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Hey friends I have written many OS and a few FFs in other forums but never in RR forum but always wanted to write something. In this cold and extremely bad weather, when it is a Valentine's Day, this suddenly popped in my mind and would like to share with you all. Hope a few of you at least like it and give your valuable commentsSmile 

Chapter 1

Parvati sat quietly for hours in the floor of BSD quarter. Her condition would make even a harsh sadistic person feel a tinge of affection for her, but here she was no more sorry for herself. Instead she had started seeing her life in a new light, in a new way. She didn't know whether this was something right to do, but her heart felt safer to be in her once so frightening place.

It was that part of her life when everything had been taken away from her. Her parents, her friend and now her Mamisa. In short her entire family and with Mamisa her only hope and reason to return back to her village; her home. But this time she knew the real culprits, the actual faces who had taken away her happiness and that innocent smile away from her lips forever- Raja Thakur of Birpur whom she had always idealized as a father, a savior and a protector. From the death of her husband whom she knew only for a couple of hours to her captive life in the BSD headquarters life had really taught this poor soul to struggle and survive, but more than that her dear "Bholenath" had not just send so many miseries to make her life miserable, but to shape it in a different direction. A direction which was weaving a new story altogether. A story which may not be perfect but would be better if she tried to make it. The story which had "Her" and her dominant, chauvinist, self-centered, arrogant, yet the soft man with a golden heart "Him" - "RUDRA"

The door of the quarter flung open and a tall, dark figure in the BSD uniform came in. He was heavily drunk and even a soft, colorful mistress of his, Laila could not pacify the intense emotions that were ruling his heart for a few days. Yes; Paro was gone now, as the case was settled. She was proved innocent and Thakur was arrested for his illegal deeds, all those cross-border dealings were revealed along with a few girls that were trafficked to neighboring countries whose search was still a mission for the BSD and the government of the neighboring country. He had won the war! The war against evil and received all the awards he deserved. But yet something pinched him and deep down bore him immense pain which grew with each day. This pain was killing him, as he could not define it, may be his subconscious mind knew it, but when has he ever let his heart have a say to his mind? That was just not a possibility. So he chose the other sedative to heal his pain- Alcohol and this was getting a regular affair with Rudra after his office hours. 

But today would be different as just when he was about to fall on the floor due to loss of balance, two soft hands stopped him from falling. Rudra's senses were a bit surprised as who could be in his house other than his sleeping father. What he saw made his heart jump with excitement.

"Parvati!" he exclaimed, and then the next moment he remembered that she was the captive with whom he had to fight a literal war, sometimes to save her and sometimes to save himself from the charm of this innocent and pure girl whom his mind repeated to be venomous for his life and health.

He pushed her back refusing the support and shouted trying to sound harsh once again..

"What are you doing here? What do you want? You are free to go to your village now. Leave.."

 Paro knew it won't be easy but the way she had always dealt with this person, and if she knew him well by now, though he never admitted that she had to speak her heart out
"Where do I go? I have no place to go and so thought of this as my last hope. If you don't want to keep me, then I will leave." those words made her tears roll over her face and this pricked his heart..

"Damn, can't you be a bit soft to her? What has she done so much to deserve your anger you cruel person?" Rudra's heart lashed out at him and this time he tried to sound a bit tender to her

"Why? where is your Maami sa? You loved her so much that you always wanted to escape from my clutches to be in her arms right? Now go to her."

Paro looked up to him at the mention of Maami sa and looked at him with teary eyes as if to seek some emotional support. She remembered how he always insisted in looking up to him when she spoke to him...

"Maar daala...wwooohh Raja thakur ne maar daala..." and she broke down on the floor weeping more. 

Rudra was shocked to hear this and he was really sorry for her state. He instantly hugged her to give a feeling of comfort. The reaction was a bit surprising for Paro but she too hugged him back. His body always made her feel safe and undeniably protected. Her body shivered speaking those horrible moments that she witnessed the passing days. How the men of Thakur to take revenge had burnt down her house with her mami sa inside to make her pay for her speaking against Thakur.

"He snatched everything away from me. My house, my family, my sister and now Maami sa.." she blabbered crying like a baby in her protector's arms

"Shaant ho ja...Shaant" he patted her back and caressed her silky hair. 

Paro and Rudra lay in each other's arms the entire night and both felt asleep without the other knowing how the night went by. Truly they were a comfort to each other, a reason to be together, which none of them must have realized but would learn it sooner. Their hearts felt warmer in each other's embrace and wanted to feel those tender moments which the mind never want to define.

Baapusa Dilsher watched this from his bed and though with sleepy eyes, those old eyes were old enough to understand these tangled emotions between his harsh son and this beautiful, composed innocent soul. 

"Hmm..Finally this girl will pour that fresh soothing rain which my Rudra Dev so badly needs.."

Hey people please do give a feedback if I should continue this SS. If it was worth it I will continue it. It will be may be another 1 or 2 chapters if I proceed furtherSmile

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Only one comment?...Is it this bad?Confused
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Good start...
Very nice story...
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Pls continue dear,
Awesome start 
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Omg.. I loved it totally.. Beautifully written.. Pleasure to read such an emotional intense story on ParudEmbarrassed please do continue:) poor Paro.. She lost her mami to.. Happy she came back to him, which means she trusts him & feel safe with him.. waiting to c how they react in the morning..
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Nice start... you should definitely continue.
I would love to read more.
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Good start. Please continue.. 
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that is really awesome love it
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