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Posted: 2014-01-26T06:33:27Z

Hearts  Own language


Hello everyoneSmile

M just bored this weekend so decided to write this OS .

Its my first attempt in writing...so u'll can throw eggs n tomatoes.Tongue


Rudra was trying his best to let paro speak out n admit that he hasn't killed innocent ppl, its was heartrenching for him to see in paro eyes convicted as a killer.

How could she mark him as a killer of innocent men,they were terrorist but unfortunately he doesn't have proof for it.

Rudra in his heart doesn't want to give this fragile soul any hard times but is bounded by his duty, despite that he goes n rants his mami/chachi's kitchen searching for food...for whom for paro...he didn't know y he was doing this but couldn't help it...n didn't hav answer for this question.

He gave paro all d eatable n had a scuffle with her n scared her again...he just said damn to himself n walked of.

He was sitting quietly lost in thoughts , wen his chichi/mami's son comes n starts to comment about his mother eloping of with other man ..

Rudra was enraged but didn't want to get into a fight n create a scene ...he cudnt portray himself as a rude person infront of paro.

But his cousin poisoned by his mother to get rid of rudra from this house...went n pulled rudra from behind n punched rudra.

Now rudra had no choice n started hitting,punching,pouncing on him, only to b separated by his chacha.

Rudra without getting into any debate started moving towards paro's room...paro could hear his footsteps...she was scared of him , so she pretended to b asleep.

When he reached his room , he saw paro asleep...n he felt pain in his back ...wen he looked in d mirror ,he was bleeding.

He hasn't done dressing since long time , and as per d doctor he needed bed rest for three days.

He removed his shirt n he started looking for medicine but couldn't find...meanwhile paro opened her eyes n saw a man with bare back n bleeding.

She didn't know d man who was trying to portray himself as a tough guy, almost steel ..is actually injured.

He was in pain ,he didn't know wat to do.But he felt as if someone was looking at him , so he turned and looked at paro...

Paro wen seeing him move closed her eyes coz she didn't wanted to show him that she felt his pain , not completely but atleast a part of him.

He turned after been contradicted...he takes d jug of water n soaks a cloth , he tries to wipe of his wound...n to his disappointment , his pain was too much to handle.

Paro now couldn't take this...she got up n went towards him.

She took the cloth from his hand... he turned at that touch...there eyes lock n he was shocked to see concern in her eyes.

He didn't wanted her help but he was too weakened at that moment..n whatever he saw in her eyes ...was that one concern he wanted all his life.

Paro puts her hands on his shoulder n turns him , so that she can wipe his wounds.

Rudra was moved by her touch..almost mesmorized.

She wiped his wounds, but he needed an antiseptic .

She looked at d sack of stuffs he bought from his chachi's kitchen...n she found turmeric..

He didn't move from his place n was just staring at her, she took d turmeric n went to him.

She knew this will burn ..so she told him that this is gonna burn.

He in his manly ego ..replied her that he doesn't feel pain.

Paro didn't pay heed to this... she took d turmeric n put it on his wound...he withered coz it did hurt...n paro smiled seeing this man actually feeling hurt.

She found a white cloth n hence she used it as a bandage.

There were irrevocably close...Both there heart beats were raised...they felt different about each other.

But paro came back to her senses ..n didn't like d closeness ..so she said to him that his dressing is done.

He moved from there n wore his shirt.

Both of them lost n were in there own thoughts...things were certainly different...

They knew there is something magnetic between them...

Sorry a bit filmy..its my first try.Smile


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Posted: 2014-01-26T06:49:05Z
Wow wat a lovely OS, much needed for this weekend.
U Write well, should write often.
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Posted: 2014-01-26T06:50:07Z
Nice and a heart touching one dear :)
Do write more :)
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Posted: 2014-01-26T06:59:30Z
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Posted: 2014-01-26T07:00:42Z
Originally posted by RangRas

Wow wat a lovely OS, much needed for this weekend.
U Write well, should write often.
Yea will try writtingSmile
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Posted: 2014-01-26T07:01:49Z
Originally posted by NicklausBarbie

Nice and a heart touching one dear :)
Do write more :)
Thanks for d encouragementSmile
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Posted: 2014-01-26T07:43:43Z
Awesome up date... Wow rudra don't want scar paro...so sweet...
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Posted: 2014-01-26T07:46:45Z
Originally posted by Punya13

Awesome up date... Wow rudra don't want scar paro...so sweet...
Yea i was just didnt want rudra to scare paro anymoreSmile
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