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Standing in front of the mirror priya is looking herself.. she wears a beautiful red lehenga.. her head is covers with red dupatta... a gorgeous necklace is hugging her neck... her attractive eyes decorated with khol... a red color stone bindi makes her look more beautiful... Her delicate hand is covered with red and silver bangles...looking at the mirror she is staring herself. Her eyes become wet...  a man comes from behind and puts his hand on her shoulder...  both r looking each other eyes through the mirror...  both are silent but their heart is talking with each other... priya is admiring her man..  her man is looking like a roman god who comes from heaven... he is tall... his broad chest makes him different from others... he is not fit but also not too healthy... his eyes and lips is the most beautiful  part in his face.. when he smiles,  she  missed a heart beat... he is not perfect in all way.. but he is the best man for her... his hair back brushed... he wears a off white color sherwani.. a red color duppatta hanging on his neck... priya cant looks at him anymore.. if she looks than he will again steal her heart... He comes in front of her.. he raises her chin... her eyes is closed tightly... her teeth is biting  her lips... " priya" he softly calls her... her eyes is still closed... "Priya looks at me please".. he request her... she slowly opens her eyes... her eyes capture most beautiful sight... her man picture.. her love ... Her life... her Ram...   "Les go pandit ji is waiting for us" he  lovingly says to her... He extends his hand in front of her... she places her hands above his palm.. he holds her hands firmly...gazing at ram priya is walking beside ram.. she knows her man if she falls her ram will protect her...  Both reach near the mandir...both sits in front of the pandit... pandit is reading the mantro... Some where in little far distance someone plays a beautiful songs from raja Hindustani...

Aye Ho Meri Zindagi Me Tum Bahar Banke
Mere Dil Me Yuhi Rahena Tum Pyar Pyar Banke
Ankho Me Tum Base Ho Sapne Hazar Banke
Mere Dil Me Yuhi Rahena Tum Pyar Pyar Banke
priya looks at ram, who is looking at the fire...this is the person she loves the most... she can sacrifices everything to see him happy... his one smile makes her day beautiful... today he is looking so cute and smart.. she never imagine that one day she will be his wife.. life plays a tricks with them and force them to love each other truly..life is now seems so beautiful and perfect...
" phire k liya khade ho jaiye" pundits says to them..
priya looks at pandit than ram.. ram holds priyas hand and both stands up...
ram holding her hand walking around the holi fire... they complete the first round...ram looks at her and murmurs...
 i will always treat u like a princess, and  i will always protect u from all pains and sorrows...
they again round around the fire... second round is finished..
" before u fall I will always catch u... before tears rolls from ur eyes , I will wipe the tear... I will never give the chance to ur smile to fade away from ur lips"
priya is longingly looking at him... ram smiles a little and again start walking..
third round is over...
" till my death u will find me beside u... no matter what the situation is I will always stand by ur side... in every morning when u open ur those beautiful eyes u will find me beside u... in every night I will take u in my arms and will show u how much I love u..."
priya is feeling so blessed.. she is feeling that she is the most luckiest woman in the world who finds a man like him..
they take the fourth round..
" in this round, I want to thank u for coming in my life and make it worth living... I never feel so blessed right now the way I m feeling... today u complete me.. u complete my life... without u my life is meaningless.. thank u so much for making me a good person...
priya comes forward and holds his hand again, they starts walking around the fire.. five round is over.. priya murmurs looking at ram
" I will try my best to give u all the happiness that u deserve, I will fulfill my all responsibilities and duty  with sincerity...
both again round around the fire six times..
"I will never leave u alone, I will always stand by ur side like a pillar... every night I will take u in my arms and will wipe ur all tiredness... before pain and sorrows comes near u I will stand in front of you... so that I can face all ur pain and sorrows..."
ram face is showing a mixes emotion...right now he wants to take her in his arms and hugs her tightly...priya presses his hands gently... they take the last phire..

" without u I m incomplete.. without u I m meaningless... without u I have no existence in this world... without u I will never able to face this world... so don't leave me for a second... i love u.. thank u for accepting me as ur wife ... and give me the right o share ur name..'"
both r standing now beside each other, pandit takes his a sindhoor box.. ram fills her forehead with the sindhoor...priya close her eyes.. ram takes the mangulshutra from the plate and puts in her neck...  
somewhere still the song is playing..
Mere Sathi Mere Sajaan Mere Saath Yuhi Chalna
Badle Ga Raang Zamana Par Tum Nahi Badalna
Meri Maang Yuhi Bharna Taare Hazar Ban Ke
Aye Ho Meri Zindagi Me Tum Bahar Banke
Mere Dil Me Yuhi Rahena Tum Pyar Pyar Banke..
pandit congratulates them and leaves the places... suddenly priya is feeling shy and nervous.. she is looking here and there to avoid eye contact with ram... Ram understands her uneasiness.. he lifts her in his arms.. for his sudden action priya gets shocked..
"what r u doing mr kapoor" plz get me down everyone is noticing us" priya stammeringly  says.
" I don't care who r looking at us and who r not, u r now officially my wife, so I have the right to take u in my arms" ram smilingly says her..
priya encircles her arms around his neck and puts her head above his shoulder.. he is smelling so good... she never feels him so cozily...ram carefully gets down from the stairs...  "
"ram, thank u " priya in whisky voice says him
" no priya no, plz don't cry, I know u r feeling very emotional but don't cry doll.. I cant see tears in ur eyes... " ram softly says her..
" priya u look so thin, but why r u so heave" to change her mood ram is teasing her
"what? Mr kapoor u r soo mean.. plz let me get down" in angry voice priya says to ram
" I m just joking yaar, I never picked up so thin girl, like u before in my entire life" ram is controlling his laugh he knows very well that priya will gets more angry now...
by the time ram reaches near the car.. driver sees them coming towards the car so he opens the back side car door for them... Ram helps priya to stands on her feet... priya steps inside the car...ram also gets up and sits beside her... priya turns her head a side she is looking at the outside... ram words echoing in her mind...that's mean I m not the first woman whom ram will gives his everything... this thoughts gives her sharp pain in her heart... ram is feeling strange to see her quite... ram knows that how possessive priya is about him... after hearing that why priya is not reacting ram is thinking that... he does not notices that, priya is crying silently... priya knows that before her many girls comes in his life ... so many times she also saw him with different woman.. that time it did not pain so much right now the way it is paining... priya control her tears... before ram sees her tears she wipes her tears... She does not want to make him sad... Ram is lost in the time when he and priya met...the memories is still so fresh it seems that few days ago he met with priya... they did not realize when their hates for each other turns into love... now ram cant think his life without priya.. it is not that he cant live without her.. it is that he does not want to live his life without her...  ram turns his head towards priya... priya is still looking at the outside... her hand is rested on her laps.. ram forward his hand and takes her hand in his hand.. priya looks at ram.. ram gives her a sweet smile and pulls her little close to him... now priya sitting very close to him...
"kya huin aa priya, sad ho tum?? Itna chup kyun ho?" ram little worriedly asks her..
"no mr kapoor , aise kuch nahi han, thik hun bas thoda tired huin" priya lying to him..
ram leaves her hand and and sits a little away from her... ram knows that priya is lying to him... he is little hurt for that.. today they tied in the most wonderful relation and they also promise that they will always share every problems and pain with each other but priya is hiding her feelings...
"ram why r u getting angry at me what I have done? " priya confusingly asks him
" priya u r not telling me the truth why r u hurt?? What u think priya? I cant see u r hiding ur pain from me... " ram sadly reply her
" ram u r wrong , I m not sad.. it just I m feeling littlie sleepy that's it" priya cheeringly says him
"again u lie to me priya why cant u understand I know when u tell the truth and when u hide the truth from me...  if u don't want to share with me why r u sad, than its ok I will not force u, u still cant able to believe me right??" in a lower voice ram says to her..
before priya says anything the car stops in front of the hotel westin.. ram books a honeymoon suits for them..  seeing the ram cars the manager comes towards the car and welcome them... .. manager hands over them the room card... ram and priya steps inside the elevator... both r silent.. ram is hurt because of priyas behavior ... priya is feeling guilty to make him sad... the elevator comes in a halt the steel door  opens automatically.. ram and priya gets down from the elevator..
they steps into the room... the whole suits is decorated with artificial flower and fragrance candles...  the candles and flower creates a perfect romantic atmospheres... without saying anything to priya ram goes to the bed room... the rose petals r spread on the bed...  the golden dim light makes the room looks attractive ... Stepping into the room ram goes near the window.. he opens the window and lets the air caresses his face... he is looking at the twinkling sky.. he is very hurt... In a far distance priya is looking at ram.. she is crushing herself  for hurting ram... tonight is very special for them but she spoil ram moods... she cant see her man sad so she moves near him, and stands by his side..
" I m sorry" priya sadly says..
"sorry for what" looking at the sky ram asks her..
"sorry for hurting u" priya in a soft voice reply to him..
"u did not hurt me" without any expression ram says her..
priya is feeling very bad for the way ram is talking with her... she cant controls her tears anymore... tears starts to flow from her beautiful eyes...
"i m sorry ram plz talk to me" in choking voice priya says ram
ram looks at priya... seeing her tears he also becomes sad.. he pulls her in his arms, and holds her tightly...
"plz baby don't cry,plz baby, I m sorry, ...  u lied to me so I became a little sad... I did not ignore  u for hurting u doll... plz baby now stops crying" saying all this in one breath ram is caressing her back for soothing her... feeling his warmth priya is feeling a little better.. .some minutes later ram and priya separates from each other... ram wipes her tears and cups her face...
" u know how much I hate ur tears than u let them flow from your eyes " making a child face ram asks her..
priya raises her hands and wipes his tear..
"kya karti main aap mujhe thikse baat bhi nahi kar rahe the, mujhe bardas nahi hoti jab aap mujhe ignore karte han" priya reply in a sad voice..
"kya karu mai, tum mujhe jhoot kyun bol rahi thi ki tum sad nahi thi, jab tum mujhe mr kapoor bola car mai tabhi samaj gaya kit um jhoot bol rahi ho, priya main tumare pati hun aab tum kya sochti ho, kyun sad hoti ho, kyun naraz hoti ho, kaunsa cheez tumeh bother karti han ya sab kuch janne ka haq han meri... Priya sach bolna maine kuch kiya han kya jiske liya tum hurt ho hi ho?? Ram asks her still he is cupping her face..
priya lower her gaze and says..
" aapne jab bola ki mujhse pehle aab bohat sare ladkiya ko apne uthaya to mai uss baat ko tolerate nhi kar pah rahi thi, ajeb sa dard mehesoos ho raha tha... aisa nahi ki mai apko trust nahi karti aur apke past se mujhe koi problems han... but mai tolerate nahi kar pati hun aapko kisi aur ladki k shate... mujhe bohat dard hota han... aisa lagta han koi mujhse meri jaan ko china chate han,... Mujhe pata tha agar tab mai aap ko ya sab bolti to aab aur bhi sad ho jati ya soch k ki aap meri mood off kar diya han.. iss liya tab maine aap ko jhoot bola..  I m sorry aagese kabhi jhoot nahi bolungi"
ram forces her to look at his eyes...
"priya I love u... kyun mujhe tum itna pyaar karti ho??? Maine mazak krte krte tumeh hurt ki, aur main a hurt hu iss liya khud k taklif tumne mujhse chupaya... job hi ladki meri zendegi mai aaye the sab time pass k liya tha... mai tumare liya jo feel karti hun wo iss se pehle kisi k liya bhi feel nahi ki... tumeh sayed andaza bhi nhi hoga tum mere liya kya ho priya...tumeh meri jaan bachti han priya, mai kuch bhi kar sakti hun tumare ek smile k liya... jab tum sad hoti ho mujhe boha taklif hoti han... bohat jada...  I m sorry baby mazak mazak mai, maine tumeh itna hurt kiya..." Ram says o her in a guilty voice...
priya does not want to spoil their special night..so she cups his face and stars to placing some sloppy kiss on his face... ram taken back for her sudden action... Priya pulls his face little close to her lips.. their lisps  r almost touching each other... ram slips his hands on her waist.. he pulls her more close to him ... their body is glued with each  other.. ram takes her luscious lips in his mouth... Feeling his cold lips priya shivers a little... Ram is kissing her softly... he is lightly sucking her  lips... a unknown pleasure is running through her spin... Both r lost in the moment...


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Loved ih u expressed so manyy feelings in one os jus loved ih
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Posted: 2013-11-02T15:08:22Z
Wow thanku sooo sooo much 
muahhh moina Hug
Superbbb dreamy rayalicious os 
yummy tha Tongue
ab toh aur mangungi ..hehe next do na Embarrassed
mast os ...beautifully written...every pain ..joy..atlast raya ek ho gaye 
love u gugi 
muahhh pakhi Heart
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loved it dear its so awesome i enjoyed it so much... its just too gud Priya's possesiveness were so lovely she can't share her man nor able to see him with anyone then her too gud Ram is also loyal to Priya is too gud enjoyed the part so much... do write more will be waiting to see..
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Posted: 2013-11-02T22:43:23Z
just loved it dear 
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Posted: 2013-11-02T22:54:13Z
it was nice and romantic moment in raya life 
thanx for the pm
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Posted: 2013-11-03T00:34:24Z
Lovely... so beautiful Smile
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Posted: 2013-11-03T01:24:36Z
Lovely OS.  Do write more.  If possible plz pm me.
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