ff mpsk updt updt pg 148 note(Page 76)

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Originally posted by luvbalh

must be rajini kanth .. taliwar

hehe thanks for cmnts Tongue
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Originally posted by vironikajain

Nice preview..
I know whats coming..so no suspense Wink
Update soon..

thank u viru yaar Hug
hehe u know naa keep waiting for golu and goli LOLLOL
ill updt soonBig smile
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Originally posted by 123fiza

Shocked what will happen now ..ram doesnt know priya amd rajat relation..dont want ram to misunderstand priya...update soon

thank u fiza dear for cmntsTongue
hehe dont worry yaar nothing is gonna happen Big smile
ill updt soonTongue
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Originally posted by leena04

Ram will surly help Priya to bring her bro to home... he loves her endlessly & trust her too so waiting for next loving & caring Ram... do post soon...

thank u leena dear for cmnts Hug
hehe ur right dear
but how he will do it will see Big smile
ill post soonTongue
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Hiii sangs... finally I got to read all the parts.
It's beautiful story. They both are in deeply love. and each update the story shaping is excellent. loved it. I'm also eagerly waiting How Ram is gonna help her.
Waiting. sorry for late reply. you know as Iam not in the forum for so many days.
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Originally posted by luvsakshi

Hiii sangs... finally I got to read all the parts.
It's beautiful story. They both are in deeply love. and each update the story shaping is excellent. loved it. I'm also eagerly waiting How Ram is gonna help her.
Waiting. sorry for late reply. you know as Iam not in the forum for so many days.

thank  u dear for cmnts Tongue
thanks a lot for loving it
ill cont soon Big smile
hm ram will help her
will see how he helps her
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thank u guys for all the love and effection u have shown by liking and commenting on my updtsHug
love u allHeart

part 27:

 taj five star hotel:

ram came to attend his meeting with clients and the meeting was finished and he very excitedly was pacing towards the exit of the hotel to reach home soon to spend some quality time with his love.

But he came across priya who was giggling and giving hifi to a guy he stopped there for a while



I uttered slowly

Is it my priya i asked myself

Priya but what is she doing here she will be in college at this time naa then what is she doing here she did nt inform me that she is going out


May be she forget to tell me

She is enjoying a lot must be she came with her friends but when she smiles i forget this world so cute her smile is ram blushed looking at his love

Priya ki bacchii jitna hasnaa hain hasoo thu ghar aaa main tujhey ek pal ke liye sone nahi dungi

Saying this ram left the place by scratching his hair on back

Priya was having gala time with her brothers mother and sister in law she enjoyed a lot more than the lunch she enjoyed spending time with the complete family

All of them were wishing that if their father would be there then that would become a complete family they were praying god that a day should come where all the family should enjoy like this with their father.

Rajat and jyothi went to their guest house in mumbain outskirts and shipra and karthick left by their car to Sharma house and priya left to mansion by taking a cab

Priya was in cab seating on the rear seat


I kept my hands on my heart and talking to myself

Ram i missed u so much in this dinner

Am feeling very guilty to hide the truth from u but what should i do i don't know how will u react to this my mom told me not to tell it to u

But my brain is telling to follow my mother words but my heart is telling to share it with u

I don't know what to do ram

I should tell u or nt

I was praying plz god show me a way that ram himself should know this truth

And finally after crossing this heavy traffic i reached mansion i paid the bill and entered mansion

Priya took  blessings from dadi and Krishna ji who were seating on the couch and waiting for priya in the living room.

Dadi:priya puttar  itna dheer kaise hogayi aaj

Priya:woh dadi aaaj special class thi

Krishna:achaa teek hain priya tum jake fresh hojavoo main bansi kaka se chai bhechungi

Priya:nahi maa iski kyaa zarorat hain main karlungi maa

Krishna:subah gayi thi aur aab laut kar ayi hoo bohut thak gayi hogi beta main bhijwadungi beta

Priya:teek hain maa thank u

Saying this priya bend and hugged Krishna

And Krishna  kissed priya on her cheeks and blessed her by placing her hands on priya head

Priya left to raya bed room

Ram was watching on the couch and watching cricket there

Priya came but ram did nt notice her he was so engrossed that he forgot the world

Priya called ram but he was in his own world

Priya left to changing room and changed into a light pink colour 2 piece nighty and came out

Bansi kaka bought 2 tea cups for them and also onion pakoda for them .Priya thanked bansi kaka and kaka left the love birds. Priya slowly came and sat on side of ram's couch. Ram did nt even notice her he was just watching cricket without blinking his eyes. Priya was just intently watching ram.

Priya slowly put hands on ram's shoulder

Ram turned to priya side

Ram:oh priya thu aagayi kaisa thaa college


Oh noo i cant tell truth nor hide the truth what should i tell i bunked the college and went to hotel to meet my brother and sister in law

What should i tell

I was facing other side and thinking what should i tell him

Ram waved his hand in front of priya cheeks

Ram:priya u there

Priya:yes ram

She said turning her face to ram's side

Ram: ok then  am asking u something how was ur day today


don't know what to tell

but some how i told

priya:yes it was a good day and i enjoyed a lot

ram:oh but what were u doing in taj hotel at 2 pm u should be in college naa at that time



 oh main..

i was stammering to say i was blank what should i tell ram must be ram saw me there with my brother

what should i tell i tell the truth to ram yes i will tell am feeling so guilty about this

ram again waved his hands to priya

ram:priya what is wrong with u today am asking u something and u are in ur world

priya:ram can i tell u something will u forgive me after i say that

ram cupped priya face and told

ram:priya what happened why ur asking like this to me

ram cupped priya face and said looking into her beautiful mesmerising eyes

priya more than i love u i trust u i know u are uncomfortable in sharing something from me i can read it in ur eyes

priya was startled to listen this from ram and she looked deeply into blue enchanting eyes of ram

ram: i trust u completely whenever  u feel comfortable to tell u share with me

now common give me a big grin...

a lonely tear escaped from priya eyes

priya:ram ur so nice iam so blessed to have understanding husband like u

priya hugged ram in embrace and ram was caressing her hair but priya hugged him more tightly to feel secure in his embrace

ram hug is like solace to her her insecurity of loosing ram when he knows that rajat truth is killing her she tighten her grip more and more she wants to feel him

finally the 2 love birds entered a different world where they belong to each other and no one can invade their own world priya was feeling so much secured in ram arms she forgot what is gonna happen in future in feeling ram


don't disturb them

raya are enjoying pouring love on each other

next day morning :

the beautiful sun was peeping slowly into raya room wishing them good morning

ram was sleeping on priya bossom holding tightly at priya gerth and priya slowly got up and felt heavy she saw ram slowly she woke him up by caressing his hair

priya:good morning ram

ram lazily opened his eyes

ram:gd morning sweet heart

he kissed on her bossom and  got up from priya and slept on the pillow and said

ram:uff itna jaldi subah hogayi hum toh abhi abhi sogayee the

kaash isaa hotha ki raat 16 hrs hoo aur dhin 8 hrs hoo

jab se humara shaadi hua hain mujhey isaa kahayal aare priya

priya blushed listening  listening

priya slept on ram's chest and was listening his heart beat peacefully

they both got up and priya went to washroom to freshen up ram was seating on the couch and reading news paper and he got diverted from his reading when he heard priya phone ringing

ram slowly got up and went towards the cot desk to pick up priya phone

ram took the phone and saw rajini was calling



ram uttered

ram:priya tumhara phone bhajraa ha hain

koi rajini naam ki ladkii hain

but priya was nt listening to ram so ram picked up the call and

a male voice called priyu...

ram was shocked and...

screen fades on his skeptical face ...

waiting for ur cmnts and likes TongueTongueTongue
guys iam nt having time so am updating here in thread thank u so much guys now my buddy list has increased from 77 to 103 am so overwhelmed with this response
i just hope i get the same response in all my upcoming updts

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Lol I wanna see Ram expression when he heard "Priyu" from other side.
I can so imagine. nice update. Short and sweet.
After long time I'm commenting first...
waiting eagerly for next part.Edited by luvsakshi - 2013-11-16T08:27:05Z
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