FF- I Tried to be Yours - Updtd Part 29 Pg 48 07/05/14

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Hey people,

Writng after a long time a fanfic for IF and probably for BALH's Ram and Priya - though this version of Ram and Priya would be different. Hope you enjoy reading.

Update in the next post.
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Mr Kapoor we are sorry, your wife hs slipped into coma

The earth shattered beneath his feet, as he heard those words coming out. How can it be possible, how just can it happen, it's not true, he kept on repeating these lines to himself , he kept on saying that this cannot happen at all, Priya cant slip into coma.

He wanted to be more sure of this unknown acceptance and he questioned one more time to the doctors, that whtever he had heard right now, was it really true. The doctors nodded in affirmative saying that they tried their level best to keep Priya's senses alive, but she was not responding at all, they could not help after which, and she slipped into coma.

A nurse came out holding a little figure in her hands, she came near Ram and said "hold this little figure with you, it's your baby".

The words took a little time to register in his ears as he still not had come in terms over the news regarding Priya. The nurse repeated the lines and asked him to hold his baby. Ram at first just didn't knew what to say and how to react, but then he slowly  lkd at that tiny angel and his eyes were moist with tears filled up that he was not able see the vision clearly.

The scene would have remained same and still until One of the doctors from the team, Dr. Neha Bannerjee , who was treating Priya's pregnancy, and was with Priya in the OT as her gynaec and also had been a family friend of Ram since ages came near him and said , " Hold this little one Ram, she is yours, she is all yours and Priya's little baby girl" " Hold her up Ram, she is waiting for her father to hold her "

The word father rang in his ears, and Ram with a moment given wiped out his tears and came near the little one, his eyes were full placed on this girl, he looked at Dr. Neha and asked with a heavy tone yet sounding soft: " Is this mine, is this really mine?"

Neha nodded in affirmative and said : " She is yours Ram, only yours, Priya delivered her and.."

There was a silence for a while and Ram adjusted himself while taking an immense control over his emotions for the moment, went near his baby girl, he slided his adult fingers into this little one's and then holded it softly, he kissed those little hands and then kept his hands on her tiny body. He asked the nurse through signs who was holding her to give it to him. 

The nurse very delicately placed this little angel in her father's hands, Ram took his girl in his arms and a plethora of emotions rided under him. He caressed her cheeks with his own, he brought her near to his face and felt her, gave her a fatherly kiss on her forehead, and her tiny chest, he cupped her eyes with a kiss and felt her once again, he had become a father, a father of a little girl, a girl whom he had always dreamt of, he had always desired his first child a girl, though he had promised that he would take any one ' whether a girl or a boy to be fathered to as it would be a god's gift and Priya's biggest surprise and a gift of lifetime to him. 

He holded the little one's palms delicately and kept her in his arms looking at her lovingly and adoringly, she was just like what he had expected, a perfect mix of him and Priya, her eyes were like him, mischievous, and tiny lips like Priya's, her nose was also like Priya,  but her round face was just like him. He had felt the world in his just by holding her, he called out saying to her: " Hey tweetie, you are mine, u see, you are mine, you knw why I am saying this , its bec I am your father, your dad, and that I love you , love you and just love you, welcome to the world sweets"

After few moments, the nurse asked him to give back the baby to her as she has to keep her in incubator, Ram panicked for a while after hearing incubator but she assured him it's just for baby's safety as she is too thin and tiny. Neha assured him that his baby is doing fine and he need not have to worry about her. 

Ram quipped saying that yes, he didn't have to worry about the baby, but Priya, today she had the most beautiful gift within her and she is not with me to see her.  He handed the baby to the nurse and watched her being taken away from him with full of emotions, he wanted to hold her one more time but gained composure after receiving this happiness.

He then turned and questioned Neha about Priya as how could this happen, how can she go in a coma; she had assured him that nothing would go wrong, then?

Neha was silent at this question and Ram sensed something undesirable, he asked Neha whether she is hiding anything from him, whether he doesn't knw what he is supposed to know as a husband. 

Neha nodded saying "Yes"

Ram asked her to tell what had happened, how could Priya's pregnancy go wrong when he himself got assurance from her that she is fine, and she wl be delivering normally, then what had happnd that Priya went in a coma.

Neha said that she should not say this but she is glad that Priya went in a coma, Ram got super annoyed hearing this from her and questioned her about what she just tried to say, Neha regained composure and said the same line yet again, that she is glad that Priya went in a coma, otherwise she had given all hopes of her survival.

Ram was shocked to the core and looked at her with loads of questions surrounding him.  He asked her to repeat what she just said, Neha insisted that now whatever he is hearing is right, Priya had less chances of survival post pregnancy, this pregnancy was risky to her at every stage, and that Priya had lost lots of blood than expected while delivering her child. 

Ram looked at her with once again plethora of emotions sliding from anger, disgust, pain and hurt. He couldn't believe what he was hearing and what he was going through in the smallest time he was there at the front. 

He moved towards Neha and holded her arms and asked one more question, probably the last one as he didn't had any more strengths to face the trials, " Did Priya knew abt all this?"

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Have read this before Smile ! And its a different and beautiful one..

Am only waiting for the next part till now.. WinkWink

Good going !!Smile
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@Ash : I know where you have read it LOL pls wait till I come to the next or the latest part fr your links Hug
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Nice start.. Big smile
Good news came with a shocking news for Ram..one side he took his baby in his arms nd otherside his wife slipped in coma..he is going through plenty of emotions which u have described very nicely.. Clap
I think priya already knew about this..
Cont soon..
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nice start continue soon 
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" I hate you Ms Priya Sharma" " Make sure you don't even come in front of me, I will destroy you for sure otherwise and that's a promise" 

Down came the reply from the man Mr Ram Kapoor and Priya shivered to death after listening to this tune. She was horrified and preferred to walk silently away from his office and thus made an exit. She had come to apologize for her behavior but never did she expected this answer from him. She knew that she had hurted this man badly but she genuinely wanted to say sorry to him. She realized that a drop of tear had come on her face. 

She was crying, and she couldn't hide it, she sobbed more for a while and then took a control on her emotions, and left the Kapoor Industries office in no time.  On her way out she was thinking that why did she felt bad of his words, why did at the first place she came here where she would have managed to meet him outside somewhere and plainly apologize and leave. At the outset she would have easily given back to him as she would always, but what happened today to her, she didn't had any answers to her questions.  She kept on asking why this man RK mean so much to her whereas she always had least bothered about him.

On the desk of his cabin, Ram was upset and super angry, he couldn't help but thought of Priya Sharma, he kept on thinking as to why did she even came in front of him? Why the hell was she here despite knowing the fact that how much he hated her? Why was she here to say sorry or apologize for whom the words doesn't mean anything, just a lame one for him to hear and she to say, especially after knowing that the damage was already done.

He had never liked this girl and hated her to the core ever since he had met her; at the very first meeting he had shown displeasure of even meeting her.  5 yrs before when he had accidently bumped on her; he had found her arrogant, irritable and irresponsible brat.

Their first meeting at the International Apt in Mumbai was no less than a disaster. He was rushing towards Terminal 1 A to board his flight to PARIS, while she being on the same terminal was rushing to catch the flight to NYC. In their rush both bumped into each other quite horridly, and all their belongings which they were carrying was spread out in the area.

Ram super annoyed at this juncture asked this girl whether she cant even see while walking , or is she walking on the aisle? Priya – the girl in her tomboyish lks wearing jean and Tees, gave it back to him in the same fashion, she didn't hesitated to say to him that he would have done this deliberately after seeing her. Ram was disgusted to see this thought coming from her. 

He said : " I have better things to do in my life than meeting you this way"

She too was not going to be quite either, " Even I have better things to do, and I would prefer to bump any other s**y man than you loose bull"

Ram was super pissed off hearing this and ws more angry : " What did you just said ?"

Priya who was already pissed off and more so after seeing her things lied down scattered in the area repeated : " Yes I did said that you are a loose bull?"

Ram couldn't bear this anymore as he felt that this girl is going super ahead in making him mad and is disgusting than he would have had  from her.  He pulled her close to him and twisted her arms. 

Priya yelled in despair and said : " You are hurting me Man "

Ram : " And wht did u feel that you have not hurted me? It hurts right " he twisted her arms more tightly so to give her more pain, and Priya shrieked in pain, and said : " Leave it, otherwise I wl make noise"

Ram who was pissed off since he too couldn't bear his things lying down in such a way at the area said : " Yes you can make the noise but for that you should be able to do that right?"

He pulled her back in his arms and gave a strong kiss on her lips and pushed her back. 

Priya was bewildered at this move from him and before she could express her disgust , he had collected his things and was about to move towards his flight, when he turned back and said : " That was your punishment for your misbehavior with me, never ever meet me again, you wl rem this forever"

Ram walked away from there and Priya was in her state of shock but soon she recovered and said : " I promise Mr , I wl never ever forget this meeting, and pray that we don't see each other any time soon, you wl pay for this for sure "

She collected her things and moved towards to catch her flight, but the incidents kept on ringing in her head, on the other side Ram too couldn't help but to register this meeting and the incident in his head. They had promised to each other that if they meet again they would make each other to pay for this first meeting.

Till date in the 5 years time Ram had hated Priya, and considered her as the reason for his hurt at every step. 

He was shattered on the grounds by realizing that Priya knew everything regarding her pregnancy risks.  Neha confirmed to him when he questioned her.  Neha kept on saying sorry to him but Ram had already walked away from her and had come outside the hospital. On the grounds he gave himself away and felt as if everything has walked away from him.

The tears didn't knew to stop from his eyes, and he kept on asking to himself : Why did she do this to me again? Why is she so selfish? What made her to do this?

He wiped out his tears and said to himself : "  I was right about you Priya, and today you yet again made me to believe that I hate you "
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ram is super angry on priya
hope he will calm down
continue soon waiting for next part
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