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Posted: 6 years ago
1) How are Ranking Points computed and how is it different then the real figures?

Please note that the numbers in the Celebrity Ranking are presented in points after calculating them in relative terms compared to other celebrities so don't be confused on how it says Fans point to be 500 (thats the maximum weightage) when they have more or less. 

For example if Barun Sobti has maximum number of fans at 10000 so that is considered as 100% (for which weightage given is 500 points) and from there we start calculating other celebrities like Sanaya Irani 8000 fans were online 400 Points (which happens to be near 80% of Barun Sobti). 

Similarly if Shilpa Anand got the maximum number of views and our max weightage point is 600 and if Harshad gets 150 points for views then it means that Harshad is getting almost 25% views of what Shilpa Anand got.

Same thing goes with Comments and other parameters. From time to time we would be optimizing our weightage system and will add more parameters to make this ranking system more better.

2) How are view points counted. Are view points related to comments and fans?
For more clarity let us explain which all views we count. We do count views of all the pages under the Celebrity like Overview / About / Comments and other pages including individual media objects like Video / Gallery Images / Event Images where the celebrity is tagged. 

Nopes view points are not directly related to comments / fans. But yes if a celebrity has more fans then its its obvious the views and comments will also be more.

3) How do we tackle MID problem?

We understand the threat that MID possess to game the system and we have implemented a lot of things to keep a check on it. Though we cant disclose all of them but here is a general things to give you a basic understanding. 

New members who registers and join a fan club are not counted in their first week. Just by creating a MID and joining the FanClub wont help as every week we only count the active ones who have logged on to the site that week.

There is a system in place to count only the views with Unique IPs in an hour. So if a member tries to simply refresh a single page it will just be counted as one view instead of man. But yes browsing through different sections or other pages where the celebrity is tagged does count as +1 view.

4) If a photo has multiple pages of comments ..whether browsing through all of the comment pages add to views?


5) Does non member views count as view points .


6) If a fan posts in forums not related to the actor will that count as fan activity?

No. Forum posts / views / replies are counted in Chaska Meter and not in Celebrity Ranking at this moment.

7) Why are comments deleted from the celebrity profile?
Well as you know from time to we do check and remove MIDs which has escaped our spam filters and have posted several comments and posts on the site. So when we delete such accounts comment counts gets reduced.

Secondly time to time we do internal checks to ensure that the comments posted are not are of good quality,  not duplicate or spammy in nature. And if the system finds such comments it gets removed automatically.

8)I have came across the question of the Like & Dislike Button in the Celebrity Profile. Do these Likes and Dislikes also counts in the ranking of the celebrity? As in if each comments has more likes, that contributes to better ranking and if someone clicks on the Dislike, it reduces the ranking?

Nopes. We are not taking that into account in any of our computation at this moment.

9)How is Buzz Point Calculated?
Buzz Points are calculated based on the Views and Comments together. For maximum Buzz Point the article has to get both Views and Comments. As together they reflect how much buzz it really created. So articles with less views and comments gets less Points compared to an article with more views and more comments. 

This was done so that even if there are extra number of articles but they are not attracting enough views / comments means they have failed to create much buzz and thus less Buzz points. So that way just having an article just wont help much. Its at the end how many people are reading and commenting on that. 

10)Does the comments in buzz articles towards viewpoints or comments? 

No. Comments on articles are not counted in Comment Point or Views Point as they are already getting considered while computing the Buzz Point.

11)Does the comments in video and pics count towards viewpoints or comments? 

Yes. Comments in video / pics do count towards Comments. But when we do comment we do actually visit the video/pic so it also adds to the views too.

12)What about commenting on past Articles. Is it counted?


13)What about viewing / commenting on old pictures of a celebrity. Is it counted in Views and Comments ?


14)There are many pages under comments, fanclubs, photos, news etc. does viewing these pages count towards views? Example, if photogallery has 14 pages, can viewing 14 pages of photo gallery count towards 14 views  without even clicking on a single pic?

Yes. But there is an internal check to ensure that its a natural browsing behavior and not something which is done using "Bots" or multiple pages being opened simultaneously just to inflate the views. And there is a capping on the number of views we count through when browsing different pages so that celebs with less number of pages are not at a disadvantage.

15)Does viewing an article, pic or a page in celebrity profile multiple times within a hour still constitutes as only 1 view, meaning  it will be  counted only once towards viewpoints? 
Each Article / Pic / or Celeb Page will get +1 View. So lets say you browsed 1 article + 2 images + 1 celeb profile page in an hour it will be 4 views. However just want to clear that since the views for article is used in computing Buzz points they are not added again in View Points. 

16)Does it get equally divided among all celebrities and shows tagged? If for a particular article 3 celebs are tagged each gets 1/3 and same article if 2 shows are tagged each 1/2?

Yes. For Celebrity Ranking we divide that among all the Celebs Tagged and for ChaskaMeter we divide it between all the shows tagged.

17)Comments posted within how much time are counted? Entire week or till its shown as new?

The whole week.

18)Are videos counted in buzz?

Nope. But they get counted in Views and Comments.
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Posted: 6 years ago

First of all this is not a complaint. To elaborate, I am in both Sanaya's & Kushal's fan clubs since the same time of 2011 till now. So this is just an example. I like them both since they did IPK & EHM. I am as it would seem obvious am a bigger San fan but this has got nothing to do with it.

i simply wished to know the calculation behind this Big smile

Sanaya had 1 buzz article which had 656 comments & 2 people were tagged in it.

Kushal had a load of articles with lots of people tagged in and the total amount of comments in each article adds up to less than 300 comments

So the buzz points they got was given below.

I am just wondering how it might be calculated. Cz honestly we go to insane lengths to drop in 3 comments when a celebrity we like has been tagged in something.

So Vijay bhai would appreciate it if this can be explained.. cz seriously if i can lay off commenting n bugging friends to comment when a buzz article is released it would be a real help..

One more point this week NO ONE got full buzz points also! That was also making me confused!! Embarrassed

Anyway pretty please explain..

Thank u Big smile

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Posted: 6 years ago
Any more important question that we need to add here?

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Posted: 6 years ago
I have came across the question of the Like & Dislike Button in the Celebrity Profile.

Do these Likes and Dislikes also counts in the ranking of the celebrity? As in if each comments has more likes, that contributes to better ranking and if someone clicks on the Dislike, it reduces the ranking?
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Posted: 6 years ago
still i feel the ranking system is flawed...

How you count buzz points? why all celebrities don get equal buzz???
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Posted: 6 years ago
Vijay bro

here u urself said If a celeb has more comments n active fans..toh celeb will hv more views also

Now Barun has max points fr fans n comments..then why his views are almost half of the maximim??Shocked

Thanks VB for FAQ thread
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Posted: 6 years ago
Also IF video doesnt count on buzz points.. does it??? cz i never saw Surbhi getting any buzz points for TB videos...
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Posted: 6 years ago
Thanks for the reply.
Check this thread

The one on #2 has more fans, yet his view points are less, how come? You yourself said that the one who has more fans will have more views.

Also, are buzz views counted as view points? Edited by -Barun - 6 years ago
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