FF: Laws of Attraction: Part 34:The Grand Finale- pg 136

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Hey Guys...
For some reason my account and the thread got deleted.

Will post the FF again.

http://www.india-forums.com/forum_posts.asp?TID=3774335&TPN=78-Part 29
http://www.india-forums.com/forum_posts.asp?TID=3774335&TPN=81-Part 30
http://www.india-forums.com/forum_posts.asp?TID=3774335&TPN=86-Part 31


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wow that's a wonderful news waiting fo the update.
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welcome back Smile
was missing ur ff very much Smile
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hey thanx for updating again
looking forward for it
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Hey welcome back dear...Hug Waiting to read the ff...Was missing it badly...
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welcome back
looking forward for the updates

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Part 1 : Credit - Original Writer

The orange sky gave out a magnificent picture of the setting sun. The blazing ball of fire had acquired a mellow frame.
Ram looked out at the setting sun from behind the wired mesh.. He had always liked the sunset, it brought about a sense of calm in him. Today however was an exception, there would be no calm, he could feel the rage engulf his body as the memories of last night came back to him..What a fool he had been..so blind that he could not see his own doom.

Ram reached out his coat pocket and took out the cigarette. He had kicked the habit years ago but today he knew he needed a smoke. Ram put the cigarette in his mouth and lit the other end. As he took a drag, he could feel his body relaxing...he watched as the ring of smokes made their way towards the window..Ram closed his eyes to avail a few moments of peace before he decided the next course of action..

Suddenly the door swung open and the commissioner walked in. Ram opened his eyes and let out a deep sigh.. At last the commissioner had come to his senses..

No need to apologize, i know you were just ding your duty..
Ram stared long at the commissioner.  Unlike most high ranked officials, the commissioner was a young lad who had astonished everyone by quickly climbing up the ranks. 

Siddharth Singh stared back at Ram..Another of the so called high class socialite who thinks law is wrapped around his little finger. 
I am sorry to burst your bubble Mr. Kapoor, but the FIR has been registered and the arrest warrant issued. Please stub out the cigarette and follow me to complete all the procedures.

Ram looked open jawed towards Siddharth causing the cigarette to fall into the ground. Was he out of his mind...arresting me? 

Before Ram could fathom anything Siddharth laid out the copy of the FIR and arrest warrant. Ram looked at the FIR...Section IPC 498 A...harrasment and domestic violence..what the crap..Ram let out a volley of expletives as his eyes darted to the other charges mentioned in the FIR. ..Section 307..Ram looked in astonishment at the FIR and then at Siddharth...

Siddharth understood the question in Ram's eyes...Yes, Mr. Kapoor, we are arresting you for murder...

Sheena is dead...was all Ram could come up with..

No, Mr. Kapoor we are charging you for the murder of Mr. Vishal Seth, the CEO of Kapoor industries...

To be Continued
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oh god ram has been arrested on murder charge
the ff is interesting hoping he is innocent
continue soon waiting for next part
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