Pooja Ghai Rawal - I am a hardcore non-ve

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Posted: 17 years ago
Pooja Ghai Rawal - I am a hardcore non-vegetarian. I used to be love chicken but after the bird flu controversy I have shifted my loyalties to fish and mutton. All 365 days, my breakfast comprises of non-veg fare. I live to eat and I will never give up non-veg in any case. I don't even want to know why people are or want to be vegetarian. I keep coaxing my in-laws to try non-veg at least once. Once I was eating chicken lollypop and my son was so tempted to grab it that he took his first baby steps towards it. I love dining at Legacy of China and at Noorani's (Haji Ali).

Rohit Roy - We prefer vegetarian food at home but if we travel overseas we hog non-veg. I can eat chicken in any form. Coming to the veg, my vote goes to paneer, but it should be less oily. Mansi (my wife) likes sushi so we hunt for sushi joints abroad. In Bombay, I frequent Olive and Mangi Ferra. If at home, we ask out Indian food from Chawla's Dhabba. As far as my culinary skills go, I have never entered the kitchen, so cooking and me....nah!


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Posted: 17 years ago
thanks u so much for sharing 😛