Comedy Nights with Kapil Section Rules & Regulations

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Posted: 6 years ago
Development Team
Channel Moderator:

Development Team:  Currently, the CNWK Development Team only consists of myself, Gur (gk_09). If you have any problem in the forum, any complaints, any suggestions regarding any thread, written update, video update etc, you can contact me directly.

Written and Video Updates: Written Updates and Video Updates will be provided by members who sign-up/volunteer to do them. It is requested that there be no topics asking for Written Updates/Video Updates because it could be that the Updaters live in a different time zone and update according to their time zone. Updaters put a lot of effort into their work and so it would be awesome if you guys could appreciate their work by posting a reply, and 'Liking' their updates.

New Members: CNWK is a forum where New Members are always accepted, with open arms. If you are a new member/silent member, don't be afraid, open a topic and introduce yourself in the Introduction Thread! We'd love to hear from you, what you think about the show, the characters, the members and even the forum! And remember, everyone is welcome.

Archive Mansion: All Important links are posted in the Archive Mansion, so if you ever need anything, just click on the Archive Mansion.

Help desk: Have a question? Need an answer? Post your question in the Help desk and you for sure will get a reply. Please avoid posting brand new topics of each query. They will be closed and redirected to the help desk.

Posting Pictures: Posting pictures of episode caps,or events is allowed under ONE single topic for each item. If two topics are opened for the same event, the latter will be closed. Creations are to be posted in the creation gallery and other pictures (not episode caps or events) are to be posted in the picture gallery. The dicussion of such images are to be discussed in ATs.

Bashing: Bashing is NOT allowed. Nil. No. Nahin. No bashing. Constructive criticism is allowed. Saying "I dislike so and so because she is doing this ______" is fine, but calling the character names and picking on their physical characteristics. And DO NOT bash other members either. The forum is meant for discussions, not for hate or arguments. If someone doesn't agree with your opinions, it doesn't mean you have a right to call them names and tell others to ignore them. Everyone has a right to opinion and if someone is saying something that is against the I-F CoC, REPORT them. Easy as that. PM the Dev Team or report them. That way, you don't get into trouble either.

Reporting Topics: If you come across a topic that goes against the Forum rules and I-F CoC, please report the topic by clicking on the 'Report' button or PM myself. Do not reply back into the topic, because it may lead to arguments and fights. And if there are arguments happening, every member will be looked into, regardless of whether you were trying to do the right thing. The Dev Team will try our best to deal with it.

Warnings: Honestly,  I don't believe in raising Warning Levels unless it is absolutely necessary. We believe that everyone deserves a fair chance in CNWK. If there is a problem, we will listen to both the sides of the issue before making a decision. How this will work: You will receive 3 Warning PMs before your WL will be increased. And if a member continues to bash, further action will be taken such as banning.

Problems with the Dev Team: Have problems with the Dev Team? Well, then come us, please PM us and let us know! We DT members are not biased towards any fan group but that does not mean we aren't fans of the leads or any other characters in CNWK. We have opinions too, about the show, and what improvements we might want to see in the show. But that does not make us biased. Once a problem is reported, it is the DT's worry and responsibility to deal with the problem, and just because someone is not aware of what is happening to the topics they reported, it does not mean that we are not doing anything to stop/help. If you have questions, and querries that you'd like us to answer, please PM us. We'd be happy to look into it.

Appreciation Threads: Yes, appreciation threads are allowed, but no bashing is allowed in those threads but please ask the DT permission before opening the threads. And the only condition we ask for in the threads is that an active member has to start the appreciation threads and collect all the needed, siggies, videos etc and member names of that Appreciation thread.

Language: Please try not to use the bad words and yes, we all know what those are. Using 'W*F, WTH, What the Fish, BS' is not allowed so please don't try to find a way around it. I-F and CNWK is a forum where we have members of all ages come and to try to catch up on their favourite shows. No, it might not be members themselves but visitors who might feel discouraged from joining I-F after seeing the language used.

Birthday Threads & Congratulatory Posts: Birthday threads and Congratulatory posts are allowed to be posted in the CNWK forum seeing if the member is a member of CNWK forum. (Was that confusing or what?). Anyways, the Birthday Threads can be PMed to the Dev Team members, so they can sticky it in the forum for a while ONLY if there is room. Sometimes there might not be room for the Dev Team to add another sticky as it is mandatory for enough topics for discussion to be present on the front page of the forum.

Repeated Topics: If someone has already posted a topic which shares similar views to what you have to say, please do not create a whole new topic. Instead reply in the thread the other member created first. That way the forum will be neat and clean and there wont' be multiple topics floating around.

Promos: Yes, the promo's are allowed to be posted and discussed to the heart's content, but as before, if someone has already posted the promo, go back a few pages to see and make sure you are not posting the same promo.

Rival Site Articles: Articles from Rival sites will not be allowed - even if you say rival site. Any content posted from sites like TC will be edited out and locked without a note. 

Comparison Topics/Instigating Posts/Plotting: Firstly and foremost, emphasizing in any way or form that "one couple is better than the other" will not be allowed henceforth. By now, we all know instigating topics and comparison on this forum are not allowed. Some members purposely instigate others and believe they can get by with it and some plan attacks in other places and decide to disrupt the functioning of the forum. Well, it will not happen anymore.

Discussions on Actor's Personal Life : You have right to comment on actors, their acting & their style while being not crossing the line but to comment on actors personal life & people who are part of their personal sphere won't be appreciated here at IF.  What any celebrity do in their personal life is their Personal Matter. Its their life & they have complete freedom to live it the way they wants to. We are no one to interfere in it.

Member Talk: Please avoid commenting on certain members or fan groups. We are not here to talk about how one fan group is like XYZ or another is like ABC. We are here to discuss the show. Any member talk will not be entertained.

I think that's about it LOL Please review all the rules above and be sure that you know exactly what they are. Violators will be contacted and dealt with individually. This forum is for everyone, not one particular fan group or individual.

For concerns, please feel free to contact myself (gk_09) and I'll be glad to help you.

CNWK Development Team

[Credit: SkyLight & MB Forum]
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