FF Pyaar ek khubsurat ehsaas pg 100 updt(Page 81)

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oh priya drooling over n ram testing her to know her exact feelings for him.

thank u for dear  cmnts Tongue
ram ne bohut try kiya samjane ke liye lekhin madam tho sunre nahi LOL
isliye reverse psychcology apply kiya  dekhengey iske results kyaa honge Wink

lute koi mann ki dagar bann ke mere saathiLOLLOL
lage rho ram
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wow tho aaj mera neend udne wali thi thnk u
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Originally posted by bpatil3

Originally posted by .sangs123.

Originally posted by bpatil3

oh priya drooling over n ram testing her to know her exact feelings for him.

thank u for dear  cmnts Tongue
ram ne bohut try kiya samjane ke liye lekhin madam tho sunre nahi LOL
isliye reverse psychcology apply kiya  dekhengey iske results kyaa honge Wink

lute koi mann ki dagar bann ke mere saathiLOLLOL
lage rho ram

ram ji sab kuch karne ke liye thayyar hain lekhin madam tho bechare ko samaj hi nahi paari LOLLOLWink
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wow tho aaj mera neend udne wali thi thnk u

i will be so so glad if u enjoy my updts Tongue
my pleasure dearWink
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Originally posted by .sangs123.

Originally posted by lpsakshi

wow tho aaj mera neend udne wali thi thnk u

i will be so so glad if u enjoy my updts Tongue
my pleasure dearWink

hahahah waise i thnk its going to be a A certified update am i rite

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Originally posted by lpsakshi

Originally posted by .sangs123.

Originally posted by lpsakshi

wow tho aaj mera neend udne wali thi thnk u

i will be so so glad if u enjoy my updts Tongue
my pleasure dearWink

hahahah waise i thnk its going to be a A certified update am i rite

its only a romantic updt Big smile
baas rain dance aur thoda romance nothing more than that Wink
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so sorry to make u all wait so here is the update i wanted to update yesterday got struck in making a romantic update i wanted to give simple scene in hut but after seeing cmnts i got that all are waiting for a romantic updt so i tried to give a romantic one but the credit of this goes to my choti chillpc
thank u so much choti for helping me out Hug

i got struck and she helped me really love u choti and god bless u and am so blessed to have u and all my lovable readers in my life
i wanted to complete this ff and start the other ffs soon but as it is near to 100 page i wanted to give the last updt on 100 page so next one will be last one then will continue with other ffs
so hope u all enjoy the update a lot


yaha toh koi partition nahi hain ... priya exclaimed pointing out  the place in hut

ram just searched her and there he found a wooden sticks which are in 10 rows and columns joined to each other he placed it in btw and took the shall from his bag and placed it on the wooden railing so priya with so much comfortness without any fear changed her dressing and ram also changed his attire. both were feeling hungry they just opened their bags nothing was in ram bag but priya had few sandwiches and some chips packets which she carried in her bag

ram stomach was growling in hunger but he felt a bit taken back to ask her but priya shared her food with ram .they were 2 pieces of sandwiches wraped in silver foil she gave ram one and she took 1 and they ate some chips drunks although ram never tasted nor liked sandwiches but when priya gave with her hand he loved it both of them relished on the light food what they carried and drank  some water and slept off on either side of the wooden railing .priya was so complaced she was having  good amity with ram.

her wish of getting a guy who share compatability , caring and loving was fulfilled and most importantly was he did not take any advantage of her when though she was drenched in rain and she was alone .this behaviour of ram charmed her more and made her feel special about him some where her heart started accepting him as her man.

Ram and priya are  sleeping  on the hay with  the wooden railing apportioning them. Both were gazing at each other and trying to be unnoticed to each other. When ram looked at priya she was seeing the other side and when priya was watching ram , he was looking at the other side this continued for some time. Ram got fascinated by priya beauty and started relishing it and doze off without his consent and priya was also adoring her man and enthralled in him and went to deep slumber un knowingly


 It was deep night @2pm the droplets of rain fell on raya from roof of hut the  pitter patter sound of  rain was sounding  like a light music and the aura of mud formed  when sky  was showering its love on mother earth in form of  rain drops  which were making the climate  even more erotic and a perfect climate for lovers the sky was singing and rejoicing in form of  thunders which made priya  scared she looked to ram from the space in between railing and found himself sleeping so cutely although ram who was not in slumber he was just pretending that he doze off priya without waiting a single sec just jumped to other side of railing and moved close to rams  and snuggled  to him,and hugged him in her embrace till her fear got dimishing by deepening the closeness of  hug ram got astonished his heart beat rose the love waves passed like a current in him  with this with this step of priya their breathes were increasing along with the intensity of rain and thunder.

Ram restlessness increased with the every single sec of priya he inhaled the fragnance of priya which increased even more  desires in him he wanted to pour the immense love which he stored for priya he encircled his hand around her waist pulls her more, turns to her side and kisses her forehead. Priya is bewildered by this drastic step of ram And looked  at him with perplexment  Priya looks at the peaceful smile plastered  on rams face, believing that he is in his sugary sleep and his innocent  face of ram made  her weak, she just did not  bother to move aside, and rises her herself and placed her cold lips on rams hot forehead, brushing his hairs moves a little down and placed a  indelible kiss on rams cheek which could remain for a life time.

But ram who was fully awake got even more  restless. Ram slowly opened his eyes, priya looked at him . They share an eyelock. Ram pulled her more and kissed her between her hairs. Priya bends her head down feeling shy

Ram:i love u priya with immense love reflected in his eyes

Priya looked at him so intently and the love in his eyes made her heart to speak those 3 words which ram was carving to hear from her those words for which ram would wait for life time

Priya: i love u too.

Saying this she hugged ram the 2 love birds kissed each other passionately the first lip kiss which could remain as a cherished memory when they reminisce their past sweet memories they both broke the kiss for some air they were panting badly ram encircled his hand around priya waist and was about to shower his love in form of kiss once again.


Priya ran away from his grip and ram also ran back of her to catch hold of her they both got down the ladder of the hut and it was raining .Priya was running and ram was running back of her but ram was tired he was panting so he stopped for a while seeing ram standing even priya stopped running and even she was panting.

The sky felt so happy gazing the lovely couple sharing the delightful  moments and it started singing songs by thunder for which priya got scared and ran and came and hugged ram tightly.


tumko paaya hain to jaise khoya hoon

ram sung looking at priya who was in his embrace
he took her out from  his embrace and looked intently into her eyes and sung

kehna chahoon bhi to tumse kya kahoon

placing his hands on her cheeks cupping her face in his palms

kisi zabaan mein bhi vo lafz hi nahi ki jinme tum ho kya tumhe bata sakoon

he took her palm in his palms and moved legs front and back when his leg is front her leg is back and vice versa

main agar kahoon tumsa haseen

he bent on his knees and gave his hands like proposing

qayanat mein nahi hain kaheen

she gave him her hands and blushing

he took her hands and caught her middle finger and rotated her

taareef yeh bhi to sach hai kuch bhi nahi tumko paaya hain to jaise khoya hoon

he caught her near her waist and looked her intently into her eyes

tumko paaya hain to jaise khoya hoon

priya fell from ram right hand to left hand and they both twirled around each other by holding only fingers as their support

Shokhiyon mein dooobi yeh aadayein  Chehre se jhalki hui hain

Ram was hugging priya from back and they both were holding each other hands and then he scooped her in his arms

Zulf ki ghani ghani ghatayein  Shaan se dhalki hui hain

Rotated her by lifting her in air and slowly dropped her on the ground

Lehrata aachal hai jaise badal

Priya hands were on ram shoulder and ram hands on priya waist and was moving her like a swing

Bhaahon mein bhari hai jaise chandani Roop ki chandani

Raya hugged each other and ram planted a sweet kiss on her cheeks they were cherishing the moment

The water due the rain escaped through the  chasm in the roof of the hut and droplets fall on rams and priya cheeks both  got   distracted  from their sweet dreams when they faced the reality both were sleeping on either sides of  wooden railing.


When priya gazed at ram he was pretending as he is in slumber and when ram was gazing at priya she was pretending like she doze off . Ram and priya wished how beautiful it would have been if all this really happened in this way both were awake reminiscing the wonderful dream they got  the night just flew away like a sec but ram did not sleep he was gazing at her from small spaces in between  wooden railing and she was looking so so ... angelic he felt like that night should stay with them forever ...

Even priya was seeing her love who was so authentic and innocent like a small baby both were gazing each other without noticed by their partners Both  doze off at the early hours of the day and in morning both ram and priya left to search for their college clan and here successfully vikram and other friends managed to convince their faculty that priya and ram were with them.

finally raya some how reached their friends.neha hugged priya and said sorry to her for all this .priya said its ok .both thanked ram so much ram just gave a grin.they enjoyed the journey a lot it left all of them so much wonderful experiences they returned back from the trip when they were leaving from bus to their homes ram and priya felt that they should not go to homes.they were feeling like time should stop there and they just should live looking into each eyes and stay like that forever and they were intently watching into each other  eyes 2 hearts they were 2 bodies they were before the trip but after the trip they have become 2 bodies 1heart with same feeling that they cannot live without each other thinking this way and slowly they were moving in 2 opposite directions but were watching each other and feeling bad that they are gonna miss each other now. Although they meet in college but cant be with each other for the whole day like they spent in the excursion. They wanted to be with each other like that for immense time but now had to go they were leaving each other sulkingly.

Days passed

Priya anticipating that he will propose her  and ill say yes

Ram fathoming she will propose him and he will tell yes

But nothing like that happened  ram and priya  carrer was rising very brightly ram got enterprener ship with London people they conducted an exam and he was selected for it from the college. So he left to London for 6 months training and college management told that they will take care of his attendance and he should just come and attend the college during exam session.

although it was not easy for ram to live without priya but he was ready to do that for priya he wanted to make her so much happy when he marries her.


Ram was leaving for London neha vikram priya the whole college including some faculty came to the airport to abide ram

All were wishing him good journey all the best but his heart and eyes were just fixed at priya who was just looking into his eyes and stood like a statue he could percept how much she loves him her beautiful eyes were conveying that it was painful to her to abide him this way and tears were at her temple if any one would ask her the tears would make a way. The pain what priya was going the same pain ram was also going

Ram came to priya

Although she was sad but when ram was in front of her countenance changed to a smile plastered on her face ram was perplexed with her sudden change of countenance

Priya wished him congratualtions and also gave her hand both were holding each other hands and looking into  each other eyes and lost



Priya came back from her memory lane

priya in the airport sitting on the metal chair and the last call for departure of flight was announced 

priya was anticipating and talking to herself 

kaash ye waqt yaha ruk jaaye 

ram ke saath jho bhi lamhaa maine bitayi woh bohut anmol tha ek pal ke liye main woh saare lamhoo ko bhul nahi sakthi 

i wish ram should come here and take me 

i want to hug him in my embrace and want to cry till all my agony is vented out from my heart 

i want to rest on his heart and listen his heart beat and find solace in his heart

i just want to see him for 1 last time and envision his image in my heart and this image would remain in my heart till my last breathe 

i wish i could have rewinded time and get him in my life 

i lost him 

i lost him forever 

i love him but i can't get him 

i made a mistake for which am loosing for ever 

i wanted the time to stop here and dont want to see a day where i will be away from ram 

i wish this time should stop 

priya was sobbing and talking all this in heart

 some one came there and placed hands on priya shoulder from back and priya turned ... 

so after reading everything i think everyone are so curious to know who is it who placed hands on priya what happened in past why priya is trying to go to abroad

so lots of questions but answer is my next update

so keep waiting for my nxt updates

if u like my update press likes and will waiting for ur cmnts TongueTongue

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superb part...!!!!
leaving us wid suspense...!!!! Confused LOL

thnx fr the credits...rofl...likha toh aapne... LOL LOL

is baar pta nhi kya commnts doon... LOL
decoration superb... LOL

ab toh waiting for the next part only...!!!!! Smile

contn soon...!!!
thnx fr the pm...!!Smile
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