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Hello friends!
I am sure you're enjoying the current set of episodes as we are being treated to oodles of Raya magic. I was really humbled & overjoyed by the response I received from the last OS I posted, which was my first attempt to write. So, I am back with another one.
I owe the idea of this OS to the lovely "ever_smily" aka Geetha.

Happy reading folks!

Ram slowly made his way into the kitchen, and drank in the sight of his wife making tea, drops of water dripping from her wet hair.

"Uth gaye aap??" asked Priya.

"Hmm," replied Ram as he shifted her hair on the right side of her shoulder, dropping a soft kiss on her nape and proceeding to nuzzle her hair. Priya shivered, thinking what this man's touch could do to her even after 23 years of matrimony.

Last night's events flashed through her mind.


14 hours earlier...

 "May I come in Sir??"

Ram looked up from his file and saw Priya standing at the doorway of his cabin, a file in her hand.

He nodded slightly & politely said, "Please have a seat, Mrs. Kapoor."

Priya found it a little odd the way his "Mrs. Kapoor" sounded, but didn't bother about it too much.

 "So, tell me about Mr. Khurshid's project."

 An hour & a half back, when Priya had wrapped up her quota of work early and was just about to leave for home, Ram had showed up on her workstation. After admonishing her for again trying to escape early from office, he wanted her to make a detailed report on one of their client's impending project. Priya devoted herself onto making the report while she saw all her colleagues leaving one by one, with the work hours getting over.

 As much angry as Priya was about Ram irritating her with this extra work which could have definitely waited another day, she was very particular in finishing it properly. And now she was sitting in front of him, discussing their next course of action about this project, which promised of huge profits but was a little problematic too.

 Ram could not help but beam at his wife's business sense. Her suggestions & observations spoke of not just an intelligent mind, but also of someone who was aware of the recent happenings in the market. He slowly got up from his chair, made his way around the desk and leaned on it, just beside Priya's chair as he devoured his wife, who was explaining a minute detail.

 Priya was aware of Ram's sudden change in position and it made her all nervous & self-conscious. As much as she tried to read through his actions, she couldn't.The fact that she finally finished reading her report relieved her. Ram permitted her to leave and she quickly bid him good night.

"Priya," called Ram from behind.

"Ji...", Priya turned around to look at her husband.

 Ram walked purposefully towards her, his hands stuffed in his trousers' pockets, an adoring look on his face. Priya stepped back, fearing the close proximity and the door got locked with a click as her back hit it, startling her.

 "Thank you Priya...thank you so much," said Ram with utmost sincerity."Kis liye??" Priya's eyes perked up in confusion. "Is liye," pat came Ram's reply as he took out a greetings card from his blazer."Aaj subah mila mujhe yeh," said Ram & he recalled how Saumya handed it over to him this morning.



 "Bhappa...yeh aapke liye."

"Kya hai yeh Saumya???"

"Kal Suresh ne diya tha, use yeh humare garden mein mila...shayad koi aapka bahut kareebi insaan chod ke gaya tha,"told Saumya as she gave him a greetings card.

"Okay...thanks." Saumya smiled & went away. ******************************************************************************************************Priya could sense his longing for her, the delight too that she remembered his birthday & had made it a point to wish him, and even his child-like innocence which testified of the fact that he didn't really know how to clean up this mess in their lives. That very moment, Priya decided to let go of her resentment and stepped forward to embrace him.

 "I am sorry Mr. Kapoor. I am so sorry. I know, coma se wapas aane ke baad maine aapko promise kiya tha ki birthday ke din aapko sabse pehle main hi wish karoongi. Par..."

"Hey...it's okay Priya," said Ram as his arms wound tightly around her & he took in the feel of his beloved, so close to him. How was he supposed to tell her that, technically she was the first one to wish him as the rest of them, barred his sister(who was out of town) had forgotten it was his birthday, he thought.

 "Tum yeh card rakhne ghar ke bahaar tak aayi. Andaar nahin aa sakti thi kya?? Ya phir main itna bura hoon ke tum mujhse ek baar milna bhi nahin chahthi thi," said Ram, his hurt very evident.

"Come on Mr. Kapoor...aap aisa soch bhi kaise sakte hai?? It's just that ki mere ko darr tha agar andar party chal rahi hai, toh I didn't wanna intrude & upset you."

"Yeah right, party!"

 The sarcasm in Ram's voice wasn't lost on Priya.

She looked up from his embrace & asked "Matlab..."

"Kuch nahin Priya...who sab chodo."

"Nahin Mr. Kapoor...tell me...baat kya hai. Us din toh aap ne kaha ki party bahut acchi thi...aur aapko itne wishes mile ki aapko phone tak bandh karna padha."

"Haan...maine bola tha zaroor. Ek second...I said this to Choti...tumhe kaise pata??" Ram stared at her wide-eyed.

"Woh main...actually, I was there." Priya went on to explain about her visit to Sharma House and how she hid when Ram came there.

"Baap re...tum aur Choti na...pagal ho dono."

"Leave it...tell me about the party. Pihu arranged one, isn't it??"

"Haan Priya. She did. Lekin it was for her & Sammy's three month anniversary."

"What?? Woh aise kaise...how can she forget your birthday??"

Priya couldn't believe what she was hearing. She had no idea her princess would actually turn out to be so selfish.

"Priya...come on...Bacche hai woh log...aur phir budhaape mein kya birthday," Ram tried to hide his agony with logic.

"No Ram...this is wrong. Simply wrong," Priya firmly stated.

 Priya slowly caressed Ram's forehead and ran her hand over his wound, which was almost healed by now. Her eyes welled up as she realized what a grave mistake she did leaving him all alone in Kapoor Mansion. He would never say anything about the injustices done to him & accept just whatever life throws at him. Except for her, there was nobody in the world he had expectations from.

Zehnaseeb, Zehnaseeb

Tujhe Chahun Be-Tahasha, Zehnaseeb

Mere Kareeb, Mere Habib

Tujhe Chahun Be-Tahasha, Zehnaseeb


Ram kissed away Priya's tears and held her close.

 "Lets go Priya. Already bahut late ho chukka hai. Dinner pe chalogi mere saath??" asked Ram earnestly.

"Chaliye...I am very hungry. Bahut kaam kara liya aaj aapne mujhse. Ab you'll treat me to every delicacy I want."

A huge smile broke out on Ram's face, as he decided to give in to his wife's whims.


Ram looked ahead to the intermingling waves crashing on the shore in a repetitive but tireless act of nature, the broad expanse of water & foamy spray all cumulating to form a magnificent sight under the moonlit sky. While Ram appreciated the beauty of nature, Priya finished up a phone call finally managing to convince Kush that she had met an old friend from her college days, and she was compelled to spend the night with her.

Ram couldn't help but smile at his wife's antics as she hung up, after instructing Kush to take care of Suhani.

 "Kaafi acchi jhoot bol leti ho...aur mujhe lagta tha ki tum ek adarsh Bharatiya naari ho", said Ram with a smirk.

"Just see...aapke liye kya kya nahin karna padhta hai mujhko", replied Priya, equally tongue-in-cheek.

 None of them had realized their decision to take a stroll on the beach after dinner would turn out to be such an enjoyable affair. They laughed & giggled, whispering sweet nothings into each other's ears, rib-tickling each other with their patent banter as they walked hand-in-hand in front of the mighty Arabian Sea.

 Tere Sang Beetey Har Lamhe Pe,

Humko Naaz Hai,

Tere Sang Jo Na Beetey Uspe,

Aitraaz Hai,

Iss Kadar Hum Dono Ka Milna,

Ek Raaz Hai...

 Just as they walked upto the car, Ram pulled in Priya for a quick kiss. His lips crashed onto hers and the fierce collision of their tongues spoke of all the emotions they otherwise couldn't express. After more than four months away from each other, it was becoming increasingly difficult to keep their hands off each other.

Hua Ameer, Dil Gareeb

Tujhe Chahun Be-Tahasha, Zehnaseeb

Zehnaseeb, Zehnaseeb

Tujhe Chahun Be-Tahasha, Zehnaseeb.

 Fifteen minutes later, Ram's car halted in the driveway of their penthouse in Malabar Hills, one of the posh locales of South Mumbai. No sooner had they stepped into the place, which Ram had bought for Priya years ago, he pinned her to the door & thoroughly kissed her. Priya clutched a tuft of his shortly-cropped hair, pulling him as close as possible. His hands frantically moved over her curvy frame as he re-familiarized himself with her features. Priya couldn't help but moan in his mouth as Ram softly kissed her lower lips, before breaking the moment to satiate their need for air.

Lena Dena Nahin Duniya Se,

Mera Bas Tujhse Kaam Hai

Teri Ankhiyon Ke Shehar Mein Yaara,

Sab Intezam Hai...

Khushiyon Ka Ik Tukda Mile,

Ya Mile

Yaara Tere Mere Kharche Mein Dono Kahein,

Ek Daam Hai

Hona Likha Tha Yunhi, Jo Hua

Ya Hota Hota Abhi, Bin jaane Mein Ho Gaya...

 Priya blushed profusely when she noticed the twinkling in Ram's eyes were back, and the sadness gone. There was a tender smile on his face, one which was exclusive for only when they were spending time together.

 Ram dropped a kiss on her forehead as Priya led them inside.By the time they made it to the bedroom overlooking the Queen's Necklace, Ram's blazer and Priya's shawl were discarded. Ram pulled her close by her waist and dipped his head onto the sweet spot of her neck, tormenting & pleasuring her at the same time. Priya's knees buckled due to his fervent but mellow kisses. All Priya could manage was "Raaam...please" as her beloved husband bit her earlobe and blew cool air over it.

 None of them had an inkling how they reached the bed or when their clothes came off. The only thing which registered on their minds was to give all they had & take what the other offered. The impassioned kisses, the lingering sensation at the tip of the fingertips and the delirious caress spoke of the magical love they shared. And just like a crescendo, when the desire humming through their veins became unquenchable, Priya's warmth & softness enveloped Ram's rough coolness as his whimpers interlaced with her moans.

Jo Bhi Hua, Hua Ajeeb

Tujhe Chahun Be-Tahasha, Zehnaseeb

Zehnaseeb, Zehnaseeb

Tujhe Zhahun Be-Tahasha, Zehnaseeb.


Hours later, as they finally succumbed to a peaceful slumber, Ram perceived that the void which he felt for the last few months had finally faded away. As the beautiful night gave its way to a alluring morning, Priya softly kissed Ram on his cheeks, silently promising herself that no matter what the situation is, henceforth she would never let the look of content sprawling on Ram's face dwindle.

Hua Ameer, Dil Gareeb

Tujhe Chahun Be-Tahasha, Zehnaseeb

Zehnaseeb, Zehnaseeb

Tujhe Chahun Be-Tahasha

Tujhe Chahun Be-Tahasha, Zehnaseeb...

Appreciate or criticize, do share your thoughts.


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beautiful song selection in between the os loved it feel happy that raya are together and enjoying their life
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Posted: 2014-02-05T21:29:55Z
RAYAs chemistry was awesome!!!!
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tht was such an awesomeee os...loved it to the core...have already read it 2 times and want to read yet again...fabulous job done...i loved it all the way...plzzz do keep writing such wndrful os...thnzx
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Good one another rayalicious update.
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Really well written , the choice of the song is really apt.
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very very very nice osClapClapClap and the lines in between the story are written very nicely too good ClapClapClap plz come up with another os on current track looking forward to it...continue soon..plzDay Dreaming
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Superbb OS Shreya..
Firstly awesome title..Thumbs Up
From start..how Ram made Priya do work late in office..card scene..spending time with each other...bold goluWink nd lastly romance in penthouse( aesthetically nd beautifully written)..loved every scene..
Beautifully narrated nd executed both with FB nd lovely song in btw..
Great jobClap
Thank u..SmileEdited by vironikajain - 2014-02-06T08:12:06Z
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