23rd January-Written Update-Rang Rasiya-Rudra d RAKSHAK

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Recap - Rudra stops the barat... while saving Paros life.. Varun is killed by Rudra! Paro is Rudras sole witness and he wants her to give appear before court..! Rudra confronts Tejawat but he refuses to identify Paro!

Part 1

Paro requests Rudra's boss to keep Rudra (calling him Jallad) away from her! He asks her to relax and says will drop u back home myself but for now try and understand what we are saying..! He tells her to rest..! Rudras boss takes him aside ..! Aman tells Paro that they know her real name.. but the person whom she labelled Jallad saved her ..! Aman says.. Paro was going to be poisoned. n Rudra saved her.. so name him as Rakshak .. or Suraksha chakra.. that is the right name for him! He leaves..! Paro is taken aback..!

Rudra looks at Paro. .n she at him ..! BG - Rangrasiya..! Later Paro shown sleeping n BSD guarding her..! Rudra keeps an eye on her from outside the hosp room ..! He enters the room and sits on the couch there and keeps an eye on her..! He stays awake all time .. while Paro sleeps..! 

Next day morning.. Rudras boss tells him that the girl is their last witness so they need to get her talking..! He says..they need to keep Paro alive.. n that zombies dun talk ..! Rudra says.. thats why dun wanna keep her at hosp or head quarters..! He says wanna keep her at a safe place..! Rudras boss says.. all the best to him ..! He also tells Rudra to act a bit softly with Paro..! He tells Rudra that all in this area are taught to hate BSD from their birth.. so we must not add to that hate...! Rudra looks at Paro ..who is sitting like statue on her hosp bed! 

Rudra is in the jeep and Paro is told to sit in the jeep ! She struggles a bit and Aman helps her.. but she still stumbles n Rudra comes and pushes her inside..! He ties her hand with rope..! Aman tells Rudra to act a bit softly . n he says ..thats all the softness i have..! He says.. the roads are bad.. so ensuring she doesnt fall off.. n hence tying ..! Rudra-Aman get in the jeep and drive off with Paro..! 

Aman asks Paro if her name.. is Parvati? Rudra says. .u been calling her this since yesterday! Aman says.. my sisters name was Parvati! Paro asks what happened? Aman says.. had cancer n passed away.. she got relieved from it ..! Paro says.. me too.. but sadly u din let me die... u like to kill people.. why din u kill me? Rudra says.. she is a witness.. n Paro says.. i dunno anything. .he killed people ..asking me? Rudra says.. Aman tell her .. to keep quiet..! Paro says.. bathroom ..! Rudra asks how far is the meeting point? Aman says.. a bit far! Rudra says to Paro.. u need to wait..! 

Aman points to the meeting point.. n Rudra asks how much time we have? He says 20 mins..! Rudra gets out of car.. Aman opens Paros binds.. n points to the location ..! They turn their back.. as Paro goes to relieve herself..! Rudras googles are kept in a way.. he can see Paros reflection! Paro tries to run n Rudra calls out..! He asks Aman to get the rope ..! He says am not fool .. that i let u slip so easy..! He ties her hands...n holds on to the other edge..! Paro goes inside the jungle .. she opens her binds ..n runs..! But ends up bumping into Rudra..! 

Part 2

Rudra meets up with the other security group  of BSD at the meeting point and asks them to take good care of Paro.. n location will be told by Aman..! Aman gets in the car with the other security group and they are about to drive off .. ! Rudra is about to get in the car when the jeep is blown ..! Rudra and Aman wonder what happened to Paro ?? Aman says .. she is dead! Tejawat gets the news and congratulates his informer ...that Paro is dead..! He says. not just Paro but my troubles are blown away too..! 

Paro is in the jungle and is handcuffed to a tree branch ..! Rudra comes and releases her from the handcuff and they are running..! Paro asks where are u taking me? Rudra says.. focus on running..! As they are running.. Paros mangalsutra falls .. ! She wants to get it but Rudra says.. no time to waste. .come.! Paro bites his hand.. runs and takes the mangalsutra..! She recollects about her wedding..! Rudra comes and screams on her.. n tells her.. that in this whole world. .its just me. who wants to keep u alive.. ! Paro is stunned!

Precap -- Rudra asks Aman if all are believing that Paro is dead? Aman says yes..! Paro turns to walk away and Rudra grabs her and puts a chloroform filled cloth on her face and she faints..! Rudra then drives her to his home..! 

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Posted: 2014-01-23T09:23:31Z
this show is obsessive
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Posted: 2014-01-23T09:36:15Z
thanks another brill episode
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Posted: 2014-01-23T09:41:37Z
yeah...loved it...
Now, Paro will have a bro...and Aman will get a beautiful sisterSmile
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Posted: 2014-01-23T09:43:30Z
Really appreciate your fast WU.
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Posted: 2014-01-23T09:44:21Z
Yea loved that part.. Wah!! Aman kya baath hai!!
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Posted: 2014-01-23T09:46:25Z
Originally posted by priyanka3677

Just loved the conversation that Aman had with Parvati to make her realise Rudra's worth.
Also his smirk when the Head told Rudra that a little Soft treatment will not reduce your medals
Me too I love him a lot.He is fast becoming my favorite in this serial.EmbarrassedDay Dreaming
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Posted: 2014-01-23T09:47:45Z
Thanks for the update
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