he called out "Dekh leta hu tuje..tu bas haat mein aja, phir dekata hu tujhe Jallad kaisa hai.."

He would stop, panting, pretending to be winded. He, a man trained by the Indian Army in the harshest of terrains would wheeze as dramatically as his father Dilsher ever did. Rudra would wait, trap laid, for the suddenly worried innocent in front of him to return, to make his hunting easy. Paro, inevitably, would turn and dash back to within arm's reach, her soft voice trembling with concern, asking if he was alright, if he needed water. And then...like a snake, he'd strike, his trained reflexes unfair advantages against bright butterflies. He would grab the soft shoulders, and the hunter would get his prey.

"Choriye mennu, Rudra chor dijye..kitna bara Jallad hai aap! Kya karr rahe hai! Dopahar hui! Sub ghar pei hai! Kitni  besharam hai aap! Bilkul Jallad hai, sach mei! Choriye na" Paro would wail, as she'd get tossed over her husband's distractingly broad shoulders and leisurely carried off to his den. She, never one to give up, would still be teasingly calling him Jallad again and again, laughter and desire turning her voice into smoky silk.

He would undress her, eyes intent, kissing the tender column of her throat as she blushed, even after a year of this, nestled into his arms. Slender white fingers would teasingly try to stop him, hazel eyes would hide from the gaze that seared, as Rudra would murmur-"Jallad hu na, mere se kuch chupa nahi sakhti tu..." and Paro would laugh, softly. And when he would lay her down in the afternoon light, naked, luminous as a freshwater pearl... her Jallad would take her to the stars in the bright light of day. And, after a long while, languorously, Paro would whisper "Jallad!" into his ear, after she'd screamed out in passion and rested, satiated and breathless, in his arms.



YESTERDAY AND TOMORROW-JALLAD (TOMORROW) PAGE 14: http://www.india-forums.com/forum_posts.asp?TID=3940500&PID=103037126&#p103037126



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ME FIRST!!!!!!!
ME FIRST!!!!!!!

EmbarrassedEmbarrassedEmbarrassedHayoo Rabba Main mar jawaan...
kya entry hai...Clap

tussi ne mood te lift hi kar diya...

damn good - The sneak Peak...

loved it 
waiting for more...

waise bhi ashish ke bina 
ff's se hi kaam chalana padega!!!!!!

miss u ashish!!!!!
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Posted: 2014-03-05T12:11:45Z
aww it is cute n lovely . i loved all the parts very much . waiting for this one
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Posted: 2014-03-05T12:16:10Z
what a tease u hav become, Napster !! this time it is a real cliffhanger !
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Posted: 2014-03-05T12:39:48Z
What a teaser napster sa ..LOL
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Posted: 2014-03-05T12:59:48Z
Brightest post of the whole day! Yay you are finally writing romance!! 
When my exams get over this Saturday, i have a NIIICE DELIICIOUS OS waiting for me -- purrfect!!

Bas one more request -- please post both yesterday and tomorrow parts together - please!
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Posted: 2014-03-05T13:11:12Z
wow makes up for the absence of parud on TV... love it... waiting eagarly...
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Posted: 2014-03-05T13:34:45Z
m abhi tak sirf sabhi post ko padhti thi lekin ye sari yesterday & tomorrow series kafi prabhavit karne wali h khas kar "red ghagra " & " bindi " fear bhi kafi achi thi n consept bilkul naya h 1 he topic p do bilkul alag alag stories... n pata h sabse khas kya h apki writing me.. hum ise immagine kar sakte h... feel kar sakte h ... :)
aur 1 que. h " r u a proffesnal writer ? "
any way lot's of love <3
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