Rangrasiya Written Update 21 January 2014: Hospital cure,deceit .

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Rudra comes but he has pain in his wound he asks who is with the girl she is lying on the ground thirsty but Rudra is also not ok as he runs towards the interrogation room . The BSD jawan is giving her water she starts drinking but drops it when Rudra comes who looks at the BSD guard  he faints at her feet  she is extremely scared that man keeps calling him Rudra banna  and brings more people,meanwhile a shocked Paro keeps looking at him,  Paro has now the gun in her hands she wants to shoot other BSD man try to stop her not to shoot you are not a killer or a dacoit  and she remembers how Rudra Killed Varun and everyone and burned them and says not me he is all stop her saying to throw away the gun as she cant bring back the dead even if she shoots and she lowers  the gun other men come with guns to shoot her but that man stops them  and she puts it to her forehead again the man and cajoles says Baisa no and tells to finish yourself is a great sin  if you are alive you will be able to prove you are innocent and go back home and again she cries and drops the gun but when she throws it fires and she sits and cries  her tears fall on Rudra he opens his eyes the BSD man stops her from crying and tells her not to get scared  and that man orders others to take Rudra to the hospital and Rangrasiya new lines song in the BG.

In hospital Rudra  catches hold  of doctor who is examining him Aman stops him  and the doctor scolds him for neglecting  his two day old knife wound which wont be cured with an antiseptic and the doctor says good all doctors saved you and stopped the internal bleeding Rudra says thanks to the doctors and asks Aman where is the girl  , He asks how many days I have to stay and  Doc  says 3 days bed rest and he should not move or I will give strong medication  A nurse  is removing her jewelry Doc asks her to go e will look after her and doctors says you are weak not  injured close your eyes and sleep  and takes out  an injection and looks like it is some poison he will be injecting Rudra meanwhile says same doctor looking after does not mean safety and wants to get up Aman stops him saying he is not well and he will stop him. The doctor remembers someone giving him lot of money from Malik who comes and tells him about Paro  and asks him to kill her. Mean while Aman goes to bring Paro to Rudra's room as he instructs him disregarding Doc's instructions  as she is important to them. The doctor is unable to inject and he takes  Paro to Rudra's room the doctor  hides the injection.Aman tells him Ruda sir has given certain orders to me come with me and the doctor goes The BSD man who saved Rudra comes in looks like he is an old 15 year old uncle and both emotionally  reminisce how banna  used to say Chacha how will I get mooch like you and so on  and now look you are a kunwarsa and tells after I came from holidays I came to know you are here and enquires about his father and says after you left Chandangarh I never talked to him. He says I want to talk  call  him Rudra  gets very emotional  and Camouflage shouting  Ranawat  I am a senior and talk like that why did you sympathize  to a culprit in my custody and  strictly warns him if you come within 10 feet of her or me I will take action and Rudra has tears and that person says yes major and goes . Doctor comes and sees that Paro has been shifted to Rudra's room he comes and scolds him saying I am head here how did you shift a patient here and Rudra answers asking Aman did you do the next thing cut the name of the this girl from your patient's list back  When doc protests this is not your battle field  major he replies in a battle field we know where the enemy is but here there is no such demarcation look Doc you control her infection and I will observe and control her safety and whatever you give her show me if still you feel it unsafe then discharge us we will shift somewhere else, clear The Doc gives him some medicines saying they are antibiotics and says my suggestion take them and goes The doctor has given him medicine to make him  lose conscious  and goes saying you won't be able to observe inspect  anyone

Aman goes  and Rudra keeps staring Paro dreams and gets the dream  of her parents  killed bodies while Rudra feels pain and  tries to take his medicines but Paro is having nightmare and starts shouting hysterically  don't do and as Rudra stops and watches  she tells not to put wood on her parents and don't burn and saying mamisa let me go  and Rudra calls Doc then comes to her and saves her from banging her head on the iron cot and he stops her saying  shhh shhh and controls her seizure  by lying near her putting his legs on her legs and then she catches hold his rudrasha and he says shant shant and inka saath hai jaise mathi sang kumhar   song in the BG and slowly her hysteria and nightmare stops

Precap Doctor comes as BSD guard kills one BSD guard outside the room and injects the medicine into Paro's  drip Rudra catches him as he runs Rudra follows him and catches him both have a tussle side by side Paro sleeping shown

Bye TC

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Thanks for the written updateTongueWink
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why didn't rudra wait for removing the drip from paro. He is risking her life by running after the doctor
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Thanks for the update!
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Thanks for the WU ...beautiful epi...emotional packed...SanIsh nailed it Edited by -Priya01 - 2014-01-21T11:48:08Z
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Thanks for the WU Big smile
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Thank you so much for the wu
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Many thanks for the WU
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