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Part 1

Paro is praying to Shivji at a temple and says.. fought with u a lot.. prayed a lot that instead of punishing me so much ..call me to u but dinno that u have written something else in my fate.. sending me back to Birpur.. my village. .my home.. thank u..! Rudra watches her from afar! Paro says.. u showed mercy on me ..by awakening the human in Rudra..! Paro wonders if there is some mystery in this that she should know and doesnt..?? Rudra hides and there is some noise..! Paro says..cannot stay far away from Mami and thanks Shivji..! 

Paro starts to walk and Rudra tails her..! Rudras chachi and family are asleep in the courtyard. .its thundering..! Rudras uncle is coufing..! His daughter in law goes to get a glass of water for him but drops the glass and it falls and all wake up..! Mohini cribs..! Mohini's hubby tells her to sleep but she says.. if its possible tell the mosquitoes to stop sucking blood ... already ur brother and his son are there..! Mohinis son asks what is the matter? She says.. 15 years ago Rurdras dad left with his son.. after that she managed the business..! She says.. i progressed this business.. and now when all is done they are back to stake claim? She says..they wont get any share..! Mohini's hubby asks if she is done venting? If so.. lets sleep..! Mohini's son sneezes and says..this mosquito repellant is  irritating and Mohini says. .get used to it..this is all u will get as inheritance! 

Paro is walking and suddenly feels she is being tailed.. turns n Rudra hides. .but Paro hears footsteps and is scared..! Tejawat asks how much time before Mami can talk to her daughter? The phone rings and Tejawat receives and fakes talking to her saying .. Nandini keep calling atleast once in a while.. n hands the phone to Mami ..! Before giving phone to Mami .. he cuts the call ..! Thakurain notices and is suspicious ..! Mami keeps saying Nandini but there is no response.. ! Tejawat says.. call got cut.. will call again next day..! Mami leaves..! 

Part 2

Paro is walking and is suspicious. .that she is being followed..! She looks at her ghagra.. which has mirrors placed on it and sees Rudra peeking ..! She fumes recollecting Rudras words of letting her free..! She knocks at a door and Rudra hides...! She removes all her jewelery and runs..! Rudra says.. the knocking ended but the door din open.. something is fishy..! Rudra comes and checks the doors and wonders where Paro is..? Rudra says.. if she walks.. there will be noise of her jewels..! Paro is hiding and watches Rudra..! Aman rues that Paro ruined the plan..! We only wanted her Mami to open the door .. identify her and it would prove our case..! Rudra says..she is a fool .. if she knew what is going on. .wont have been part of this..! Rudra suspects that maybe Paro went towards Tejawats haveli ..! Rudra notices Paros jewels and says.. guess she is not so foolish..! Paro hides..! Aman says.. she is nearby and Rudra and he look for Paro..!

Thakurain tells Tejawat that.. saw u cutting the call ..! Tejawat fakes ignorance..! He turns his back on her! She says. in these years know u well enough that u turn ur back on me..when u lie..! Why cut the call? Am scared for us! Tejawat says.. Nandini is not at her in laws place.. no one knows where she is..! Thakurain asks what will we tell Mami? Tejawat says.. let me handle it.. u dun worry..! They hug..! Thakurain says.. feel pity on her... lost Paro.. n now Nandini ..!

Mohinis son asks what is for breakfast and Mohini says ask ur  sis in law..! She comes and offers tea to Mohini ..! Mohini asks whats for us? She notices all the arrangements for Rudras dad.. n says celebrating ur elder father in laws return? Mohinis hubby comes and says.. i told to make the preps..! Mohini says.. ofcourse and ur brother should taste the property too .. n asks her daughter in law to keep the records of all the expenses on food..! Mohini taunts her hubby as he serves food on plate for Rudras dad..! She tells her hubby guess Vibhishan cant eat before Ravan..! [The name given by ur mom] Her hubby says.. and mom said.. Vibhishans wife was pretty! He walks off and Mohini fumes..! She asks her daughter in law about the meds that Samrat was to bring n tells her to eat it religiously without fail..!

Part 3

Aman wonders where did Paro go? Rudra says she is part of this game! Aman asks what to tell HQ? Rudra says he will handle! Aman worries that if Tejawat reaches Paro first what would happen ..! Rudra says foolish girl..! Rudra runs into Mohinis youngest son and he almost drops his breakfast plate..! He says.. watch it ! He then tells Rudra that he hopes Rudra has return ticket to Jaipur..! Rudra stares at him! Mohinis youngest son says.. have a fast and painful way to send u back too! Rudra is quiet n then says.. thinking where to break u .. why do u pout when u see me? Mohini comes and overhears them! They are almost at attacking distance and Mohini calls out .. ! Rudra walks off! 

Rudra comes and knocks at his dads room ..! Asks why locked..! He opens and Rudra is shocked to see Paro sitting ..! 

Precap ---  Paro says.. am done running.. now wanna face it all .. your anger. your force.. you ...! Rudra ties her arms and says.. wanna face?? Well we will face a war! Paro says. .yes we will..! Rudra is stunned! 

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Thanx for super fast update
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OK moochiya war it is..
give her all you want.I am here to watch itLOLLOL
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brilliant! thanks a lot for the fast update! Big smileBig smile really appreciate it!!!!!
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Thanks a lot for the update!
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You updated so fast,you're sweet heart Big smile
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thanks for the update Smile
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The links to go with the WUBig smile
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