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Scene Started at Morning time .

Ram  is in hurry ...as he  wants to see his life first  from any one's else ..

 But he has to stop as his mother calls him from behind ..

Ram beta ..

Though ram does not want any hurdle  at this moment .. but  as a obedient son he cant ignore his mother too ..

 Yes maa ..kuch kehna hai aapko?

 Ha beta .. kal Gopal ne mujhe ek card diya.. Birthday Card hai .. so I thought this is for u only ..

Ram  is  blank .. no one was bother to wish him.. just a small cake ..even it was not his fav flavour one ...then who could give this to him.. and he knows very much that .. the other  two most caring ladies of his life .. cant do this type of special things .. for them their blessings to their Golu puttar is most precious than any card .. ..

Taking the card Ram Asked .. did u see the person ma?

No beta as the Special Person is written on that .. I don't wanna see this na ..

With so much puzzle look Ram opened the card and see the name first ..


These firve letters can bring  smile on his face .. can do  a magic on him..

He took the card and headed towards  his room again ..

Beta kiska hai .. gopal ko kehde woroom me...

Kk did not get the chance to complete her sentence ..

Ram spoke out .. nehi maa this is special so I  love to keep this on my room..

Though Ram does not wanna share the sender name .. but nothing cant be hidden from a mother's eyes and her knowledge.. she pray to  god.. for their togetherness.


The office day passed with their nok and jhok.. when ever the couple get chance to tease other .. they never fail to miss this opportunity ..  their this nature makes them unique .. afer 23 years of marrid life they  are same ...rather its better to say that .. they want to be same .. as this is their love .. so special .. so sacred .. so caring to each other .. but don't wanna reaveal to the partners ..

at around 5 : 30 P.M.

Ram buzzed the bell.. as he expects Priya .. but Rishi answered him..

Rishi .. bahar jo lady hai use bulayo.. us din k meeting k bade me baat karna hai ..

Rishi with an irritating face ans him.. as he thinks his boss does not like  Priya very much .. so if he bahaves like this with her .. his boss will appreciate his behavior .. kaun wo priya Sir..

Ram is already pissed of with Priya's behavior..being Mrs Kapoor she is leading a middle class woman.. and now this man is treating her like this .

This hurts the ego of The Ram Kapoor..

Yes.. I guess she is Mrs. Kapoor .. so better call her via this name ..

His behavior is strange to Rishi .. but he does not want to comment much more as .he wants to habituated with his boss's mood swing ..

 Yes Sir.main abhi  Mrs. Kapoor ko bulata hu..


After  a few minutes .. Priya Eneterd in his cabin,, with the greeting  Sir..

Without  further any conversation Ram said to her

Priya .. if u want u can go now... baki kam kal karlena ..kya pani bharna hai .. with so much anger he commneted the last bit of  the sentence...

Priya ..being Mrs.Kapoor.. she has a great female Ego now..

 No Sir I don't need any favour from u..main meri kam khatam karke hi jayungi ..

Ram did not say .. just  with a sigh .. he said .. ok as u wish ..

At around 7 P.M.


 Still Ram  was at office as his lady love  was also their totally engrossed in her work..

Ram came to her and said ..

Already its 7.. I guess now u need to go ur home..

Priya looked at him.. his eyes were filled with his love .. his concern.. his care ..only for her .. she could read all ..

Without uttering anything ..she agin looked at her file

This time again Ram Spoke out ..office hours is over.. u can go..

In a mischivious tone Priya sai as she wanted to hear his concern for her .. Sir .. I need some time to complete.. u can go.. I will take help of peon ..

Ram has a limit.. this help taking word surpasses all.. and he said loudly.. what u think about urself Priya .. tumhe ..akeli chod ke main kaise jaa sakta hu.. ..tum to jab chahe mujhe akele chod kar chali jati ho.. how can I do this ?


Priya did not utter much ..just with her single drops of tears and her words.. main bhi aapko akele chod kar jana nehi chahti hu kabhi .. but situation force me to do so..

Bohut hogayi hai tumhari batein .. now go.. and I will drop u ..

Ram did not give her so much chance to reply back again .. further added .. ye main tumhare boss hone k naate nehi bol raha hu .. tumhare husband hone k nate hak se tumhe le jaa raha hu.. as I am craed about my wife...

His this type of behavior is enough for Priya to melt her .. to break her all ego.. she accompnied him .

 The way of their journey .. Ram firmly said to Priya .

Make a call to khush that u will be late today .. as office works need u.. And turn the car in a u direction .. totally opposite .. from their destination.. from km and Priya's residence too..

23 years of experience Priya knows that any argument with her man is now totally valuless .. he will not listen a single bit .. priya did same according to Mr.Kapoor..

After 1 hour .. they reached at a hoetl gate .. within a sec Priya could realize that ..this is the same hotel ..where they used to meet but not as Mr.and Mrs. Kapoor.. as a teenage lover . with a crazy plan of extra maritial affair hiding their exact identity  behind the name Viraj and mallika ..

 Priya is  amazed that ..  still now Ram book the room in their special name ..

Ram took her to the room .and closed the  door .

Priya was feeling scary .. not because  of any unexpected things are  going to happen between them.. after these 4 months she is also craving to be in her man's arms.. but the way Ram's eyes is speaking his anger .. how can she control this .. she is feeling scary because this is not good For him .. for RAM at this age ..

Looking at her Ram asked r u scary? Scary for me ? and laughing to hide his pain..

yes .. Mr.Kapoor.. I am feeling scary because of u ..but not for the reason u think ..i am scary because ..this type of anger is not good for u ..not at all at this age ..

bohut fikar hai na meri tumhe ..then why  did u leave me priya ..why ? I needed u that time.. only  u can undertand me Priya ..

Keeping her hand on his chest ..priya said . do u know why I left u Mr.Kapoor ..for this and pointing his heart via her looks..

Ram did not get her ans.. and gave a puzzle look to her.

Yes Mr.Kapoor ..for this .. as I know .. if I am ur heart .. Peehu is its beats .. then it was not possible for u na to choose among us.. that's the reason I left u ..

Ram kept his hand on priya's hands..which is on his heart .. do u really think Priya .. without heart there  is a meaning of its beats .. if u  know that u r my life ..u r my heart ..then why did not u think ..without my heart .. how I will survive.. kyunkarte ho priya aise ?

Priya was listening her man's pain..

Kya karti main Mr. Kapoor..still now I cant stand for Peehu and shammy's marriage..

Ram kept his finger on her lips ..

No peehu .. no shammy .. just for us..

Hum Ladte hai , Jhagardte hai.. phirbhi batein share karne k liye ek dusre ko dhoond te hai .. 

 Hai na Priya ..

Priya looked at him surprisingly ..

I miss U a lot .. 
Aap mujhse kitna bhi naraz kyun na ho..aur kitni bhi der tak naraz kyun na ho.. 
I will always Love u .. U will always be man

Aapko ye sab.. in her tears ... she  was smiling 

What u think ..tum mujhe ..ye batayogi .. tab mujhe pata chalega .. warna nehi .. Priya we are married ..of 23 years .. we shared a lot of misunderstanding .. but never ever .. any one breaks us.. do u know why .. because I can understand ur feelings without ur words..and u too .. then why we  are behaving this way Priya . I cant stay with out more ..nehi hai aur himmat mujhme..

This Time Priya broke down hugging him tightly .. Priya said .. I cant too Mr. Kapoor.. taras gayi thi in  4 month aapko dekhne k liye .. aapki ek  voice sunne k liye .. just simply I cant ...

Ram hugged her more tightly ..leaving no gap between them that air cant pass ..

 Breaking the hug Ram removed her hair which was covered her ear .. and said in her ear..

Meri birthday aabhi bhi adhuri hai Priya ..tumne mujhe humari tarah se wish nehi ki abhi tak..

Priya  with her blushing cheeks.. covered her face with her palms..

Ram hold this and removed her palms..

Priya I am waiting for ur wish ..

Closing her eyes Priya tip toed and kissed him on his lips... the best gift and wish a lady can give to his man ..

It was soft .. but expressed a zillion of words.. their feelings, their cravings for each other ..

Ram cupped her face and said ..this time u r late to wish me ..so I want more than it .. and kissed her passionately .. and poured his love to her ..which is only for her ..



I hope amrit u will like it ..

 Sorry for mistakes


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Posted: 2014-02-04T07:23:24Z
awesome os
thanks for pm
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Posted: 2014-02-04T07:24:11Z
wow thanks yaar for writing on the current and future track...I have been waiting to see atleast one os on the current track now I got 2 and thanks for pm...very very nicely writtenClapClap
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Posted: 2014-02-04T07:31:39Z
this is tooo gud...
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Posted: 2014-02-04T08:17:48Z
Thx for the pm sanju.
Well wow thats really the best usage of card n car Wink boss n employee hone ka fayda.LOL
The love birds got time to open up their heart n agony. They can only share with each other.
Well iss tarah se priya ki wish poori hogyi ramusse hak se haath pakdke car mein bithane ka aur ramki bhi ki priya ne usse wish nhi kiya.very nice, mr kapoor toh kuch zyada hi fayda uthate hai, biwi choti patli hone ka full tooWinkLOL dhamaka.

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Posted: 2014-02-04T08:37:08Z
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Posted: 2014-02-04T09:24:21Z
so good os on raya 
great that now they are together
thanx for the pm
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Posted: 2014-02-04T10:16:07Z
That wa simply superb 
Loved it 
nicely written 
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