OS #1:My Saviour

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Holla RRians! I was bored so thought of starting a TWO-SHOT! I hope you all will like it!

PS: This is my first ever TS on this forum. Please leave your likes and comments. I expect a lot of comments and likes.
Wanna read more of my writings? 

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"You have to marry him, Paro!" Her sister forced her decision on her. "No! No way! I don't like him and he's 13 years older than me." Paro justified her denial but it seemed like her sister didn't even care about her point of view. "Think whatever you want you have to marry him. It's Rajmata's order." Her sister said and she put a full stop in their conversation. Paro had no other way but to accept it. Rajmata was like a motherly figure to her. Since her parent's death she took care of her and she had done a lot for her and her family so there was no question of saying a 'no'. "Fine then! If Rajmata said so I will marry him." Paro said expressionlessly. "Good. Now go and start your preparations for leaving. Your marriage will take place tomorrow." Her sister said and left leaving a dejected Paro behind.

"Oh Goddess! You always help everyone right? So please help me also. Send someone for my rescue." Paro prayed while tears found their way down her cheeks.


"Is the information correct?" Rudra asked. "Yes 100%!" His informer said with full confidence. "Fine then! We shall attack tomorrow itself!" He said with a victorious smile.


Part 2

Paro was beautifully dressed in a red lehenga. It suited her complexion very well. Everyone in her house was happy except one person. It was the bride itself. Her face seemed dull. How she wished she could just escape from all this. "Now cheer up Paro! Don't make this gloomy and dull face like you have to forced into this." Her sister said mercilessly. "I have been forced into this." She said in a low tone which went unnoticed by her sister.


"We have to be very careful! There might be more of them." Rudra said. "Yes sir." His juniors agreed. "But sir we have been informed that a marriage is going to take place there and the groom himself is the culprit." One of the officer said. Rudra felt like he was burdened with one more responsibility, saving that girl's life. "Well then move on." Rudra said and they all left. 

The wedding preparations were done and as Rajmata's order the wedding would take place with great pomp, after all she was the one who fixed this alliance. The priest had arrived, the groom was already in the alter. Everyone was waiting for the bride. And then she walked in and everyone's eyes were glued to her. She looked ethereal. Soon the wedding procedures started and everything was going on perfectly. Both were about to take their 7 vows when a gun shot was heard.

The calm environment was suddenly ruined by that noise. Chaos struck everywhere. The wedding house was surrounded by the BDS officers. Paro dared not to say anything. She was numb by the things which were going on. "Stop this wedding!" Rudra said. Paro lifted her eyes and saw him. 

"Why? What's wrong?" Rajmata interrupted. "We got information that a criminal is here." Rudra said. "I think you all have got wrong information. Kindly leave." Rajmata said sternly. "I never get any wrong information." Rudra said. "Arrest the groom." Rudra said. "What?" Rajmata was shocked while Paro's mind was flooded with mixed emotions. "Listen don't interfere in my work or else you'll be put behind the bars. We have proof against him. So please move aside." Rudra said. They arrested the groom and left. Rajmata couldn't say anything or else she would have been in trouble. So she thought staying mum would be the best for her. 

Paro was glad that wedding was called off. "Thank you Goddess! Thank you so much. For sending that officer as my savior." She said with a smile.

Guys I hope you all will like it Embarrassed

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Cant wait to read the next part :)
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Nice start and it's good to see people inspired by just a few minutes of screen time and starting to write fan fiction and create beautiful VM's.
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Originally posted by jaya100

Nice start and it's good to see people inspired by just a few minutes of screen time and starting to write fan fiction and create beautiful VM's.

thanks dear Smile
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Awesome part Clap
Pls pm me when u update
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Originally posted by ipkknd-fan

Cant wait to read the next part :)

thanks dear
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Nice start...cant wait to read the next part Smile
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Originally posted by Aisha1996

Awesome part Clap
Pls pm me when u update

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