Rangrasiya Written Update 8th Jan 2014 ~ParoVarun Made for each other~

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Rudra and the other officer was planning their movies how to enter the palace as they were sure that the weapons would be present out there.

Rudra and the other officer was planning their movies how to enter the palace as they were sure that the weapons would be present out there.

Paro and Varun Sa was enjoying performance of the dancer who was none other than Laila. Rudra and the other officer came dressed differently. They were dead sure that the weapons were in the palace and if they keep an eye properly they will soon get to the core.

Paro's friend took Paro somewhere when she collided with Rudra. Their eyes met for the fraction of a second and then bindi took her and Rudra was stopped by Laila.

Bindi took her to the terrace to make her meet Varun Sa. Paro was about to leave when Varun Sa called her and stopped her.

Bindi in the meantime saw the weapons getting packed by some dangerous men. The other officer caught hold of one of the weapon dealer. Finally Rudra caught the man and threatened him to disclose everything.

Bindi recognized the baraties and was shocked. One of the men saw bindi but before he caught her she escaped.

Paro was nervous meeting her groom on the terrace hiding from the whole family. Paro looked into her eyes when he asked her whether she liked him or not and whether she approves him or not. It happened so sudden that he did not get any time to ask her. Like every girl she might be having dreams of her prince charming. He might not be the one.

Then he slowly started to share his secrets with her. He said he was a bcom graduate and he likes spicy food. He also likes tamarid with salt separately. Hearing which Paro's eye glittered in happiness finding something similar with her. He also said he was ready to accommodate her wishes. And finally Paro spoke up. She said she can read and that she left her studies in the 5th grade. She also said her life was limited. She said she lost her parents at very early age. Varun also said he was an orphan and that's why he craves for family and now he wants to start it with Paro making her his life partner. (gosh I cried so much seeing this). Paro approved him. He said he will call her Parvati instead of Paro. His Parvati.

Feeling over whelmed she ran across the palance and went to meet her god Shivji. She confessed to shivji that just like her would be husband even she wanted a family which she can call her own. She also said she was scared because she has never got so much happiness in her life before. She said she will she will make a beautiful chunari for his parvati ji when she reaches her home. She said she will ask Varun and then blushed. She wished his name was something similar to Shiv ji.

The BSDs beat the hell out of the hostage. The man kept on requesting them to realize him and that he was a common man. Rudra almost threatened him showing the gun but the man kept numb.

Precap : Bindi confides to Thakursa about the whereabouts of the weapons. Thakursa throws her in the pond.

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Thank you so much for the quick update:). It helped a lot. Loved the interaction between Paro and Varun, so touchy! :(
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Posted: 5 years ago
Thanks for the update!
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thanks for the update!Smile

Do you think Varun is truly what he is saying to be? Since that mama/chacha who got him for the wedding is really a terrorist planning with thakur ji, i am wondering about it whether Varun also is in on that whole gun track/plan? 
Else in the future, Paro will have a tough time forgiving Rudra for killing him...  Confused

what do you guys think?

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Thanks for the update Appy Smile
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Posted: 5 years ago

.Thank you so much for written update.
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Posted: 5 years ago
Thanks For The Update.
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Posted: 5 years ago
thanks for the WUSmile
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