Rangarasiya Written Update 25 February PaRud puja,Rudra's mom

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RR WU 25 2 2014


Dilsher(DS) asks Rudra who is getting ready in a red kurta why are you doing this and Danveer(DV) also tries to stop Rudra ,saying don't bother about Kakisa .Rudra says  you  both know why I am  doing this. Dilsher says you are spoiling yours and her life Rudra says my life is BSD and I am not afraid of death but only to be out of BSD  that is making me do this , that both PaRud don't want to marry but  still he expects her to reveal the truth  and break when she will have to sit on the mandap seeing this jallad there instead of a bridegroom , Paro won't  be able to go the full way and says come  why are you standing there we have to do all the ceremonies  in real and even if she does reveal then this marriage will be her punishment for keeping quiet and supporting the enemy. Dilsher says he is a mad cap bull and DV says yes he is your son  DS looks at DV who tries to cover up  the home truths  lol and DS  says you said the truth  is Rudra is my photocopy  except for his face Again DV agrees and DS is what the... at his brother

 Paro remembers her  getting  tearfully ready during the previous marriage as Mythali and Sunheri makes her ready  and both praise her beauty. Mohini sarcastically asks them to bring eagar Paro down for the ceremony. Paro stops and watches Rudra who knows she has come when the mirror on her duppata  reflects on his face and their song  enka saath hai jaise mati sang in the BG and Mausam auntie says today the whole mausam has changed and wind  is in the opposite direction. Pandit asks Rudra to keep this near  Ganesh murthi  . Mohini says as this puja is done in  bride and groom's house but here both are together so let them do together ,so that he removes all hurdles from this marriage. Pandit says I was also saying the same thing they get blessing from God for their marriage. Paro gets FB of previous marriage and death of her husband. Pandit calls Dilsher to put tikka  but Rudra says Kakisa  should do and she also replies in kind saying till the last breath we have to fight. And Tutu mein mein of Kakisa and nephew who replies that he learnt to disable the enemy in small skirmishes so that he won't be able to stand for the last war. All the family is there and Sumer keeps smiling at his mother's sarcastic taunts.

Kaki wears her slippers picture underneath it does not notice it . Puja is over and pandit asks the elders to give gifts 1st by DV who gives the sword belonging to the family , a heirloom which passes from elder son to elder son ,and asks Rudra to remove from its scabbard  . Rudra removes the sword and Danveer says this sword should be used to kill the enemy and protect the family women and not on innocent persons. DS says Babloo(DV)  who gives him a box  Dilsher gives his wife's jewels to Paro  saying it is her right and Rudra says what is this Ranawat  Dilsher says chote Ranawat all traditions have to be followed .Giving to a reluctant Paro  DS asks her not to refuse as it is given by elders . Kaki again gives a sarcastic reply about her sister and her blessings if Paro wears Rudra says not necessary. But Kaki says you will have to wear and pandit says yes .Mohini tells Mythali to put the jewelry on Paro.  Paro and Rudra look at each other Mohini  says she is so beautiful like my sister. Pandit asks them to sit and PaRud do aarthi together and the Ganesh Bhajan in the Bg they do pranam and puja is over. Rudra gets up and goes.DS and Paro watch him go. He rings Aman and asks whether he is at BSD headquarter and  to wait for him.

Danveer rings up and wants to meet his Bhabhi at night.

Rudra tells Aman there is a Shiv ratri  mela where people from across the border will come. He asks Aman to keep his men there Rudra tells him Tejawat will try to make deals and sell arms .Aman feels it may not happen but  Rudra says he will definitely try  as after the attack on the wedding party  he could not do anything Aman says he is ready  and this time we will have to catch them red-handed  and not let them escape.

A car comes it is raining and Danveer is waiting .Danveer meets Mala his bhabhisa and tells her son Rudra  is going to get married and his brother gave her jewels to his DIL and in three days time he will be married.  Mala is shocked and her face is shown to the viewers.

Mythali wants to know when DV will come and Mohini says she does not know but her legs are aching so to press them . Mythali finds the picture  which Mohini sees is of  Paro and takes out and sends Mythali  out  saying it does not concern her and to get the arrangements made for the  wedding. Mohini looks at the picture and thinks she looks very happy here dressed as a bride it is not engagement picture, but in this house she looks worried sad. She gets flashback of Dilsher telling her that Paro is his would be DIL  and get to the bottom of the matter.

PRECAP  Mohini  overhears  Paro and Dilsher talking about Rudra how he kidnapped her  and he a jallad and Dilsher telling her that he is like that because of him. Paro says she can understand him telling she is would be DIL  but his son  he brought her here to protect her from the men who want to kill her..

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Thanks very much for the WU
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Thanks for the wu :)
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"Mala is shocked and her face is shown to the viewers"

So, Thankurian Ma Sa isn't Rudra's mom? 
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Thank you dear for the written update.
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Thank you so much for the WUSmilexxx.
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Originally posted by reeha...k

"Mala is shocked and her face is shown to the viewers"

So, Thankurian Ma Sa isn't Rudra's mom? 
She is Rudra's mom as DV tells her your son
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Thnx chalhov for the written update.So they are entering the jungle of hide and seek where no one will find anyone but these two.Great post.ClapEdited by ArshiHamesha - 2014-02-25T18:18:32Z
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