WU 19-july-2013 Khoobsuart ends wth Khoobsurat Aru

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Posted: 2013-07-20T04:29:20Z
Last Episode( i am Cry doing last episode last update)

 epi starts night scene

Aradhya room

Ehsaas hugs Aru & surprise Aru ask ehsaas ''whats that for ''
ehsaas say '' you make my most dear wish come true for giving me my papa''
Aru says '' you are happy nah''
ehsaas'' i am very very happy love you mama'' & hugs Aru again
Aru ''now go to sleep quickly be a good boy ''
Aru make ehsaas sleep & kiss sleeping ehsaas forhead & glance Madhav picture & stand infront of Madhav pic

Shekar House

shekar writting diary '' today first time i 'm happy writting the diary Aradhya today my son comes back to my life''

scene shift to Aru
Aru with Madhave picture '' because of mom request & ehsaas wish i'm goin to marry shekar
scene shift to shekar

shekar writting diary'' i've thaught many times for this marrige option & my heart keep saying me you(Aradhya her wife) also want this & that how i gather courage to ask Aradhya for this ehsaas needs a mother & Aradhya is the best mother for him''

Aru with Madhave picture '' 5 years ago you & our baby both left me because of shekar humanity i get a reason for live i've given your name to his son & now i become that far that his son become my life i always think his son as our ehsaas & a truth no one can deny for our ehsaas i am going to give him the happiness of a father''
scene shift to shekar''

shekar finished writting diary put the diary in the draw take his wife picture 7 put it in the draw too & close it.

Next Morning Pariwals House

marrige preprations going  on Rahul Prerna decorating flowers Bharti comes & tell them to work fast the guest will arrive till noon
Prerna'' mom why are you taking tension Rahul hai nah he will do evrything single handed ''
Rahul'' really if i will do the whole work then what will you do''
Prerna'' i will keep giving orders''
Bharti smiles & leave to check outside work Rahul Prerna contineo their decoration.
Bharti goes to Madhave Picture change the Mala & think with tears '' it's a saying past always lives in memories [Madhave flash back as a kid & young Madhav(this brings tears in my eyes Cry)] & sometime memories keep people stop to head toward future & knowing this fact i keep denying it & thats why today for repaying my mistake i am giving your Aru hand to shekar & shekar is a very good humanbeing Aru raised his son by giving him your name & little ehsaas always takes us to your childhood where you were innocent with innocent words & now in this house as the days pass little ehsaas will grow up just like you.''

Ardahya room

Aru sitting infront of dressing table daddy standing behind daddy take her nazar( Aru looking so pretty) Day Dreaming
daddy says '' you are looking very beatfiful as always''
bharti comes she is having tears in her eyes
Aru goes to her '' mom why are you crying ''
bharti hugs her & says '' nothing seeing you in bridal dress Madhav ki yaad ah gahi '' bharti burst in tears Aru wipes her tears & hugs her both cry daddy comes to bharti & says
daddy to bharti'' if you both will cry like this Madhav will be hurt he always wanted his family to be happy & because of your this(marrige) decision Madhve will be very happy''
daddy to Aru''  there is no need of cry you are not going away after the marrige you will saty with us just like before always & the decision life is taken for you accept it with smile & welcome your new upcoming life''
Aru with tears shakes her head in No daddy pat her


both Aru & Shekar sign the marrige papers as husband & wife Bharti Brij sign the papers as marrige witness the advocate annouces now you both become husband & wife
Aru & shekar about to exchange warmalas ehsaas intrupt them that firt they both should complete his wish &
 prerna says for ehsaas behalf that'' beign a radio jockey Aru have to sing a song & shekar have to say a poetry''
Aru knows something fishy she ask prerna '' is it ehsaas wish or yours & rahul plan ''
Pallavi spit the truth ''its prerna & rahul plan i've heard them saying this to ehsaas''
shekar smiles & join the plan & says to ehsaas '' me & your mama agree but you remember what you want your prern aunty 6 rahul uncle have to do''
ehsaas '' what papa'' shekar says '' Dance ''
ehsaas '' yes today prerna buwa & rahul uncle will dance ''
prerna protest '' this is cheating ''
Aru not let prerna to escape '' no cheating weating today we all do what ever ehsaas says'' LOL
ehsaas join Aru '' yes mamma i am with you ''
Warmala ceremony is done ehsaas says to Aru now it her turn
Aru sings a song for ehsaas '' Tera muj se pehle ka natha kohi yuhi nahi dil lubat koi janey to ya janey nah yah mane nah'' Day Dreaming
ehsaas says now it's my father turn
shekar says a poem '' ek naam tha ehsaas ...''

Prerna Rahul Dance

Rahul Prerna shake there legs on the song '' Oh radha teri chunri oh radhay tuera jumka '' (both dance really well mitali is a graceful dancer) bharti brij also do some steps
2nd song ''Ranjana me teran Kaun tere bin mera ...''
rahul perna contineou there dnace & pallavi too join  (pallavi dance very well too)
pallavi brings Aru & shekar too on the dance floor whole periwals memebrs do a bye bye

Heart & Khoobsuart ends with a Khoobsurat message by Khoobsuart ArdahyaHeart

 '' me Aradhya apni puri team ki taraf se ap ka shukriya dah karti hoon. deer sara pyar dene ke liye or hamare sath bandhey rehney ke liye. ap tak ka safar bohot khoobsurat raha ab jatey jatey apne darshakon ko is show ke zaryey me yahi kehna chati hoon ke ''bahar ki khoobsurti to sabi dekhtey he par asli sundartah maan ki hoti he.yahi me ne jiya yahi me ne jana or yahi me ne sekha haqiqat me wahi khoobsurat he '' jise hum dil ki nazar se dekhey'' Thank You Heart

really i am like Cry bear with my bad english & hindhi i tried to make it more brief & exact as the epi love Aru last message it make me Heart sorry for delay hell busy with personal work Embarrassed will love this show always & hell miss it Day Dreaming Cry Amazing job by all actors Clap love soumya aka Aru the mostHeart

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Posted: 2013-07-21T19:47:43Z
^ Thanks a lot for the WU of the episode dear! Hug
Gonna miss this show a lot ... Disapprove
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Posted: 2013-07-22T00:29:54Z
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Posted: 2013-07-22T09:10:30Z
Originally posted by rashvin

thanx Anaya

thanks rashvin
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Posted: 2013-07-22T09:10:52Z
Originally posted by -Mema-


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Posted: 2013-07-22T09:11:58Z
Originally posted by -Swetha-

^ Thanks a lot for the WU of the episode dear! Hug
Gonna miss this show a lot ... Disapprove

same here buddy Cry nothing left for me to watch on tv now Cry
thanks you are always been supported Hug
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Posted: 2013-07-22T09:12:26Z
Originally posted by riyya6


welcome buddy Hug
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