Parud New FF: An Unexpected Bride..!! CHAPTER2 updated pg 8

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Hi Gorgeous people of RR's beautiful Land! I have finally decided to pen down my thoughts that have been locked up for quite a while now! . .Embarrassed
Here is prologue kindly read nd leave comments if u want me to continue Smile


    Cold breeze was blowing in a very fitful manner...Wirrulent puffs of air were warning a heavy downpour..
She covered in black shawl..Looked again at about to 2 months baby in her lap..
His twinkling eyes informed her that he is awake..
Her heart wrenched wd his love ..She kissed him..Covered him completely started walk again..Each step she was taking from railway station to 'HIS' house..Her foot was trembling..Her heart was saying to go back..But no.."She has to do this for sake of love.."
She determined again took heavy steps.. The darkness was so profound..Her heart was hammering inside her bossom..Hundreds of question her mind have..!
"How much struggled she'll have to do..Shall she able to convience them?? Yes..I'll do wtever i can do.."
The noise of trees shaking became loud when the rain started clattering on the granite roads of Jaipur..
She held the baby tightly..Covering him in her arms..Atlast she reached her destination..She thought for long..after minutes she headed towards "Ranawat Mansion"
She lift up her trembling hands nd rang the doorbell..
A servant opened the door after few minutes..
"Whom u want to meet??"
Her shivering lips escaped the name "Mr. Ranawat"

Seeking permission he came back nd took her to living room..
Silence of the house were haunting..But the noise of the silence were informing about the recent death of Young son of this Mansion.

She sat in living room infront of his family..She have never thought before that she'll meet his family like this..
Everybody was staring at her from head to toe questioned..Totally drenched in this time of night..Alone!!
Their eyes opened wide when she uncovered her shawl exposing a cute angel in her lap..Some of them were thinking of her a traveler who need shelter from rain..But her pathetic situation was saying smthing else..
Her eyes met wd Dadi..Yes Rudra's Dadi...But dadi shifted her gaze to the baby..continuesly staring at him..
Dil sher broke the silence "Aap?"
"Mein Paro..Wo..Parvati.."
Sumer added "We have never seen u before..!"
Paro didnt found words..Thought for moments nd tried to tell the reason of her presence here "Rudra.."
Dadi instantly looked at her
Dil sher nodded "Oh..Samajh gaya..4 mahine hogaye..Lekin ab tak uski maut ka sadma bilkul taaza hai..Sab ko hi dukh hai..Aisa lagta hai abhi koi aakey kehdega ke wo zinda hai..Aap ke aaney ka shukria.."
Paro shook her head "Mein isi lie ayi hun..Jab mujhe uski maut ka pata chala to mein kgud ko rok nhi paai..Mein aapse aapka or is bache se iska haq nhi chheen skti"
All looked at her confused..She added "Uski amanat hai mere pass..wahi deney aai thi..aapka haq hai ke aap janein"
In return of their suspicious look She lift up her hand carrying a little angel..
To their shock she said "Ye rudra ka bacha hai..!"
Rudra's cousin brother Sumer stood up in disbeleif..
Dadi was already gazing his angelic face..His eyes,lips nd attitude even in this age is same..When he twisted his nose..Dadi couldnt stop herself, She found his glimpse in his baby..She instantly took the baby in her lap..Smilingly kissed his forehead..
Paro smiled..But to their shock Sumer argued "Rudra ne kbhi tumhare baarey mein nhi btaya..How do u knw him?"
It was a question on her character..Paro tried to explain but again speechless. Her heart beat was racing in marathon.."1-1/2 saal pehle.. Birpur mein..Rudra .. or mein.." Her broken words were not enough to explain anything..
She took out his photo nd a Locket..
Dilsher became emotional seeing rudra's locket..
"The same locket from childhood he had hanging through his neck..One side of it was roughly damage cause he had a habbit of chewing his gold locket when he is troubled"
She kept the picture nd locket on the table..Paro stood up nd took the baby from dadi's lap nd added "Agar ye kafi nahi hai to..Ye rudra ki akhri nishani hai.."
Dilsher emotionaly took the baby from her hands..Dadi anounced "Koi zarurat nhi hai kisi saboot ki..Koi tum se sawal nhi puchega beta.."
She called maid nd asked her to take paro to guest room..
"Tum bheeg gae ho..Kapre badal lo aur aaram karo..Tumhara ehsaan hai humpey ke tum rudra ki aulad ko ley aai"

Dilsher kissed him wd love nd affection handed him to paro..

Paro followed the maid to upstairs..In the hallway she saw Rudra's photo frame She looked at his beatiful picture.."Hosakey to is jhoot ke lie mujhe maaf kardena..Mere pass aur koi raasta nhi tha..Agar aaj aap hotey to mein yahan kbhi nhi aati..kabhi nhi.."

His fingers moved after 4 long months..He shook his legs after long frozen..He shoot opened his eyes..
Doctors started his checkup in disbeleif..Rudra's Pratab Ranawat atlast became consious after 5 long month's Coma..
Rudra being far from life nd his house was feeling worst..He was normal now as his deep cuts nd wounds has been healed..He wanted to run back his home as soon as possible..

What happen when rudra come back?How paro's life would be change after taking such huge step of her life..
Does the things remain same or the CHANGE will change their lives!!
Wanna know plz keep reading.." Kindly hit like nd do comments if u want me to continue..Smile
nd plz suggest a title for this FFTongue


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nice prolog please continue.
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Posted: 2014-02-25T11:38:41Z
All I was thinking whilst reading was ow my gosh U killed rudra, but thankfully u didntEdited by Jaz1990 - 2014-02-25T11:38:11Z
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Mind blowing start...Rudra is alive but the family thought that he is dead...what made paro say a lie about rudra...very interesting...can't wait to know what happens when rudra comes back...please accept my buddy request...can you please PM me the updates...thanks in advance...

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Posted: 2014-02-25T19:32:45Z
Originally posted by Jaz1990

All I was thinking whilst reading was ow my gosh U killed rudra, but thankfully u didnt

yup paro nd all thinks too i killed rudra LOL
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Originally posted by INGCIV

nice prolog please continue.

thanx for ur appreciation..plz keep reading Smile
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Posted: 2014-02-25T21:07:03Z
tht was really nyce start i too thought u killed rudra and story is all about past 
pm me nxt part plzz
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Posted: 2014-02-25T22:01:19Z
nice start...continue soon...
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