FF: The Circle of Life : Part 14 Pg 39

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Hii Guys..

I know retirement was announced but how can i let my favorite writer do that..But let me tell you guys..Neha was very very apprehensive about writing this theme and more so posting it here. Still i have taken the liberty and posting it here..but in all seriousness..if anyone has any objection to the theme or the story line..please let me know ..we would stop it right away..

Hope you guys like it and looking forward to your comments and opinions.

Part 1

Credit: Neha

Ram stepped back as a cyclist zoomed through the puddle of water that had formed. He narrowly missed having his clothes dirtied and more importantly his camera..He felt the heavy equipment in his hand once again..he had to safe guard it more than his life. If anything ever happened to it Rohan would not hesitate to skin him alive..

He increased his pace as Rohan's face swimmed before his eyes..Rohan Das..the erstwhile film maker...the current toast of the industry..He had recently won the national award and literally had the entire industry eating out from his hand..Although a task master Ram enjoyed working for Rohan. He aspired to be like him one day..
Ram sighed again as he though of his dream..The film school in new york...he was confident that once he got through he would do wonders and that's the reason he was saving money..Many people in his life had laughed away at his choice of a career especially his dad..What type of career is this? He had asked him when he had announced his decision to him..He still remembered his reaction perfectly that cold winter evening so many years ago..He had not spoken to his dad since then neither had his dad tried to get in touch with him..

Ram cleared his mind of the past events..Past was past..that was done..and now he needed to look prove himself..After years of struggling at least he had got a direction..Assisting Rohan Das was no minor thing..In fact in the industry circles it was considered to be a prestige issue..He felt sheepish when he recalled the first encounter that he had with Rohan..He had been waiting to meet him the whole day..to show him the documentary that he had done..
Ram had literally passed out outside the office gates standing in the sun the whole day..When at last he had got the chance to meet him his CD refused to play the documentary leaving him red faced.. 

I am Sorry..Ram had stammered mentally kicking himself for not checking everything...he had himself blew his chances...

Rohan just glanced at him once thinking him to be like any other guy who had made some documentary and considered it to be a master piece..

Can i get another chance Sir? Ram had gathered enough courage to ask him that. Rohan had studied him from head to toe..

What does a film mean to you? Rohan had asked him..

Film...film is a story sir..a canvas that we can paint..with the colours of our own..create a different world ..Ram's eyes shone in passion as he spoke about films..he was passionate about writing stories..

Rohan scratched the fuzzle of beard that had grown under his chin...

Rohan: What do you do?

Ram: Sir i write stories..i want to be a

Rohan: I am not interested in what you want to become..
Rohan tossed the sheet of paper at Ram..

Rohan: I need an AD for my next film..study this call sheet and report to my office tomorrow sharp at 7...I don't like people who are late

Ram was dumbfounded for a while. He looked at the sheet and then at Rohan..
Ram: Does this mean..

Rohan rolled his eyes..

Rohan: Which part of my statement did you not understand?

Ram quickly grabbed his backpack that was lying there...

Ram: Thank you Sir...thank you so much..i will give you no opportunity to Ram looked up to see an empty room..He smiled to himself and then walked out..That day for the first time in many months or perhaps years he treated himself to a full meal..

The ring of his mobile broke his chain of thoughts..Rohan had assigned him an important work and Ram wanted to excel in this..He looked at the number and took the call.

Ram: Javed Bhai..where are you? I was waiting for your call

Javed: Ram Sir..i am here only..just reaching ji..You know Mumbai traffic always jam..Have you reached?

Ram: I ll reach in 5 minutes Javed Bhai..and you know i cannot enter that place without you..

Javed: Haan haan..i know..i am coming only..

Ram cut the call and looked around..A small dingy lane stood before him as if challenging him to take her..He again felt the nervousness creep upto him..This was the last chance he had of turning back..once he crossed this lane he knew he would be transported to another world altogether..A world he was never a part of..A world which co - existed with the so called civilized society..Rohan's next film was based on the underworld..and the main character the gangster has an affair with a prostitute..Given Rohan's penchant to shoot at real life situations, Ram had been assigned to visit this area..do a Reece and report back to him. Ram had shown false bravado in front of the entire unit but deep inside he was nervous..He had never been to such places and he had heard horrible stories about it..He let out a deep breath ...wishing Javed Bhai would turn up soon..Javed Bhai was a scouter..Many production houses used him to scout locations for their films..He had an impeccable sense of the script and what location suited it. a quality which made him indispensable ..Ram's thought again went to the project he wanted to do. The documentary which will earn him a place in the most prestigious film institute in the world..He had to submit it within 9 months and for that he wanted a subject..A subject that would  simply blow away everyone..

Javed: There you are..

Ram looked at Javed Bhai smiling at him..Javed Bhai was always dressed in white.from top to bottom..It was as if his wardrobe was devoid of any other colour..White kerchief completed his entire white look. Black hair..gelled and slicked back and the gold plated rolex watch were the only colours that stood out in the white ensemble..

Ram: Javed Bhai you are late..i have to report to the sets at 11 pm..

Javed put an arm over Ram's shoulder..

Javed: Arey sirji..you will reach baba..i ll ensure that..Every thing is fixed.we just go inside you explain everything and you start..He snapped his fingers to indicate how fast it will be done..

Javed: You know what..you should try at becoming a hero..you have the looks..

Ram: I ll be the director Javed Bhai..I am more comfortable behind the camera..

Javed shrugged his shoulders...
Javed: Jaise you think fine...but mark my words you ll be a good director..

Ram smiled at that..he genuinely liked Javed Bhai..

Javed Bhai led Ram through the narrow lane..It was filthy and smelt awful..With difficulty both managed to reach the other side..The scene that Ram saw had him stunned..It was a hustling bustling area which looked normal..There was nothing to indicate that it was a red light area..He looked around..women..men kids...all going about their daily chores as if this was a normal area..

Javed Bhai sensed Ram's bewilderment..

Ram: Javed Bhai..this is ..are you sure we are

Javed: This is the problem with people Ram..you think that every thing should be just as in movies...Aisa nahi hota hai...this is as normal an area as it can be..People stay here..

Ram looked sheepishly at him..

As they walked ahead they were soon greeted by dingy buildings with jarring lights on the outside..Women with loud make up stood at the balcony as well as the entrances of these buildings..Everyone gave Ram a seductive look..Ram looked down embarrassed.. There were a few men too..

Ram whispered to Javed

Ram: Javed Bhai there are men too..

Javed laughed at him..

Javed : Sir ji..today this things are quite in the open..you get customers here for both..and you will be surprised to know how much demand it is for the males as well..And now toh..its very progressive right?

Ram: I only thought that you get women here..

Javed: There is nothing that you cannot get with money..paisa pheko tamasha dekho..

Javed suddenly turned to one such building..There was a strong henchman who looked sternly at him..

Javed: Amma se milna hai..Sharad sahab ne bheja hai..

The henchman nodded at him and went inside..

Ram: Geez..he is so menacing...

Javed: He is for exhorting money in case any one doesn't pay up...

As they waited for Amma to appear..Ram looked around the room..It was a small verandah type with a table and chair at one end..serving as a reception counter..The walls were painted green which were loud enough to almost poke in the eye..A rickety old fan went around in circles..so slow as if it was just a picture of fan..Its worn out blades were incapable of generating any wind ..still it dutifully completed its journey...Ram observed that there were no chairs for anyone to sit on..silly he thought of himself who would want to wait here..The people who came in must be in a hurry to go to the women..

The curtain slipped aside and a  plump figure walked in followed by the henchman who they had met earlier..

Ammaji was a short plump women who had a round face..A big bindi adorned her forehead..She was drapped in a saree and had a lot of jewellery on her..Her mouth worked furiously as she tried to disintegrate the paan she was chewing..She looked on at the duo..and walked to the chair and say down..The chair groaned under her weight leading to a creaking sound..

Javed nudged Ram to walk to over to where Ammaji was sitting..

Javed: Ammaji..myself Javed and this is Ram..

Ram folded his hands in a namaste and smiled a little..

Ammaji remained expressionless as she observed both of them..

Javed: Sharad sahab must have spoken to you..Baat ki hogi aapse..

There was a flicker of recognition on Ammaji's face..but she just nodded her head ..an indication that they should continue..

Javed: There is a film that is being made..Underworld wali..and the director wants to shoot here..Paisa waisa sab milega..

Ram promptly pulled out his business card and kept it on the table..In normal setting that card proclaiming him to be an assistant director would have impressed but this was not a normal setting. Ammaji put her hand down and fished out a jug. She spat out the paan..

Ammaji: Are you making fun of me? She glared at Ram..

Ram: No..no ..

Ammaji: Then ..you showing this to me..what will i do of this? Frame banake rakh lo?

The henchman behind her let out a snorty laugh..

Javed: Ammaji..uska woh matlab nahi tha..did not mean it that way..Bacha hai..doesn't know..Bas aap batao k is it ok if we shoot here?

Ammaji: Look Javed bhai...this building is my everything..my girls my bread and butter..i will not allow any thing to disrupt them..

Javed: No no ammaji..there is no question of that...No disturbance..its just a 3 scene part..10 -15 days of shoot and nothing else..Think of it this way..you will be famous among others and i can speak to Rohan Bhai..we will get you also a role in the film..

Ammaji's eyes seemed to sparkle at that..

Ammaji: Role?

Javed: Aur nahi toh kya? What personality you have..screen presence se sabki waat laga doge..

Ammaji smiled at that..
Ammaji: Thik hai..i agree to the shoot..but remember my words..any disturbance and i ll throw you out and also i need the full payment in advance..

Javed: Done hai Ammaji..bas let this boy have a look..Director sahab ko location ka video dikhana padta hai..Let him take some pictures..

Ammaji: Santosh..take him..but remember chikne..no disturbing my girls..there are customers inside..

Ram: No Mrs. Ammaji..

Ammaji glared at him..

Ram: I mean Madam..

Ram quickly came to the side of Santosh before he did any thing more stupid..Santosh promptly took him inside..Ram switched on the camera as he ascended on a small stair case that let upwards..

Ram tried to capture all the footage..His eyes feel on a number of small rooms.. he did not need to guess what was happening inside..He looked around..there was no one there..once they had their customers the women must be inside the room he thought..He looked around..the place was not the cleanest of places..there was a mixed smell of alcohol in the air..It was so dimly lit that Ram had difficulty focusing ahead.

Somebody called Santosh and he promptly left leaving Ram all by himself..Now alone he felt nervous about being here..The place gave him creeps..he wondered why such places existed. He saw a small opening of a passage and went there..It was a balcony sort of a thing..He stepped inside and immediately felt relaxed as the fresh air made its way through his nostrils..He thought about the women who worked there...Suddenly a water drop fell on him..within no time he felt a steady drizzle coming down..

He panicked as he quickly shut off the camera..He looked around but in the darkness he could not find the way that he had come from..Rohan will kill me if something happens to the camera..
He watched helplessly when suddenly out of no where a towel landed on him. He looked around..

Come up...

Ram looked in the direction of the voice..it came from a room above..He stood there just looking at the girl..

Come up..you will get wet and the camera also..

Ram: How do i come up?

The girl disappeared as suddenly as she had appeared..Ram looked on in confusion when someone grabbed him from his arms..

It was the same girl..

This way..come..

Ram blindly followed the girl..

Once inside the room..Ram quickly..pulled out the towel from the camera..The camera seemed to be safe.

Ram: Thanks..he turned around to find the girl staring at him..

She had a pretty face..her free flowing hair a little wet from the rain..Delicate and petite she had a smile on her face..Something in her face held his attention..Her eyes were captivating..Even in the dim light it was her eyes that did all the talking..

Ram: Thank you ..you saved my job..

The girl looked at him puzzled..

Ram pointed to the camera..

Ram: If any thing happened to this..i was dead..

The girl again smiled...

Ram extended his hand at her..

Ram: Hii..I am Ram Kapoor..i work as an assistant director...

The girl shook his hand warmly...

My name is Priya and she fell silent...

Ram was about to ask further when he looked around..It was a small room dimly lit and smelly. A  lone window was tightly shut and secured by curtains..A creaky bed with a bed sheet that was soiled..Then suddenly the reality struck him...this girl worked here..She was one of the women..

He quickly stepped back..

Ram: I need to go...and turned back..

Priya looked at the door long after Ram had left...she did not know for what reason she thought he would stay back and talk to her..So silly of her...nobody wanted to be associated with the likes of them..Still her mind conjured up the image of him..Ram Kapoor she thought..nice name..

To be continued..

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Posted: 6 years ago
just great leads are same with different theme and background 
waiting for next part and thanx for the pm do continue
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Posted: 6 years ago
Its quite interesting..

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Posted: 6 years ago
different concept, nice update
continue soon
thanks for pm
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Posted: 6 years ago
thank you for the pm 
a different format of raya 
thank you for coming up with yet an another raya story
waiting for the story to unwind
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 liked the concept but ur friend neha should have really guts and higher imagine levels to create this type of storyClapThumbs Up 
first of all one doubt  ram as a director or writer or both? 
loved the starting point 
 the description of red lights areas in IndiaApproveThumbs Up  
lol ammaji frame banake rakh lo dialogue oh ram so innocent director ya writer banne keliye kya kya karna padhta haiDead 

 oh god u made priya prostitute??????? or anything else CryUnhappy

loved it but priya seemed innocentConfused
neha ji u choosed a good concept film-making line and ram as director and bold move priya as prostitue(not sure)

over all just continue it oops i wrote so muchSmile

thank u shanaya for posting itClap
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its looks interesting...ram kapoor as a assistant director and a struggler...kuch digest nahi ho raha...yaar ram kapoor ko as a The ram ram kapoor hi rene do...struggler kuch acha nahi lag raha...as a industrialist hi thik lagta hai...that's my thinking...but never know ye bhi padhte padhte achha lagne lage...thans for sarting new ff.
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Posted: 6 years ago
interesting concept...a total new plot...ll wait for the tory to unfold...nice start...continue soon
p.s shanaya finally u did manage to get this one out from neha...good going...ll help u...Big smile
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