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Hello..I am really frustrated with Current track...Some times I dunno watch it ..but for some of my lovely friends..i think still I am attach with it..as I am crazy to talk with them..and they belongs to my extended family..So this OS only for them..though ..its request from @zabby, @shifu, @Deepu.., @Riddhi.. but.. this OS for all of u who are so close to me...

And  frankly of course for RAM sir and Sakshi mam too.

This is not based on current scenario...just I am trying to write on season 1 ..the magical season of BALH..


Scene starts at changing room..

Priya in a red saree, with wet hair..just after taking her bath, looking hot..of course she is ..in hr man's  eyes..Though Ram does not wanna pay attention to anything else..but damn the hot of mumbai..and his perspiration..does not allow him to drool on his lady..and complaining about the weather to her ..

Priya .. like a mother .. yes after marriage a..wife takes this place too..

Wiping his  swept bits from his forehead..she loves to do this..its her care to her man .

Suddenly she got an idea ..and went to the change room ..

And came with a shirt according to her choice..

Ram was surprised to see this ..but as  an obedient kid..he gave her the opportunity to untie his tie..

Priya was feeling shy to do so..but..as became a complete woman now..and of course her man competed her in all aspect so she has the right..leaving behind her all shyness..she started to open the tie..

Ram was shocked..he never imagine this side of priya he knows his wife is hitler..but in this matter   she is so shy that it  took lots of effort  and time of him to kiss her for once..within one week she is ready to change his dress in front of herself..

When Priya uniting his tie ..he was looking at her ..only..

Aab ye shirt aap change kar lijiye ..main bahar hu..and trying to move from their..


Ram clutched her wrist ..and pulled her towards him..

Priya fall on his broad chest with the sudden pull..

But getting her own balance she asked him: aap kya kar rehe hai ..

Maine kuch nehi kiya..jo kar rehe ho tum..then why r u blaming me..

Priya in her  hitler mood..matlab..main to aapke ache k liye hi...

But Ram did not give her the chance to complete her sentence ..

Ha to finish karke jayo na..

Priya looked at him..as she did not get her man's words.

Are ..aise dekho mat ..shirt bhi to haina ushe bhi to

change karna hai na ..and winked at her..

Priya with her blushing cheek .nodded in no..

RAM pulled her so close..keeping his both hands on her waist...and replied ..ye to tumhe hi karni hai..

Priya with lots of hesitation started to unbuttoned his shirts button from the top..with a shaking hands.

Ram was enjoying her each and every actions..as he is revealing his effects on her..and its giving him a pleasant happiness..that only his proximity can create a lot in priya his only love..his life..and on the other side ..priya also enjoying this closeness..but she is feeling so shy  and more over so nervous.. though they are married since seven months..but ..only one week that they became husband and wife in true sense..

When she reached at the end button. she left it with the realization..

Keeping her head down with her soft voice..she uttered Mr.Kapoor..iske baad aap karlijiye .main..bahar hu..

But her voice was enough to provoke RAM..as he was controlling himself from a long back.and now her voice..

Forgetting about all..RAM cupped her face and put his lips on her..first in a very gentle manner but when he got the equal response..he became much more demanding..

After revealing their passion, love for each other ..

Ram embraced her in his tight hug...

Suddenly Priya realized that .. the shirt which she brought for  RAM from the cupboard it was lying on the floor..

She took it from there ..and with a shy smile ..gave it to RAM..

With a satisfactory smile..Ram took it from her ..and changed his dress in front of her..without any  hesitation..

After a few moment RAM   was waiting  for Vikram at his study room, as Vikram needs to discuss something regarding business matter ...

But Neha also came along with him  ..

Priya entered there to ask  about the breakfast.. but  her eyes  were stuck at Ram s shirt .. ...

She was surprised ,shocked to..but moreover she felt embarrassed and shy..coz the realization stuck her  that Ram was in front of Neha and Vikram..and they love to teas them specially Priya and their fatty..even neha teased her in front of all on their marriage day to leave all her shyness.. as she was going to a Kapoor from Sharma...

biting  her tongue Within a moment she took  her sit beside RAM..and trying to hide the mark..which attracts her eyes towards it just before ..


Ram with a puzzle  face looked at her...

 But this sudden action of Priya   was not unnoticed by Neha and she is such a bubbly ..friends ..that never ever  leave a chance to tease her best buddy..fatty and his wife..

Baby ..looking at Vikram  she said .. Dekho na ye dono kitne aage bad gaye.. aap to humare samne hi..

Priya  was feeling embarrassed but the situation was so tough that she could not back off from her position..as .. it will back fire them more ..

Neha  was in no mood to stop her teasing so soon..

Fatty kya baat hai.. aaj kal to Priya bhi bade romantic mood me..and all were going on and on..

Being a Golu RAM was also feeling shy.. but ,,he loves Priya's closeness that he could not  say her to move from there ...

Softly and ..he asked..: what r u doing??

Being a naughty he spoke out: kya irada hai Mrs. Kapoor..aagar .. kuch karna hai to.. hum room me jaa sakte hai ...and winked at her

Priya biting her lower lips..replied in a very slow voice.. aapki Shirt pe kuch daag  hai ,,

The word daag made him crazy ..though business Tycoon RAM Kappor is not same now .. who was mad over some dirty things ,messy place.. and all that he is changed man now.. don't bother too much about these more..Love changes him a lot .. but at the time of office and his shirt having  mark..made him   crazy a little bit.. he tried to  remove  her saree's pallu  to see it..but Priya Firmly reject his trying and again uttered and this time very softly..

Mr.Kapoor..Lipstick ki  hai..Neha and Vikram ko agar pata chal...

She could not complete her.. as RAM was looking at her with so intension look ..that she could not match her gaze with him..

And Neha and Vikram were in  mood to tease..

Haye haye Pati and Patni k beech kya chal raha hai..

 This time Vikram uttered yaar ..pata hain newly coupled hai..but frinds k samne to kuch sharam kar..

But with out giving them reply RAM just excused himself from there .. leaving Priya in the most occurred situation.

But with a few minutes Priya's cell buzzed

And of course the caller was none other than her man..

Priya  received it as she had no any other option..

 Already ..neha and vikram did a lot of teasing with her .. and if she did not pick the call this time surely they will again behind her about the call..

But she could not move from their too.. she picked up the call..and said Hello ..

From the other side...

Room me jaldi aayo..

But abhi yeha se..HOW can I ..

Jo bhi ho kuch bhi excuss dekar aajayo .. .


Priya disconnected the call and said..

Tum dono ruko main aati hu.. thorisi kam hai kitchen me ..

 She had to  say this..otherwise again they tease her.. and she did not escape from there ..

Priya ordered bansi kaka breakfast for Vikram and neha and went to her room.

/entering their Room Priya asked Mr. Kapoor  ..aap kaha hai .. as she could not see her man in their room .. but from the changing room .. she could hear . RAM called her ..

She went and found RAM was standing  in front the mirror and with her surprise still now  with the same shirt on him..

Are aap abhi tak change nehi ki..and moved towards the cupboard to bring another shirt  for him..

Ram ..pulled her..and tightly hold her ..

They were so close that Priya could feel hi hot breath on her face ... closing her eyes Priya started to breath fast..

Ram in his husky voice: kya ye shirt change karne ki jarurat hai Mrs.Kapoor.

 This comment from her man.. forced her to open her eyes..

Ha kya ..why r u looking at me yaar ..

Ye shirt change nehi karna hai  mujhe..


This time Priya asked him.. kya aaj aapko office nehi jana hai..

Mera office hai..main malik hu..jab chahu ..ja sakta hu..agar nehi chaha to off bhi ..aaj main aapni Biwi k sath time spend karna chahta hu...

Vikram and neha are waiting for us..aap jaldi change to kar lijye..and tried to free herself from his grip..

Hmm I will change in two condition..

Priya was expecting more ..his condition word made her disappoint and she said ..Mr. Golu..Business and Condition k sivwa aur kuch nehi aate hyai..

Priya ..pehle meri condition to sunlo.with his ever charming smile he said..

1st..u have to keep this shirt like this way.cant give it for washing..any more ..

2nd  jo nisan..mere shirt pe hai wo abhi mujhe chahiye ..but keeping his own finger at his lips he showed her the palce where he wanted ...

Priya just giving him..her  shy smile and hided her face in his broad chest..

Ram laughed loudly..pulling her more in his tight embrace ...



plz forgive me with my errors .. 

So much tough..OS for me.. 

 as many situations are in my mind..but cant write all those 

 as i am not at all comfortable with these 

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So cute yaarEmbarrassed Edited by zeenathsheikh8 - 2014-03-02T05:16:02Z
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Awww that suer like Clap Clap Clap

i love and iamgined infront of my eye yaar ..
well potryed their feelings..

Thak you somuch for the pm
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Posted: 2014-03-02T05:45:45Z
super cute...!!Tongue
remnscd the old balh...!!! Wink

thnx fr the pm...!!! Smile
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Originally posted by zeenathsheikh8

So cute yaarEmbarrassed
 awe thank u dear 
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Originally posted by luvsakshi

Awww that suer like Clap Clap Clap

i love and iamgined infront of my eye yaar ..
well potryed their feelings..

Thak you somuch for the pm
 big complement 
 thank u dear 
 thank u very much 

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Originally posted by chillpc

super cute...!!Tongue
remnscd the old balh...!!! Wink

thnx fr the pm...!!! Smile
 thank u dear 
 but i am missing season 1 
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Posted: 2014-03-02T06:04:26Z
Thx for the pm.
Wow.  How romantic raya are. 
Priya toh gyi hi, neha vikki ko chance chahiye,  aur raya ka life incomplete hai agar ye do no cehdenge nhiLOLLOL
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