Rangrasiya 14th February: Written Update (Rudra Stands Up for Paro)

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**I missed the entire part 1**

Part 2

Maithili's husband asks her to come inside. Sumer says that there must be something important. Danveer asks him to stop. Mohini says that she has become too talkative to not listen to husband. Samrat asks Maithili that they will talk inside. Dilsher advises Danveer to stop and tells Samrat that this is not the way to treat relationships as they become sour. He asks him to leave Maithili and let her what she speaks. Mohini says no one will go inside, they don't have the habit of hiding things in the room.

Maithili says that in 2 months, she will be married for 5 years. Mohini says that so what? She needs pension? Maithili says that no, in 5 years...they've done everything, but she's still not blessed with a child. No doctor, no priest, no magic stick could do anything. The truth is that she cannot bear a child. Now she has accepted it as God's desire. She says that she has thought of a way. She cannot bear children, so they can adopt. Mohini grits her teeth. Everyone is stunned. Maithili says she went to the orphanage, they said that after all enquries, in 6 months they can get the baby home. They know I've not born a child since 5 years and they also have belief on the integrity of the family. She has even brought the card. They can get the baby of their wish. She likes one baby who likes Samrat especially his eyes, she's even thought of a name but they will keep the name Mohini wants. Mohini asks her if she has gone mad, she crushes the orphanage card in pieces. Maithili begs from her. Maithili is broken. Mohini says that she could never agree to this and how dare she bring up this topic. How can she think that she can let someone not from her bloodline live in this mansion. Maithili asks her to think from a calm mind. There are many people in the world with some or the other error, they do have the right to live happily. She gives Paro's example who was adopted by her mamisa. Rudra glares at Paro. 

Mohini asks Samrat if he wants to wear her or Sunehri's bangles because he's quiet while his wife is continuously. He is her puppet afterall. She asks God why this bad omen was sent to her house. In what unlucky time, she brought this girl for her son. Paro escapes from Rudra's clutches and asks Mohini that how can she speak to Maithili like that. Mohini asks that what the eff is wrong with the daughter-in-laws of this house. Paro says that she only requested her and Maithili can become a wonderful mother. Mohini refuses to believe it and says that she cannot, because God has kept her childless till now.

Part 3

Paro says that God never leaves his children unprotected. If he closes one door, he leaves one door open so that everyone can be happy and live a soft life. If they are childless parents, there are orphans, so that everyone can get a chance of happy life. There are a lot of children, who are orphans and God has chosen specific people to care for them, like her mamisa who cared for her. Mohini asks her to stop coming between her. Paro says she isn't done yet. If Krishna can be brought by Yashoda, why cannot Jija...Mohini interrupts that he was God. Yashoda took care of God, but who knows whose dirt Maithili will bring home. Paro says that by insulting children, she is insulting God. Mohini says that she cam yesterday and she is speaking loudly in front of her. She goes to slap her but Rudra comes between them and takes the slap. Mohini panics seeing Rudra.

Precap-- Paro sees Rudra sleeping. She brings some medicine to apply to his wound. As soon as she touches him, defensively, he pulls her on the bed. Paro is stunned seeing Rudra on top of her on the same bed.

[QUOTE]Anyone who can fill up the first part can please post in this thread. This is all I could manage through the live feed. It refused to work beyond this and stopped. Ouch[/QUOTE]

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Updated as much as I could see and hear through Colors Live Feed(Internet)
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In first part, Rudra asks Paro about his cousin Nandini. She stops him from completing his sentence and says she takes her sorry back. She is about to leave the room when he stops her and says he told her she can't leave this room until workers leave. He leaves the room and closes the door. Samrat comes in room and Maithaili tries to talk to him but in vain.

At dining table, Sunehri comes and tells how all her friends praised her dupatta. Mohini taunts her. Paro is serving Rudra food when he stops her. She tells him she took it on his name and refusing is disrespecting food. He allows her to serve him. Mohini sees gold bangles on Maithaili's hand. She taunts taunts
Samrat and Maithaili. Maithali tells everyone to finish dinner as she has something important to talk to them. Samrat gets up and stops her.
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Thank you Shruti di for the first part!
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Thank you so much for WUBig smilexxx
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Thank you so much for the written updates...
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Thanks for written update dear...
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Thank you for whatever written update you can give.  I appreciate it as I do not speak Hindi...
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