OS: bahon main chale aao

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Ram is sitting on the swing at the garden.. he is a little angry at priya.. she is so busy that she has no time for him.. it is almost  1 week that ram does not touches priya.. he is feeling very frustrated for that.. he badly needs priya but priya is busy with her house and kids... ram is cursing himself to birth the kids so early... he is not able to enjoy his time with priya because of those kids... a cool breezes is blowing outside ... anytime rains will pour heavily... relaxing his body ram is looking at the cloudy sky... on the other hand priya goes her room and locks the door.. she knows that her husband need her badly.. but she is not able to manage any time for her husband.. today she plans to surprise her husband... she goes to changing room.. and takes out a beautiful white saree from the cupboard...  she warped herself into the saree... the deep cut blouse makes her looks sexy.. she wears a beautiful silver colour jhumka.. puts a red bindi on her forehead... her delicates hands is decorated with white and red bangles... She warps a waist chain on her bare waist... she applies a light pink shade color lip gloss in her luscious lips... khol makes her eyes looks attractive... her thick black hair is hanging on her right shoulder...looking at the mirror she smile shyly she knows that today her husband will take her in another world which she is missing from last one week... she knows where is her husband  right now so without wasting anytime she moves towards the garden... ram is lost in the moment that he spent with priya.. whenever he remembers that time he spent with priya makes him smile shyly... Priya is standing behind ram.. ram is still sitting on the swing.. priya leans and encircle her arms around his neck... feeling her sudden touches ram gets little nervous ... priya kisses on his cheeks ... ram tries to removes her hand but she holds him little tigtly..
priya in a soft voice: naraz ho abhi bhi?
ram little angrily : naraz kyun hongi.. plz mujhe chodo need aayi han mujhe..?
priya little huskily : nhi chodungi...
ram little irritatingly : plz chodo priya irritate mat karo mujhe...
priya whisper near his ear : kaise chod du? Chod ne k liya nahi thama han aap ka hath..
suddenly it stars to raining heavily... ram and priya gets wet.. ram does not still see priya... ram stands ups and tries to move into the house.. before ram takes further steps priya holds his wrist and pulls towards her... they r lips is almost touching each other.. both r now totally drench... for a moment ram lost into priya... but when he realizes that he is angry at priya he tries to turn back.. but priya warps her arms around his neck and stars to sing (baho main chale aao, oh humse sanam kya parda.. hamse sanam kya parda, yeh aaj ka nahi Milan yeh shang han umar bhar ka... baho main chale aao , oh hamse sanam kya parda) ram remove her hands from his neck and stars to walk towards the house... priya running behind him.. she is now walking beside her... before he takes any steps she stands in front of him.. priya comes close near to ram.. she use her finger tops to caresses his face she sings  ( mm ohh chale hi jana han nazar churake  yun phir thami thi sajan tumne meri kallayi kyun hmm? Looking his eyes priya asks through her eyes... .. ( mm ohh chale hi jana han nazar churake  yun phir thami thi sajan tumne meri kallayi kyun hmm? Kisi ko aapna banak chod de aisa kyun nhi kartaaa... baho main chale aao hamse sanam kya padta) priya winks him and hugs him tightly... when she does not get any response from ram she breaks the hug and looks at his eyes making a puppy face she sings ( kabhi kabhi kuch to kaha piya hamse ke kam se kam aaj to khulke milo hamse hmm... kabhi kabhi kuch to kaha piya hamse ke kam se kam aaj to khulke milo hamse hmm...hai rat apne , jot um ho apne , kisi kaa phir hum a darr kya) priya takes ram hands in her hands and puts them on her bare waist... the rain droplets r shinning on her body.. she is looking extremely sexy... it is really getting hard for ram to controls himself.. she is looking irresistible... she lightly hugs him and sftly sings near his ear (baho main chale aao, oh humse sanam kya parda.. hamse sanam kya parda, yeh aaj ka nahi Milan yeh shang han umar bhar ka... baho main chale aao , oh hamse sanam kya parda) before priya guess anything ram lifts her from the ground... Priya shyly smiling looking at her man.. rain is still pouring heavily.. both r feeling that their body temperature is increased.. priya encircle her hands around his neck... looking at his wife ram is walking towards their room... the sensual tension is increasing among them... ram steps into the room.. both r still lost in each other eyes... using his legs ram closes the door.. he says priya locks the door through his eyes... ram gently places priya on the bed... priya s white saree is hugging her body.. her every body part is inviting him... The white saree is looking now a transparent paper... ram is feeling her through his eyes.. priya s hand  touches the cd player remote.. the cd player plays automatically... The song is palying ( jadu han nasha hain madhoshiya tujko bhulake aab jaao kaha) priya is lost in the lyrics ram and priya longingly looking at each other (dekhte hain jis tarahs e teri nazrein mujhe main khud ko chupao kaha... jadu han nasha hain madhoshiyaa tujko bhulake main jaao kaha) priya cant looks at ram anymore she looks a side... she holds the bed sheet tightly a unknown pleasure running through her body .. ram has some magical power he can touches her through his eyes.. which makes her shiver... priya is feeling a little cold because of the wet dress...  priya cant tolerate the distance anymore .. she raises her eyes and looks at ram.. who is admiring her through his eyes.. priya raises her hand and pleading him to come near her... ram takes his kurta out from his body.. he comes over priya... feeling his body priya shiver a little.. ( yeh pal hain apna to is pal ko jee le shwalo ki tarah zarah chal k jee le) priya digs her finger on his thick hair.. she pulls him near her.. she makes him kiss her on her cleavage...she is pressing his against her cleavages.. she is feeling a intolerable pleasure... her body is getting tensed... ram is lost in her smell.. she is smelling so good that.. his tongue comes out to licks her wet body... feeling her wet body his body muscle becomes tensed... priya can feels his hot tongue which is roaming around her neck and cleavage... she raises upwards her body a little... she can feels his manhood which is getting stronger in every passing second... ram raises her hands upwards and entwines his finger with her ... His half body I resting above her.. ram is torturing her slowly.. priya squeezed his hand... "priya" priya opens her eyes and looks at ram with full of love and passion... ( pal jhapakte kho na jana chuke karlu yakin na jane ye pal paaye kahan, jadu han nasha hain, madhosiya tujko bhulake aab jaao kaha) priya closes her eyes and parts her lips.. rma bends anf takes her lips in his mouth.. he gently and slowly kissing her lips.. giving her a sensual torture.. priya is lost in the kiss.. she reached in another world... she tries to free her hands from his grip but ram holds her hand more tightly... a moan escape from her throat.. when both r out of breath ram leaves her lips... "u r torturing me ram" priya manages to say this.. ram smile and whisper in her ears " why r u wear this white saree, I cant tell u priya how inviting u r looking... Ur every part of body is inviting me... I never see u soo sexy and tempting before, priya u r making me crazy" hearing all this priya becomes red... she is biting her lips.. " don't do this in front of me, when u bits ur those attractive lips I feel to suck them hardly" ram murmurs.. priya immediately leaves her lip.. looking his blushing wife ram cant able to control anymore he bends and again takes her lips in his mouth... he is tasting her sweet nectar... His tongue is making havoc inside her mouth.. priya forcefully able to free her hand from his grip she digs her nails on his shoulder..  sucking her lips last time hardly he leaves her lips.. priya is breathing heavily...  ram lay beside her.. priya comes over her.. her hair covers her face.. ram tugs her hair in back of her ear... priyas hand elbow is rested on his broad chest.. ram and is roaming on her back.. he touches her blouses hook.. he circle his finger around the hook.. priya closes her eyes in pleasure... priya raises her body and kiss his forehead.. both eyes.. both cheeks.. she rubs her nose with him... ( baho main teri yun kho gaya han, armaan dabese jagne lage hain, joh mile ho aaj hum ko dur jana, mita do sarri ya duriyaan..jadu han nasha hain madhoshiya, tujko bhulake aab jaao kaha, dekhte han jis tarahse teri nazre main khud ko chupao kaha)  priya can sees burning desire in his eyes.. she hides her face in his crook... ram opens the blouse hook and pulls it from her body... priya is now lying beneath him... ram is giving sloppy kiss on her neck.. he is kissing every part of her body... his lips is touching her private part.. priya digs her finger on his hair.. and pulls his head upward and pleading him not to torture her like this... ram spread he legs, he slowly and carefully pushing inside her... priya gapes in pleasure... both r rocking in a rhythm... when both reach the climax ram fall down above her breast... priya is holding him tightly... both r trying to catch their breath... after several minutes later ram raises his head and looks at priya.. her eyes is closed and a smile is playing on her lips.. ram kisses on her forehead and lay beside her... priya opens her eyes and keeps her head on his shoulder.. ram pulls her more near to him... priya is playing with his chest hair...
ram lovingly say to her " thank  u priya for making this night so special" priya looks a little upwards their eyes meet priya says
" thank u to mujhe aap ko bolna chahiya har bar itna special feel karwane k liya... "
ram smiles and says
" kya karu meri biwi hain hi aise ki usko dekh k mai koi aur duniya main kho jati hun"
priya smile shyly and says bohat raat ho gaya ram,  sho jaiya kal office bhi to jana han"
ram presses himself against her and naughtily say
" tumeh kya laga tum aise sexy aur khubsoort lagogi aur mai sho jaoungi?? Nahi darling abhi srif one round khatam hun aa han abhi bhi two round baki han"
"rammm" priya lightly hits on his chest and says " aap bohat besharam ho gaya han.. before priya continue her lecture ram seals her lips with him...



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hehe bg 
ehm ehm ehm bg demand acchi h  Wink
ROFL mast chance mil gaya 

@ pakhi 
superb os 
romantic exactly jaise bg chahti thi WinkLOLLOL
beautifully described pakhi
ehm ehm Wink
sweet HugHug

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Love to read raya romance it was good
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thankuHeart thankuHug
yayyy etni jaldi likh bhi diyaParty
wow bhut mast os haiEmbarrassed
ehm ehm hgWink
priya aise bahoon mein chale aane ko bulaegi to ram ji kaise door rahengeWink
aur priya ko dekhkr to ram ji ko madhosh hona ki tha...
superb os darling Hug

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wow pari ..romantic os... Embarrassed
finally priya ram k night romantic blissful ho gya
lovely write up
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lovely Romantic OS
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Posted: 2013-11-11T23:49:41Z
Thankyou apon beautiful it is
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awesome n soo romantic 
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