FF: Dil Ki Awaaz.. Tumko Dekha Toh.. :)

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Hum SaraswathiEshwar ek safar shru karrahe hai.. Aapke saath apne andaaz mein.. Yeh zaroor bataayiyega ki iss safar ki shruvaath aapko kaisi lagi.. Aasha karthe hai ki apko pasand aaya..


Ram Kapoor.. The most renowned industrialist of the country stood in his future bedroom and looked outside the french window..
Raath bohoth hochuki thi.. aaj aasmaan khaali tha.. Na chaand tha na chandni.. Ek ajeeb sa soonapan tha..
His blazer rested majestically on his shoulders.. He had just entered the rather empty bedroom and opened the window.. He stepped out to his beautiful balcony with a wooden floor.. 
Thandi hawa unki chehere ko chugayi.. He smiled.. Zindagi mein sab kuch thi.. Naam shaan sharath thakath..
Aur ek pyaara sa parivaar.. He put his palms on the beautiful white railing of his balcony.. And looked at the empty sky..
He drifted into a thought process.. Aaj itna soona pan kyu hai.. Itni tanhaayi kyu hai.. A rush of the wind made him close his eyes..He looked at the stairs that led him down from his balcony to the garden.. He walked down one step at a time holding the railing.. It was cold.. He smiled.. 
He sighed.. He walked on the lush mexican grass.. The garden seemed endless.. How well this place was designed he thought.. As he walked on the stone pathway leading him to his Audi with his hands in his pocket he thought to himself.. Aaj raastha jaha leke jaai chaltha hu.. Kya pata isi bahaane iss intezaar ki koi disha miljaaye.. 
He smiled.. And walked to his car..He heard her paayal go chan chan..he looked down..He saw her beautiful feet.. Taking steps on the grass beside his.. The moist grass touching her feet.. He smiled..
 He looked at his car.. And looked back down.. Her feet were gone from his side.. It was just his leather shoes and silence.. He nodded in negative..
 He walked to the car and sat inside.. He put the keys and started the car.. He closed his eyes as he lowered the windows.. He started away thinking.. Kaash aap kahi miljaaye..
He drove on the tarred way towards royal gates with the garden growing endlessly on either sides..
As he neared the huge gates.. The opened for him.. With the guards  saluting him..
The road ahead was empty.. The wind was chill and breezy.. He deove on the street lamp lit road.. Ram kudh nahi jaanthe the ki woh kaha jaarahe the.. 
Waha se nikalthe hi kuch chootgayi.. Na atheeth ka kabar tha.. Na aaj ki hosh.. Chal pade kisiko doodne.. Agar kuch tha toh ek goong.. Dil ki awaaz..

To be continued..

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My genre is romance as we all like it.. Horror well lets say I will indulge in playing with all genres being a part of the story.. But yes Dil Ki Awaaz is all romance..

Jaise woh nikle apne raasthe par.. baarish ke boondhe ghirne lagi.. He stopped his car.. He never liked the rain.. Par aaj kuch alag tha.. He put his right hand outside the window and let the raindrops fill his palms.. The touch of the cold water on his palm had brought a smile on his face.. 
His phone rang.. He picked it up..
Ram: Haan bolo Rishab..
Rishab: Bhai aap nahi aayenge na.. He said with disappointment in his face. He knew his brother.. 
Ram let out a sigh.. Everything he ever did was for his family.. A family he loved.. Aaunga Rishab.. 
Rishab: With twinkle in his eyes.. Thanks Bhai..
Ram grinned.. He nodded in negative. He closed his eyes.. And leaned on the head rest..he put his left hand in the pocket of his blazer and removed an envelope.. He could smell fresh Jasmine.. He opened his eyes.. It was a beautiful red crape paper.. With a white ribbon tied around it.. 
He pulled the ribbon and it slipped away..
He opened the envelope and took a letter out.. 

Mr. Kapoor,

Hum jaanthe hai ki aapne tasveer aur chaabiyaan dekhthe hi ghar pohunchgaye.. Bina khath pade.. Aur ab baarish ki boondon ki ehsaas ke saath iss khath ko padrahe hai.. Ram was surprised.. How could anyone know..
Tik ek saal pehele aapne iss makaan ki nilaami ke waqt.. Bade kwaish lekar aaye the.. Lekin iss makaan ki rakham ko humne anmol banadiya.. Aur aap isko khareedh nahi paaye.. He smiled..
Aaj shayad aapke paas sab kuch hai.. Lekin uss din aapki aankhon mein iss makaan keliye joh jhalak thi.. Hum jaanthe hai ki jaise humaare paayal ki chanak aapki aankoh ki woh jhalak aaj bhi barkaraar hai.. 
Aaj iss bin mausam ki barsaath ki sandesa samajlijiye iss khath ko.. 
Aapne saare zindagi baaki sab ki naam kardi.. Ab toda teherjaayiye.. Ek pal, ek lamha.. Ek choti nazar daaliye iss safar par.. Shayad aap apne aapko phirse doondpaaye..
Ab tik baara bhajgaya hoga.. He looked at his watch and his eyes were wide open as the watch ticked 12.. He looked quickly back to the letter..
Ab iss makaan sahi maine mein aapka hua.. Janam din mubaarak hai aapko..
Aapko justuju jiski thi.. Usko toh paaliya aapne.. 
Aap soch rahe honge ki hum kaun hai.. Zindagi ki iss lambi safar mein.. 
Kab mile the, Kab ki bichadgaye..
Aapko ruswaa na kiya.. Na karenge..


Ram smiled thinking.. Yeh kaun hai.. But there was no distress.. His life was empty.. Nothing more left to acomplish.. Har din ek jaisa tha.. Par aaj iss chitti ne iss din ko anmol bana diya tha.. He smiled.. 
His thought drifted to the handwriting.. Flowy and beautiful.. Each word weighed emotions.. He smiled and put the letter back into the envelope.. He placed the envelope in the inner pocket of his blazer..
He started his car and drove away lost in the fragrance that the envelope had.. The handwriting.. The words.. Those feet seemed to have captivated his heart.. That was all he knew of her.. That was all he heard of her.. And the letter was all that she left of hers.. 

To be continued..

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Thankyou so much for your feedback.. Dekha jaaye toh peheli baar kuch likh rahi hu.. So I would like to know what you would like to read.. Aur koi bhi shikaayath ho toh zaroor bataayiye.. Im open to comments and criticism.. Waise har din Ill be updating.. 

Ram drove away to Kapoor Mansion.. His home.. Or so he thought.. He smiled at the thought that a woman had wished him right on time and had given him the most beautiful gift.. The bungalow he always wanted to buy..
He arrived at the gates of his mansion.. A very plain huge house with a small garden and a huge parking lot..
The whole mansion had been decorated with flashy lights.. The media was there.. Glitz and glamour had filled the air..
Ram sighed as he parked his car. 
As he opened his door the media rushed.. And there he was the dashing business man.. He smirked at the media.. Put on his shades and walked with false ego and pride.. 
The media clicked away.. Evading him with questions.. With compliments.. He walked away as always..
The door was open with Rishab and Natasha waiting for him.. They looked at each other and smiled.. They wanted Ram to be happy.. Little did they know his happiness did not lie here.. But they always tried.. 
Ram walked to them and pulled them into a side hug.. His warmth reassured them.. They smiled and entered.. All the women in the room gushed at Ram's presence.. 
All the big names from the business and entertainment world were there.. They were all there to get a glimpse of him.. Everyone was here to try their luck, some in business, some in him and some well just to be noticed by one of the biggies..
He knew why they were here.. But he was all smiles.. To the world he was a ruthless business man who had no heart.. 
The lights dimmed and the party went on.. Some on the dance floor and others discussing work and deals.. Ram walked around quietly with a scotch in his hand.. He didnt drink.. But yes he always held the scotch in his hand.. It had become a habit.. 
He wore a mask of a tycoon.. He looked around and wished he hadnt come here.. Rishab was with his friends discussing work and Natasha was busy being a good host.. 
He let out a sigh and touched his blazer.. He was lost in the thought that yes she was with him.. He smiled and looked down.. The thought of seeing her payal go chan chan chan.. Those soft feet on the wet lush grass.. He raised his eyes.. 
His parents very much in love walked hand in hand down the majestic stairs to the dimly lit hall.. With instrumental music playing it seemed like it was playing just for them.. He smiled seeing his parents holding hand and walking.. They were lost in their conversation.. Giggling and laughing.. Everyone looked at them in awe.. The most charitable kind people anyone had known.. Everyone walked and greeted them with due respect.. 
Ram smiled.. This was all that mattered to him.. His world.. He looked at his mother who looked at him asking him how she looked.. 
She had a smart hair cut.. A neatly pressed silk saree and some light jewels.. 
He smiled to her.. She smiled back.. He thought.. Ma aapki ki aankoh ki muskuraahat sabse khubsoorath hai.. 
His parents walked to him.. Ram took their blessings.. Ram looked at his father with gratitude.. They hugged each other.. They needed no words to convey how much they loved and respected one another.. Both of them wished him for his birthday.. They knew it didnt matter to him.. They smiled asking him to go.. They would take care.. Ram watched as his parents played good hosts.. 
Ram walked away thankful to his parents for letting him have his time alone.. 
As Ram walked steeped out.. He left this world behind.. Just for a while.. Just to breathe.. To feel alive..

To be continued.. 
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Aap sab ka bohoth shukriya.. Par meri FF alag hai.. ? Woh kaise? I would like to know.. 
To all my readers and silent readers.. Agar aapko kuch bhi bataana hai.. Yaha comment karsakthe hai ya phir ek message bhej sakthe hai..
I am more than happy to know what you think..

Ram stepped out.. The cool wind hit him.. He smiled.. He put his hands into his blazers pockets.. And walked to his right to the small garden.. He walked on the grass which was untouched by others.. No one went there except him.. 
There were no thoughts.. No emotions.. It was just him.. His walk.. 
He walked towards a wooden seating around the cherry blossom tree.. The tree was lush with light pink flowers.. A few flowers on the seating.. A few flowers on the grass below.. 
It was dark.. The rush of the cool wind the fragrance of the flowers as he walked closer to the seating made him smile.. 
He went and sat down.. He closed his eyes and relaxed.. He felt her presence beside him.. He knew she wasnt there.. But He cherished the feeling.. 
Vikram walked into the garden wearing a black tux.. Neha followed lifting her dark blue gown a little off the ground.. As she walked behind her husband.. 
They stopped mid way.. They looked at eachother.. Pain in thier eyes..
Vik: Yaad hai Neha.. Pehele Ram kitna alag tha..
Neha: Uss faisle ne isko kitna badaldiya hai.. 
Vik: Neha shayad iss waqt usse baath karna tik nahi hoga..
Neha: Looks at him.. She knows exactly what Vikram meant.. Tum tik keherahe ho.. 
They stand there and watch him enjoy the solitude.. They watch Ram put his hand on the seating beside him feeling the wood.. Ram ki tanhaayi ka goong indono ki dil ko chugaya.. 
They couldnt stand there longer.. They turned and walked away slowly..
Ram still unaware of his surroundings was lost in his solitude.. 
His train of thoughts took him down his memory lane..
Ek safedh pardha jiski ek taraf Ram kadhe the.. Aur dusri taraf woh.. 
Ram looked to the other side.. A woman dressed in a red joda.. Neeche dekhe toh srf pao nazar aayi.. Altha se rangi hui naram si pao.. Aur uss pao mei ek sone ki paayal.. 
Ram ki aankhe laal thi.. Annkoh ki aansoo dil se nikal rahi thi.. Aur woh ansoon ghir pade unke nayi sherwaani ke upar.. 
Ram: Suniye.. Hum iss waqt.. He choked..
Aurath: In a calm voice.. Jaanthi hu..
Ram: Aapko yeh faisla.. He paused..
Ram looked at what he could see of her.. She walked away Her paayal going chan chan.. 
Aurath: Manzoor hai..
Ram ke aankhon me dard tha.. Lekin unki awaaz mein shaanthi.. 
Ram turned and walked out of the door that was decorated beautifully with flowers.. Jiss raasthe se muh mod liya tha.. Zindagi bhar ussi raasthe ki yaad mein bitaaya har pal.. 
Woh raath bhi beethgaya.. Ussi yaad mein.. Ussi ehsaas mein.. Lekin Ram wahi baite rahe.. Kisiki intezaar mein.. Kisiki fariyaad mein..

To be continued..

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Bohoth bohoth Shukriya sabko.. Agar meri dil ki awaaz aapki dil tak pohonchrahi hai.. Toh isse badi baath kya hosakthi hai..



Subah ki pehli kiran ne dekha ek massom dil ko.. Beethi hui din ki baarish ne iss subah ki mitti ki khushboo ko jagaaya tha.. Phool pathe sab khilrahe the.. The dew drops on the leaves reflected sunlight.. The atmosphere was cool..  Time flew as nature grew to greet the morning.. The rays of sun soon peered through the spaces between the flowers of the blossom tree and touched Rams face.. He slightly moved to the rays touch.. Aankhe khuli toh tandi hawa ki ehsaas aankhon ko hui.. 
Ram thought to himself.. Har ehsaas mein unki jasbaath hai.. 
Saari duniya jiss Ram Kapoor ki hogayi thi.. Uss Ram Kapoor ki saari duniya bas unki ek ehsaas thi.. 
Ram unki naam, pehechaan kuch nahi jaanthe the.. Sirf unki ehsaas jaanthe the.. 
Ram sat up and put his feet into his shoes.. His phone rang.. 
Ram: Haan Vikram bolo..
Vik: Ram hum sab maa bauji ke saath Goa jaarahe hai kuch din keliye.. Tum tode din chutti lelo.. Kyunki waise bhi ab Natasha aur Rishab sab sambhaalrahe hai..
Ram thinking.. I need some break from all this work anyway.. Ok Vikram.. 
Vikram: Ram.. Pauses for a while.. Both Neha and Vikram together.. Janam din mubaarak ho..
Ram smiles.. Thanks.. Aur aap sab masti karna ok..
Vik Neha: Haan.. 
The phone clicks..
Ram exhales.. 
Bansikaka watches him from afar.. Ram smiles.. 
Bansi kaka nods and walks away.. Ram thinks to himself as he looks at the lawn.. Kaha jaaoge.. Khud se bhag nahi sakthe.. Khdh ko pehechaan nahi sakthe.. 
He goes  into the house.. He freshens up.. Bansi kaka has his things neatly organised.. And arranged.. Ram sits on the bed and opens his laptop thinking.. Kaha jaau.. 
Bansi kaka enters his room with the same red envelope tied with a ribbon.. Ram smiles.. 
Ram: Kaka aapko kisne diya.. 
Bansi Kaka: Smiles Ram aap kudh dekhlijiye and points at the window.. 
Ram rushes to the window and looks outside.. A black limo stood majestically outside the royal gates of his mansion.. 
It left and he smiled.. Thinking.. Humne kabhi baath nahi ki thi.. Kabhi koi bhi tarah ki rishtha nahi nibhaaya humne.. Par jab zindagi se haarna  chaha.. Yeh umeed yeh ehsaas leekar aap laut aaye..
Bansi Kaka: Ram woh nahi the..
Ram looked at Bansi Kaka and smiled.. Jaantha hu kaka.. 
Bansi Kaka left the envelop on the green duvet of Rams bed and left.. 
Ram walked to it.. He could smell the jasmine.. 
He sat down taking the envelope in his hand and pulled the ribbon..
He flipped it open and took the leter out.. He unfolded it.. There was a ticket to Germany..
He smiled..

Mr. Kapoor,

Germany.. Nayi duniya.. Naye log.. Nayi baasha.. Ek nayi mulaaquaath.. Ek puraani ehsaas ke saath..

Bon Voyage..


Ram smiled.. He took the ticket in his hand.. Mulaaquaath.. Yeh aankhe aapki ek jhalak keliye intezaar karenge..

He left with a hope.. With a smile.. Kya pata jiske intezaar thi.. Jiski kami thi zindagi mein.. Ziski sirf ehsaas thi.. Uski ek jhalak bhi miljaaye..
Chalpade zindagi ki ek nayi raasthe par.. Ek nayi manzil ki taraf..

To be continued..

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Yeh safar  jaha hum aur aap cha rahe hai.. Ek khubsoorath safar hai.. Ehsaas hai.. Ek aah hai.. Iski har ek lafz ko poori tarah se mehsoos kijiye.. 


Before Ram brought himself back from the trance.. He realized that he had reached the airport.. He walked into the airport with his driver pulling his check in and cabin baggage.. Ram walked with the letter in one hand the ticket and his passport in another..
He smiled thinking.. Tickets toh phir bhi tik that lekin visa.. 
He boarded the flight.. He made his way through the royal first class to his seat.. Comfortable.. 
 He sat down and put his seat belt. He rested his hands on the hand rest and leaned his head back into the cushion chair.. 
There was a sudden dawn of emotions.. As the thought of meeting her came to his mind.. A rush of the past hit him.. Did he deserve this.. Was it the right thing to do by following her..
He thought.. Kaun ha/ Kaha hai? Kaise hai? Kuch bhi na jaante hue bhi.. Na jaane yeh dil unhe donndne kyu chala hai.. He closes his eyes.. And the memories of his past flood him..

To be continued..

Aaj keliye bas itna.. Hum jaana chahthe hai.. What you want this to be like.. Do let me know.. Abhi keliye.. Bas itna..

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Thank you all for your compliments.. 


Rams thoughts raced back to that very day.. As he walked out the decorated door.. He heard..
Woman: Rukhiye Mr. Kapoor..
Ram turned and looked back at the figure of a woman behind the veil.. His eyes moist.. 
Ram: Ji.. Kahiye.
Woman putting her hands out from the curtained veil.. Ram walked to her.. She was magnetic.. Her hands were freshly decorated with mehendi.. She held a red envelope with a ribbon tied around it.. SHe said.. Jaathe jaathe yeh khaagaz ki khasthi lejaaenge..?
Ram smiled through his tears.. She said nothing.. She had accepted it silently.. No questions asked.. He took the envelope and looked at her hands.. He wanted to see her hands.. 
Ram: Iss kashthi ke saath ek nazar miljaaye aapki toh..
Woman giggled.. Humaari nahi.. lekin.. She put her other hand out and held her palms together.. The fragrance of fresh jasmine captivated him.. Her aura had engulfed him.. He felt like he belonged there.. With her.. To her.. The mehendi pattern had Ram written in hindi beautifully.. A tear drop escaped his eyes and fell in her palms.. 
Woman: Hume koi shikaayath nahi hai.. 
Ram smiled at her..
Vik and Neha barged in and said.. Bhabi aap kaise.. 
Woman: Koi inse kuch nahi kahega..
Vikram looked evidently angry.. And Neha crashed down crying.. 
Woman: Khjayal rakhiye Mr. Kapoor.. She said.. And when Ram looked up to have one last look she was gone.. 
He turned to Vikram who said.. Ram hum unka naam bhi nahi jaanthe the..
Neha gets up and runs out.. Vikram and Ram hug eachother.. Ram holds on to the envelope tightly.. He stood there trying to comprehend what he had done.. And why he had done it.. 
Vikram ripped himself from Ram and nodded in negative as he walked out teary eyed..
Ram stood there.. Zindagi unse roothgayi.. Halaath bhi roothgaye..
Risha ek chootgayi.. Raah ek mudhgayi..

Ram opened the envelope..


Agar zindagi mein kabhi bhi.. Aap akele padgaye.. Toh aise khaagaz ki khasthi aapke paas pohunchjaayegi.. Abhi keliye.. Filhaal.. Mere shub kaamnaaye aapke saath hai..


Ram opened his eyes to the present.. He smiled.. Intezaar ki nagmein.. Woh pal.. Katgaye.. The flight landed in Germany..

To be continued..

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Sorry for the long wait..

I got a little caught up with things.. But yes I will try to give long updates every week..

Maybe every Wednesday.. Or sometimes more than once a week.. Let's see how it goes..



The flight landed.. Passengers got off.. Ram sat in his seat with a smile on his face.. He was finally here.. He got up when almost all the passengers had cleared away.. And walked with his laptop bag in one hand and his mobile in the other..

He climbed down and took a deep breath.. He had worn his pullover.. But it was very cold.. He smiled as it was almost 9.00 at night..

He walked into the airport from the aerodrome.. It was a posh beautiful airport.. He didn't understand anything.. Everything was in German.. Everyone smiled at everyone else..  He stood near the luggage port waiting for his bag.. He watched paitiently.. For the first time in his life he didn't have to go anywhere.. There was no hurry.. No meeting to attend.. No agendas in his mind.. He was on the news on the LCD displayed in the airport.. After all he was the Ram Kapoor..

Everyone around gushed.. But it wasn't like his own country where people would  come up to him and errand him with their questions.. He smiles.. Somewhere she was right.. Here he would have the peace of mind.. He spotted his dark brown bag as it came towards him.. He lifted it and put it down beside him..

Woman: All set Mr. Kapoor..?

Ram knew that voice it was her.. Finally he would see her.. He turned around hesitantly.. A woman stood with her back facing him.. She wore a cocoa colored overcoat and a black pant.. She wore black stylish boots and had let her hair loose..

Ram knew it was her.. The grace with which she stood.. Her personality.. Her aura.. The fragrance of jasmine..

Ram: Aap.. ?

Woman calmly in her husky voice.. Chale..?

She walked with a gait that had almost everyone's head turn to her.. Ram followed with a grin and a frown.. He didn't like their gaze on her.. He knew eyes followed not just her but them..

They walked out of the airport.. A black Mercedes was waiting for them.. He smirked.. But yes he wanted to see her.. Just a glance.. He had waited so long for this day and yet.. He just couldn't dare to.. His doing flashed in front of him.. The driver put his luggage away.. And opened to door for them.. He was still lost in his train of thoughts.. He shut his eyes that brimmed with pain.. Why was she doing this for him.. He had wronged her.. Why did he just listen to her.. Did he even deserve this.. Would she ever forgive him..?

Woman: Aayiye..

Ram opened his eyes.. He saw that she had already got into the car.. He bent and got in.. The chauffeur shut the door.. He didn't look at her.. There was a sense of fear.. Agony.. As much as he wanted to see her.. he paused his thoughts and turned to look at her.. Her fragrance tantalizing his senses..  She had turned to look outside the window.. He smiled.. He was sitting in discomfort and guilt.. She touched his palm which was on the seat.. Her warmth through the soft woolen gloves.. Took everything away from him.. He felt at peace.. He leaned back and relaxed.. He smiled and looked outside..

Ram: Shukriya.. He thought to himself.. Itni sukoon shayad pehele kabhi nahi mila tha.. Na jaane yeh kya rishtha hai.. Joh mujhe aapki taraf keench laayi hai.. Na naam ki jaankaari hai.. Na chehere ki pehechaan.. Phir bhi yeh kambaqt dil.. Aapko itni maathi hai..

He looked back at her.. Her window was open.. The cold wind blew in.. And played with her hair.. The air spread her fragrance.. She turned a little and he finally caught a glimpse.. Her skin so soft.. Fair.. Her luscious lips chiseled and coloured like cherry blossom.. She smiled at the wind.. Her chin rested on her knuckles.. And she wore a bindi for that attire..  Her eyes.. Beautiful eyes.. Spoke a million unexpressed words.. They twinkled in the moonlight..

Rams mind wandered he thought to himself.. Iss chehere ki noor.. He paused his thoughts and smiled..

She bowed her head and blushed.. Taking her palm off his.. She bites her lips and looks away..

Ram smiles.. It was a long journey that night.. A drive that went like a sleep walk.. The beautiful bounty of nature outside.. And the glances Ram stole at her..

Nah naam tha. Na pehechaan.. Chalthe gay eek raah par.. Ek baar bhi mudke nahi dekha.. Kho gaye unki ek jhalak mein itna.. Ki palath ke dekhne ki khayaal bhi khogayi..

To be continued..


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