Who said Beauty is only skin deep?

Posted: 2013-12-30T10:48:39Z
That was a very impressive first episode. I have been waiting for this Tv show eagerly for a while. The pre-episode butterflies is something I hadn't experienced in a long while.

The kids who essayed the characters of Rudra and Paro were amazing. I loved how Paro made peace with her parents death and embraced life. Thats how children are. Whereas Rudra on the other hand has deep-rooted trust issues which will probably take a life time to change.

Sanaya looked breath taking as the elder Paro. 30? She doesnt look a day over 18. her expressions were perfect. From the over talkative, energetic Khushi she has seamlessly transformed into the coy, shy Paro. Her accent still needs work though. And I'm sure with time she will trump that too.

Ashish's introduction scene was very impressive. Although his face hasn't been revealed what really stands out for me is his impeccable body language that screams- power, ruthlessness and anger. To make that kind of impression without revealing one's face is quite amazing.

Highpoint of today's episode-
Was surely when Paro gave away her doll to Rudra. there is something so effortlessly magical about that scene. In a single moment Paro taught him that beauty isnt skin deep. Real beauty lies in one ability to shower people with love and happiness.

That single scene define what RangRasiya is likely to be about- about a man who loathes beatuful woman and a woman whose beauty lies in her ability to love deeply and passionately.

Take it away Ashish and Sanaya, you have my attention for a while.
Posted: 2013-12-30T10:59:30Z
Beautiful post NB Embarrassed  

Real beauty lies in one ability to shower people with love and happiness. 

This says it all Clap

It was a phenomenal first episode. So much better than what all I imagined. Kudos to Nautanki,San,Ashish,the child artists and the entire cast and crew Clap

Hoping that this rhythym and tempo remains throughout <3 
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Posted: 2013-12-30T11:04:04Z
Beautiful post...Very well written.
I am looking forward to this show since it's promos were out.
Hope this show turns out a blockbuster not only in terms of trps but in terms of quality stuff.
Looking forward to Sanz -Ashish chemistry & acting.
Posted: 2013-12-30T11:06:56Z
Amazing definition of beauty.love the epi.
Posted: 2013-12-30T11:09:47Z
Amazingly said! Truly the whole story this show is going to show us, I think was summed up within that one single scene b/w young Paro & Rudra.. How she had found happiness in the little things in life and despite what life has ripped from her she is a giver.. She gives without expectations, gives with her whole heart..

And Rudra, insecure, its embedded in him to hate physical beauty.. but there comes one girl who will wriggle under his defenses due to the sheer beauty of her soul.. And he will not reciprocate at first, he will never want to reciprocate, but unwittingly he will be fascinated by her, by the glow of her innocent selfless soul.. And will not be able to stay away from her...despite him hating what she looks like on the outside as she is a beauty.. and everything in his nature screams against the closeness he feels, the longing he feels for her...

wow.. amazing! the kids rocked! the acting, of them Sanaya and Ashish in the little we saw! Day Dreaming just wow!
And that soulful background scores... sigh.. i am still in dream world!! beautiful is too short a word to explain! Heart

And i swear Sanaya! that girl is aging in the reverse!! what a breathtaking beauty she is! Day Dreaming and she seems innocence itself! Truly not a day older than 18 she looks! Heart
Ashish body language the intensity conveyed.. wow!! Clap

I loved it!!
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Posted: 2013-12-30T11:12:03Z
Loved your take on the episode and the highlight point is so apt...

Beauty isn't skin deep...

That doll passing scene was my favorite scene for today's episode and am sure its gonna play a beautiful role in far away future.

Sanaya really looked breathtaking , and her acting skills are definitely flawless, no wonder she rules the TV screen.
Posted: 2013-12-30T11:14:23Z
Well said Clap
Breath taking performance by all of them
Wow what a episode
Posted: 2013-12-30T11:16:10Z
So you finally made a post K Big smileLovely post . 
I am very impressed with the first episode though I know it will take a week for me to completely grasp the whole show . Posting something which I wrote in another post ..

The scene that stayed in my mind ..when young rudra is roughly handled by his dad ( very good actor I must say ...seeing him for the first time ) and told " khoobsurat aurat kisi ki nahin ho sakti ...na apne baap ki , na pati ki , na apni aulad ki " 
Thats exactly what desmodania's  father said to othello ...

Very impressed with nautanki , their entire creative team ...all the actors . They are pushing boundaries of a daily hindi soap and it is commendable . Fantastic first episode. This is going to be a dark journey ...and yeah bring it on. Smile I am here for the long haul.
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