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Hi.. friends, I am representing a os here. Hope u all like this. This is one part of os and will bring another part if u guys like it. So please do comment on same. 
Thank you.  


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One Time Read: Page 10

Dinner :-Part One

Sleeping on the grey couch draped in white net sari with heavy and broad embroidery border, her head rests on the hand rest while her chest and stomach face the ceiling, her legs has already made their way straitening on the couch with her left hand on her waist and another rests on the grey velvet sheet of couch, each hand embellishing beautiful batch of red glass bangles with diamond kadas on batch's extremity, Legs adorning beautiful golden anklets with red and white stone studded  toe rings on index finger of foots.  Her forehead adorned the red mark made of vermilion conveying her marital status and mangalsutra daggling around her neck fasten by her only love claiming her , her face facing the beautiful dinner tablescape with lots of delicious meals placed secured under lids of elegant white and golden porcelain diner set. The table is set on beautiful cream lace table's cloth centered with Tower Vase with white dendrobium orchids and designer long ceramic candle stands on both sides of table lighting long white candles. Light of candles is making her face so alluring that today moon shyly hide itself under duvet of clouds . Hair lay openly on her left shoulder. Outside the cool breeze is blowing making its way into their bedroom through window blowing away net cream curtains from its way and making the wind chimes singing its own composition.  Tonight's sky consisting dim light stars are playing hide and sick are covered with fluffy clouds. It seems after preparing such delicious food and setting the table to its perfection, she is too tired that her eyes were closed into deep slumber automatically, while waiting for her beloved husband who on other hand is stuck up again with a last business meeting of the day which meant to be for two hours but expired after five long hectic hours. The clock strikes its small finger on eleven and bigger one on five while it's most active finger still making sound of tik tik tik, Oh he is too tired after  such unwanted delayed meeting. On his way to their bedroom he starts thinking of an  idea to beatify her  in best possible way as he thinks she will be really exasperate on him on returning at this time and that too when he promised her today morning itself that they will have their dinner together, although he informed her around 8'O clock in the interval of meeting that he will not be able to make out for dinner and requested her to not get late and have her meal of tonight but as usual he gets his return answer by hanging up of call on the other side. He definitely knows that he has turned up his beloved beautiful wife into a wild cat and he now needs to make earth and sky one to make his wild cat once again his beloved wife. When he steps in his bedroom and locked the door left behind him; as he turns, his chain of thoughts giving birth to best ideas came to halt as he  is surprised to see beautiful dinner decorations set up in dim lights of candles, as he move his eyes more upwards his eyes got fixed at aesthetic piece on couch. His footsteps have made their own way towards the artistic piece made by god. His breath standstill as his heart beats three times faster than normally making a 'thud' 'thud'  sound as if its seems it will come out from his body, his forehead clad in  drops  of precipitation. He stands enrapt right in front of the couch where his sleeping beauty lies. It's hard for him to control by not letting himself touching her, as if he does that it will break her peaceful slumber.  His attraction broke as he sees, she is stirring in her sleep lifting up her bare waist slightly and than putting it down, while repeating this activity two-three times in a minute, It seems something is pinching her bare waist but she is too tired and engrossed in her sleep that she doesn't want to open her eye lids. A smile glides his cute face as he caress his lover's forehead with back of his fingers making its way to her crimson red cheeks, as he lifts his eternal beauty in his strong arms and come to bed and laid her on his side of bed comfortably without disturbing her beautiful peaceful sleep he kisses her forehead. He understood that she hasn't eaten food without him as he has also not eaten without her.  He smiles at her lovely face and goes back to the couch to see what was bothering her erstwhile. As he found it's a small ghoongroo of her payal which would have fallen when she was sitting on the same velvet sheet with her legs ups and waiting for him, he picks it up by taking it between his index finger and thumb and brings it close to his face to see, making its way to his ears to listen music played by it when he shakes it up, He keeps that tiny thing in his coats inner pocket and comes close to his beauty. He's hungry and tired but it's all gone as he sees one sight of her and now just wants to quench his love thirst through her. He doesn't have mood to change as he doesn't want to leave her vision from his eyes sight, not even for time required in blinking his eyes, so he just took off his jacket and laid adjacent to his wife, putting his right hand elbow on bed and raising his palm of similar hand so as to rest his head on it and capturing the vision in front of him, tucking her hair behind her ear with his another hand he continuously grin at her, approaching  his lips to hers he kisses her deeply, and at the same time thunder strikes between the clouds as rain is going to pour moistening the dry skin of this good earth, she stirred in her sleep with little frown. Again the thunder strikes and with this she comes alive to this world with a frown and scared expression on her face and seizure the vision in front of her eyes , its him, her love partner.

Ram: Hey relax, I am here.(with a assuring smile and romantic sound in his voice)

Will be continued soon...Smile

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nice one...
continue soon !!!!!!
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Superb beginning..
Priya's beauty, decorated room , candle light  , delicious food, the cloudy weather n the thundering sounds n ram lost in his beauty's view. All in all beautiful.
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Superb part...
Contn soon buddy...
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wow..every small thing is described in perfect manner...cont soon...
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it was good 
update soon 
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very nice continue asap
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