FF: Tum Hi Ho Updated @ Pg 5 Chapter 2 Precap

Posted: 2013-05-12T16:20:28Z
HI BALHians. 
I'm very bored so I'm taking this time to write my first FF. Plz bare with me,I'm not a story telling person. I hope you like it

Ram Kapoor : He is the spoilt brat of the Kapoor Parivaar.  Perfect person to cheer you up when in a down mood. His pranks make everyone lively in the mansion. His smile is worth one million dollars and one can't stay angry at him for a long time. He is the apple of his father's ( Amarnath Kapoor) and his sister's ( Natasha) eyes.
But faith plays a cruel game as his childhood years are brought back to life and once jovial and larger than life Ram Kapoor is brought down alcohol locks himself away from the world he once loved.

Mahima/Priya Singh:  She is known as Radhe by her family. She is a chatterbox, no nonsense girl. , she is the second child of three but is the eldest in thoughts. Her father is her role model as he brought her up single handedly after her mother died. Her brother is her apple of her eyes. Sometimes people mistake them for a couple how they are close. Her most precious dream is to find her Krishna. Life changes for her as she finds who she thinks is the one. 

Amarnath Kapoor: Mumbai's biggest business tycoon. He is a dotting father and a perfect example of a role model in the eyes of his family, especially his children. 

Natasha Kapoor : Loving sister of Ram, and a great daughter. Her heart breaks to see the outcome of her brother's life after the change. But if only she knows, she has a dark secret behind her as well.

Ranjit Singh: Brother of Mahima. He is a bit care free. Due to this, he ends up in a mess after marrying the love of his life as it turns hell for him.

Other characters: 
Balraj Singh ( Mahima and Ranjit's Father)
Sonali Singh ( Mahima and Ranjit's Sister)
Dadi ji ( Balraj's Mother)
Prathiba ( Ram's Mother)
Vikram ( Ram's best friend)
Neha ( Vikram's Girlfriend)
Shreya ( Ram's Maasi)

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Posted: 2013-05-13T00:38:44Z
nice introduction 
pls continue  soon
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Posted: 2013-05-13T01:26:52Z
ClapGood intro.
Why stress on Shiv Bhakti and Krishna Bakhti,conflict of interest because of that?
Think about it.
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Posted: 2013-05-13T01:30:19Z
Nice intro simi.. Clap these re totally diff chars except few..Edited by vironikajain - 2013-05-13T01:30:48Z
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Posted: 2013-05-13T05:19:42Z
interesting, intro seems gripping, but why Mahima, why not Priya?
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Posted: 2013-05-13T06:04:26Z
Nice intro...continue soon !!!!
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Posted: 2013-05-13T08:38:05Z
Thnx guys for the encouragementHug 
I stressed on the bhaktas because there is going to be sometimes when Shiva or Krishna himself would come into play.  There will be no conflicts pertaining to this.
Why Mahima? I don't know. I always like the name. And the character is also different from PriyaTongue
All characters are different.

I will start the 1st chapter later. Thnx for reading so far.
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Posted: 2013-05-13T08:51:31Z
Good intro... interesting...
continue soon
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