OS : The Diary of 2013

Posted: 2013-06-10T11:37:50Z

It's a restless night for him.From the last two hours, he is searching the most precious thing of his life, while cursing his own fate that how could he be so irresponsible.

She,suddenly,taps on his shoulder. "You must be looking for this" she says, while handing over the diary of 2013 to him. "Aah,he sighs, how well u understand me..I cant do without u even a single day."

"By the way, where did u find it" he asks..

"In your study" she replies, while making a direct contact with his eyes.

"I so wanted to read it.Would u like to join me.?" He looks at her in suspicion because,deep inside his heart, he knows her answer..

And as always, she denies and says she can't as dadi is waiting for her..He smiles at  her lame excuse..but didn't say a single word, as he knows her, her hidden pain..She leaves the room in hurry coz  it has now become impossible for her to hide her tears from him.

He sits on the edge of his bed and turns to a random page of his fav diary.

So, its PRATHAM. Are you sure papa..?? , Pihu asks while adjusting herself on ram's lap..

Yes rockstar, ram replies in full excitement, didn't u like it..?? Big smile

Acha toh hai, par Pratham ka mtlab kya hota hai papa..?? Pihu asks innocently.. Confused

Pratham means first.. Ram replies while holding his daughter's face in between his palms.. 

Toh chota baby mumma ka first baby hai..?? , Pihu asks again..

Yes..No..I mean..uh.., Ram withdraws his hands and  scratches his head, ummm…leave it na..rockstar aap ye btao ki aap chote baby se kitna pyaar karte ho….

Itttaaa saara, Pihu says while stretching her hands, and papa maine toh ye bhi decide kr liya hai ki mai uske sath kaun kaun se games khelungi, Papa main na use hamesha protect karungi sabse and use drawing karna bhi toh main hi seekhaungi na papa..I'm a big girl now..Smile

Ram pulls her into a big hug…yes darling, u r a big girl..but sirf chote baby ke liye..Papa aur mumma ke liye aap hamesha little princess hi rahoge…Big smile

Meanwhile priya comes and join them on bed..

Arrey wah…kya baatein ho rhi papa aur princess mein.., Priya asks and sits on her side..Smile

Mumma, maine aur papa ne chote baby ka name decide kar liya.., Pihu replies with full enthusiaism.

Priya smiles on pihu's excitement.., Acha, kya naam socha hai chote baby ka..?? 

Pratham..You know mumma, pratham means first..aur papa ne mujhe btaya ki chota baby aapka first baby hai.. pihu says and ram coughs at the same time..

Priya gives a hitler look to ram.., first baby..?? Shocked Angry

ummm.. I mean, after pihu its our first baby na.. Ram says in a low tone…Embarrassed

Mr. Kapoor, koi 10-12 bachhe nhi hone wale hai hamare…how can u……. Angry but then she realises the presence of Pihu…Pihu, its bed time..chalo ja ke brush karo aur change karo…mumma aake aapko abhi bed time story sunaegi...go baby…

Being a good daughter, Pihu leaves the room..

Haan toh Mr. Kapoor ye hamara  first baby hai…according to ur new logic…hai na.., she turns to face Ram.. 

What's the big deal yaar…This would be our 'first' baby boy..that's why Pratham..and I've researched also.. this name is so auspicious..and moreover the name Pratham makes you quick-minded, versatile, and very expressive. And you know what, this name is perfect for a person who is adaptable and creative in responding to new situations, just like you..Believe me, this baby would be the xerox copy of u,Priya.. Ab bolo…haina perfect name…?? Ram explains..

Priya with her jaw dropped, Mr. Kapoor…abhi 6 months baki hai..pehle baby toh aane do..phir uske naam pe research karna…and aapko kaise pata ki ye baby boy hai….

Arrey mujhe kahan pata..abhi baby girl ka naam toh kal decide karenge na mai aur pihu, Ram replies with a puupy face..

Aap pagal ho gye hai Mr. Kapoor….ja rhi hu mai pihu ke paas…and turns to leaves..then only rams pulls her by her wrist and she lands on his side…

Pagal toh mai usi din ho gya tha, jis din aapse pyaar hua tha…ye toh bas side effects hai Mrs. Kapoor. Ram says while rubbing his nose tip with of priya…

Priya places her hand on ram's cheek and says Pagal ke sath sath bhott smart bhi ho gye hai, topic change karna toh koi aapse seekhe.

uh..and tum bhott boring ho gyi ho..u talk too much priya, with this he leans forward to kiss her but Priya pushes him and makes a quick escape. Not so easily,Mr. Kapoor, and blows a flying kiss to him while leaving the room..

Raat abhi baki hai Mrs. Kapoor, Ram shouts and adjusts himself on his bed……………………………………………..

He closes the diary.. Tears are flowing from his eyes...She comes n puts her hand on his shoulder and sits beside him.. "That's why I don't want u to read this diary..C'mon stop crying, I can't see you like this." She says while rubbing his back with her hand to control him.
"Everything was just so perfect that time, I ruined everything.."  He closes his eyes..

"No, it was our destiny..For  God sake, will u pls stop blaming urself.." she shouts on him..

"Dammit…can't u see, u lost everything becoz of me..only becoz of me..why don't  you hate me for this…answer me…answer me Pihu….this guilt will kill me one day.." He shouts with anger in his eyes..

"Shut up Pratham...You are my li'l brother..I can never hate u even in my dreams..I love you so much..After the death of mom n dad, I'm living becoz of u and for u only..Giving all the happiness to u, is the only objective of my life..becoz I had promised my dad that I'll protect u always, I'll teach u everything, I'll always be the big sis for u… And Pratham…No, I don't think that I lost everything becoz of u…Mom died while giving birth to u, is not ur fault..Dad died within 24 hours becoz of the shock, is not ur fault Pratham..It was an accident..I can never blame you for all this.. I loved u from the very first moment, when mom and dad disclosed about u to me.. You mean everything to me Pratham.. But after 20 years, m realising that I've failed, I've failed as a sister.." she says while strugging with her tears.

"Pihu, I'm sorry..I didn't mean to hurt you..I'm really sorry sis...Its just that I want to see u happy the way u sounds in mom's diary.Believe me, you are the bestest sis." He hugs her tighty to console her..

"Leave me idiot…I'm the senior here,so consoling is my area of concern.." She claims while wiping her tears off, so that to normalize the situation..

"oh...hello..Don't u know the meaning of Pratham..It means first…I'm the first baby..so taking care of urs is my responsibility.."

"By the way, u were so dhakkan in ur childhood days..oops no..not only dhakkan, but a dhakkan with a big round bottle" he teases her..

"Fir se mota kaha tumne mujhe...ab dekho tum.."  She hits him with a cushion..

"ouch..arrey mota kahan bola maine..aap toh bas thode se bade ho and bade toh, bade achhe lagte hai na…" and they both hug each other…

And one  another day of the their life came to an end with lots of tears and laughter that they shared together..Probably, somewhere in universe, this made two inseparable souls  proud of their children.

P.S. : Thanks for reading...and feel free to criticise.. Smile

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Posted: 2013-06-10T13:06:05Z
Raya Cry died :((((() Anyways nice attempt 
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Posted: 2013-06-10T14:29:21Z
Awesome Job!
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Posted: 2013-06-10T14:55:56Z
lovely OS Smile
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Posted: 2013-06-11T05:13:39Z
It's heart rendering, very touchy, nice attempt
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Posted: 2013-06-11T06:13:09Z
It was emotional n touchy one...
At first i thought they are raya...
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Posted: 2013-06-11T07:24:11Z
thanks for the appreciation lovely people..though I was expecting some hard hitting criticisms..but really..thanks a lot for reading, liking and commenting. Smile
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Posted: 2013-06-11T08:11:03Z
Very emotional nd touchy..great work Clap
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