PaRud FF||I am always there for you||Chapter 6 pg 58 *23/6/14*

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Holla RRians! This is my first PaRud FF. I hope you all will like it. It might have dark contents at times.
Wanna read more of my stories? 


Rudra grabbed Paro by her hands and asked her for the third time, "Who is behind all this? Because you can't smuggle all this alone? Since when are you involved in all this. Who is your boss?" "Answer me!" Rudra screamed but it seemed like Paro became deaf! She was lost in her own grief. Rudra became pissed as she wasn't answering so he pushed her away and left from there hoping that he would interrogate later.
Paro collapsed on the floor thinking about all those events. Few hours back she was weaving dreams about her future with her husband but now her dreams were shattered by the cold hearted, BSD officer, Rudra!
Never in her worst nightmare she dreamt that her dreams will be broken in this manner. And on top of that she was so helpless that all she could do was just stare at her husband dying. Rudra came back after 3 hours and he saw Paro sitting on the floor in the same position. She didn't move an inch. She sat there idle. All he could see was immense pain in her eyes. For a second Ruda felt guilty. Afterall, he was responsible for this state of hers. But soon he remembered his father's lesson,"Beautiful women belongs to no one. Not their father's, nor husband's not even their own child's." And in a flick of moment the guilty Rudra vanished and was replaced by the same old ruthless and stone-hearted Rudra. One BSD officer was taking food for Paro but Rudra stopped him saying, "Don't! Let her starve till she tells us the truth. He left leaving the officer in awe. "How can sir be so cold-hearted?" The officer wondered and left as he had no other choice.


I will update the first chapter soon and please ignore the mistakes.Embarrassed Kindly leave your comments and likes and for PMs please buddy me.

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Ch-1 - pg 11
Ch-2 - pg 23
Ch-3 - pg 32
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Ch-5 - pg 51
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Please do continueee!!! Big smile
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Posted: 2014-01-05T07:55:00Z
Wow really nice prologue..
Pls continue soon
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Posted: 2014-01-05T07:55:57Z
It was goodSmile ... Waiting for moreSmile
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Posted: 2014-01-05T07:57:39Z
Originally posted by NicklausBarbie

Wow really nice prologue..
Pls continue soon

thanks dear
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Posted: 2014-01-05T08:02:17Z
Love it!
Can't wait for the next chapter :)
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Posted: 2014-01-05T08:12:11Z
nice prologue dear...
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