OS - The First Sight

Posted: 2013-12-29T05:27:13Z
Guys! I am Nancy! I can barely control the excitement! Not much idea of how the show , rather, story will unfold, But then I am much eager to write a piece on this!
Its an OS! Hope You people like it!EmbarrassedTongue
Disclaimer - Merely borrowing the characters to convey my story! No resemblance to real life character!TongueEmbarrassed
Parvati was very excited for the day which was slowly and steadily coming near. The day, which every girl like her, dreamt from the childhood. No doubt, the luck had been hard for her family and their place, but they couldn't help it.
The place where their small but happy community lived was much deserted and kind of barren!
But then, they were happy among themselves, for nothing mattered more than the love she and her family shared among themselves.
There were constant attacks on the border and many innocent lives would be taken.
But this girl, was very much enthusiastic and optimistic in her life.
Nothing was above than love for her. And Finally, She was getting married to the person whom her family had chosen for her, and she herself had started liking him.
As the time flew away, the day finally arrived. She felt much nervous than excited. She was very happy but definitely nervous. Nothing should go wrong" She prayed.
As the commotion and hustle-bustle of preparations went manifold, She started dressing up for her wedding. She looked absolutely eternal and phenomenal in that Red Suhangan Dress.
Her emerald and ruby jewelry added to her beauty. She did her minimal makeup but She looked gorgeous.
As the Baraat from the groom side arrived, Parvati's family and their other family members welcomed them heartily.
Everyone was happy with the cheerful environment. All the ladies wished to get a glimpse of the beautiful bride.
Finally, when the auspicious moment of the wedding arrived, her mother and sisters helped her come down to the mandap.
Everyone was dumbstruck with this magnificent Goddess! She absolutely looked like a divine lady coming down!
Everyone blessed her and her groom.  As she reached near to her would be husband,
There was a sudden gun-shot fire in the air.
Everyone in the wedding function were shocked to their core. "Oh no! Not another attack"..for there had been constant attacks..especially during the weddings!
Before one can analyse or realise, what had happened, all started running here and there..just to save their lives.
Parvati and her groom were terrified too. This was the worst they expected!
Before, parvati could do something, A bullet shot her would be husband, and there he fell with a thud.
Time stood still for everyone! Even the wind ceased to blow! Parvati was flabbergasted..
Almost everybody had managed to hide themselves from the attackers but Parvati was there all still..She dropped down on the ground, near HIS body, tears started flowing through her eyes..
Even before She could plight for the most deadly event in her life, A hand took the grip of her hands and started dragging her towards a jeep.
She was so much in the shock that she couldn't even realise what was happening with her!
However, after much controlling of her outbursting tears, She looked up at him, who was dragging her like a master did to his pet.
Her face had the expressions of immense anger and hatred.
She looked at Him and He looked at her..Where on one hand, She sweared to make the life of this man hell..He continued to drag her without much expressions!
How was it? Was it total crap? Let me know!EmbarrassedTongue
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Posted: 2013-12-29T05:31:10Z
I really hope you people like it!Embarrassed
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Posted: 2013-12-29T05:34:43Z
hi Nancy
lovely os
first os on rang rasiya
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Posted: 2013-12-29T05:36:18Z
First OS  Superbbb...

great job Nancy
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Posted: 2013-12-29T05:38:36Z
First OS. wonderful.Smile
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Posted: 2013-12-29T06:03:29Z
awesome first OS on paro and rudra - well done it's lovely Big smile
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Posted: 2013-12-29T06:06:44Z
Nancy darling...i was abt to ask u to write smthng here...love u swthrtHug
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Posted: 2013-12-29T06:11:45Z
Hey its wonderfulClap u r fast Smile only one ques.wts d diffrence between OS nd ff? wts their ful form?  i noe its a pretty lame ques but still..
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