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Posted: 2013-02-24T01:04:15Z
Haiii ...Thoda sa romantic hai ..sooo plz only above 18 years ..Lol ...
I can'y able to be online much time .. will deffo come later ..Thank you ..
Viji This is for you ...Happy marrige anniversary ..


Bade achhae lagte hai Ek nayi shuruat...
Happy valentines day for All Balh viewers hai na!!!

Mrs. Kapoor , By his sweet call,She held his hand in her walked out of Kapoormansion.
Walking on the road ...
Mr.Kapoor i felt always valentines day celebrates love ...is it for only that day but the actual thing i realized today is ,Its way of expressive on the very loveableday.
He smiled at her .. Ha ye bath bi sahi hai Mrs.Kapoor.
Its very special day for us and for our reunion [and for our viewers, Poor fans are waiting for this so eagerly ]
He pulled her .. she neared him resting her head on his shoulder , they walked to the nearest kulfi stall .. Ate one kulfi and left to sharma house.
She packed all things of Pehu and Hers ,left to Priya's apartment [some how i didnt like this nevik's house idea but happy until raya were together]
Ram ,Priya &Peehu entered in the house .. He sat on the sofa with peehu ..
Priya kept the bags inside brought water to them ...Peehu slept on his chest while he patting his back .His thoughts were somewhere ..
when priya nudged him ,Mr.Kapoor ,water ...
He was out of thoughts , and found Peehu is fallen asleep ...He smiled at Priya ,who is looking adorably to them ..
He securedly place peehu on bed ,Priya managed to remove her dress without waking her up and changed into her night clothes.
He too changed by tat time..stood in the balcony .. [lol  copied from precap ]
She came and stood by him ..
What you are thinking Mr.Kapoor ...
When my wife wil remmeber my name ...She blushed ..Sorry Ram said sweetly ...
He side hugged her ... She said when i enterd in your life you are THE RAm kapoor ..
Priya even now also Im The Ram kapoor until when you are there with me all my side ..
Their talk disturbed by A  knock on the door ,,,
Priya surprized ...Ram gazed suspiciously who is at this time...
Priya turned to look ..Ram stopped her ..Priya I will check ...you wait
But she is ACP.pradumna na , she too went with him to look who is at this hour ..
When he opend the door surprized to see a young dynamic person who cladly looking great in his business suit .
Sorry to disturb you at this time sir ,But I dont want to miss my chance or to be frank miss my luck sir ..
Can you please allow me inside so that i can talk freely with you ..
Rammm ,priya called him suspiciously ...
Ram asked Mr.Rohit you can come inside..
Priya let out a small sigh that Ram knws this person ..
He sat infront of the couple .. Sir you know I was working hardly to bring out my dads company to the lead ..
Priya gave him water .. He took from her said Thank you madam ..
Ram was lil confused ...
Sir , I knew i was very young I need an advisor for all of my companies ..
Even though at present our company condition is not good but In our last meet you appreciated my efforts ..
As per the news channels ,I heard that You have given your property to ayesha .
If its true ,Sir plz accept my Offer ,He has given one file to Ram ..
Noted as appointed as CEO of Rk group of companies , accompanied by 7 digit number salary , A willa , a car ...
Ram and Priya were shocked to sudden outcome ..
Rohit disturbd sir , You may think im greedy , possesive or hyper ..
watever also sir Im also like you ,Business man ..so i have to be first in organizing things .. If you could join in this company ..
I will be glad and  i can achieve my goal even so easily from your advice ..Sir plz think about it ..
Sir just dont think about salary if you get another opportunity ,I will give 10% of office shares after completing 6 months in my company ..
He was so good at communication and expressing his offer and the demands ..
Ram told him ki sure rohit ,i will call you tomorrow morning .. Sir i will wait for you ..
He gave another box ,It has a key of their new house as well as new car key and advance of his first salary ..
sir if you say yes in the morning with in 10 minutes it will be infront of you.
Good night sir this is my card pla do call me ..He left the house the same speed..
He gazed at Priya ...Her eyes clouded with tears..
He hugged her ..See i told na Priya ,if you are there with me ...Everything has to come to me to search for me ...
She hugged him back ..ha by the way do you knw him
Yes my dear ,he is one of the young business man ...We met many times in the meetings..
So you are going to agree..
Dont you knw my answer ...
Priya laughed at him ..They didnt sleep all that night .The packed all their bags ,when they finishd it was almost 5 'o clock ..
They got ready make peehu get ready and priya cheked the muhurth and all ..
They called Rohit ,to tell yes ...
Rohit himself came to them ...They shifted from here to the newest home ..
It all has taken 2 hours ... Every where Tvand media were showing Flash news ..flash news ..
Ram kapoor joined as CEO of Rk group of companies .. He left his property for his loveble wife priya ram kapoor .
All over the world this news created a havoc in business people ..
Later in the morning they called every kapoor , sharma and neha  family to attend gruh pravesh with them ..
The house warming function taken grandly ..All were seated when they were about to leave Ram said ..
Ma and dadi ...I thought of calling you when im able to live my life again ..
so Now im able to take care of you two like in KM ..Plz be with me and support me .. Everyone cheered ..rest of the family left ..
Ram ,s home filled with so many business persons  to ask him join under their group of companies and offered a huge amount to him ..
Rohit lil tensed because one business man offered a large amount that all cant gather worth of his companies..
Ram smiled and got up from the seat ...
called Rohit ...Im proud to be anouncing Im working in RK gruop of companies ..every one baffled and left the place..Rohit smiled and hugged Ram..
[Ok here i want to tel you onething, If such a great business man left his property ,every other businessman tries to catch him to make his business powerfull ,
I knew cv's gonna suck this future track episodes showing these two birds living in chawl or searching for job etc etc ]

Priya too joined back in a college as English professor ..Alooohhh how happy if they could show somthing like this .
They started working ..pampering peehu to the core ..
After 10 days they have settled in their new life well ... Nutz took peehu with her on the weekend ..
Priya was so missing her when Ram came from office ..
He sat beside her in sofa .. whispered in her good evening Jaan ..
She startled and jumped .. Hayyy wat happen ?/ where are you ??
Sorry she said im missing peehu ..
He searchd here & there ,where is she he asked .. she rested her head on his chest ...nutz taken her for the weekend ..
Hayee my baby ithni si bath .. wo toh aajayega na baby by monday morning ..
Haaa but still .. She looked at him ... He looked at her ... Silence spoke many things between them ..
He cupped her face in his hands .. I love you ..
I too love you .. He sealed her lips with his .. she tugged his coat to balance herself..She arched back when his hand possesively touches her waist and the tinglinig sensation on her back .. she sooo wanted him .. she parted her legs ,her tongue mates with  his ..
His shrill ring of phone disturbd the love birds .. He left her .. she gasped for breath .. he took the call and priya went to drink water ..
He followed her on her back.. she knows he is folowing her and controling her heart racing for his need ..
He cuts the call pulled her , she landed on his chest and the water flood on them wit tis movement ..
He enjoyed it ,, sorry i didnt c you were holding the bottle ..
Its ok shhe said ..
Priyaa ... You dont miss peehu today ..
she confused .. "Why " her brows knotted with a hint of sign ...
Because he lifted her up ...Im going to fullfill your miss ness today ...
He placed her on the bed ... crawled on to her ..she sighed ...
Without leaving a sec he kissed her lips ardently again .. His hand posesively running over all her curves and dips ..
He mouthed in her "U are beautiful like ever"
She breathed in him .. U are handsome like ever .
I love you he kissed her lips again to glory .. He discarded her clothes exposing her each inch of skin ..
She too did the same to feel him completely .. His tongue circled on her nape of the neck .. she arched her back , He objectd her .. His tongue travels down to her waist .
she Gasped his name..His lips carved to smile ..
Her husky voice said "Plz" He truned her over ..His lips ass**ted her mounds one by one . He relished the taste after long time.. She tugged at his hair with the need ..
He murmured on he cleavage ..I want to ravish you tonight ...
Who stopped you ..she said in her heavy breathing ..
He gazed at her .. she pulled him to her level kissed him on his liips .. Her hands traveld on his back and pressed him on her ..
His hands never left his  precious place...He nuzzled her ear telling ..I sooo missed this taste when you nursing Peehu ...His hands possesively squeezed her mounds while he telling the sweet nothings in her ear .. They were more baeutiful than this na .. She blushed listening to his comments on that ..
Plzz look at me Priya .. feel me ..when she looked at him ..He licked her on the very spot,Make her wet to the final part of his game ..
She pushed his head more to that and her other curve soo badly needed him .. Mean time His free hand took over that relished squeezing it with similarly  his mouth ministrations to the other one .. Both were sweating badly when he finally placed him in her .. His rhythmic contraction made her womenhood lively to his manlyness ,
They were sailed the love with each giving and taking from the other .. Priya moaned "Rammm""
Plz Priyaaa ...stay like that im almost ... they reached their climax .. He landed on her bossom ,Kissing and nibbling the way ..
You are asusal awesome baby .. She said nothing ..drifted off to sleepp ...

Do you want me to continue next part ..Lol having terrible pain on my injured leg..still wrote for u Neel .. 4 u r happiness..
Hope you liked it ,,I didnt edited ..wil check your comments in the morning ..Ok love you ... stay happy ..

Hayii my friends ...My friend wrote this for me when im in hospital ..Im Dedicating this to Viji on her very special day .. Happy marrige anniversary Armanz ..Hope you like it ..

P.S:Girls  I knew i knew ..Im nt feeling well .. was just had a lil time so posted it here ..
When i was in hospital  i used to read my friend mails .. and tat was the only way im happy means not felt alone ..You knw as im staying in UK they dont allow relatives all the time during hospital stay ... so when i shifted to isu to room... Her stories were good relief to me..Even though she is having exams still she made me smile ...
After yesterday check up .Was confident lil bit on myself and not to be streesed in any matters .
Thank you for being there with me
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Posted: 2013-02-24T01:14:13Z
after a long time i felt like i found my self...found what i loved reading the most...missed these updates
every sec i used to think...now am going to get a pm from you...about updates..
missed you loads di
thanks girija di...this is the best...i was sad seeing raya struggling...but now am very happy 

P.S : Neel di...pls pls pls dont strain yourself...we will wait ...but now take care and rest...want you back completely fine soon...pls no stress and strain 
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Posted: 2013-02-24T01:26:36Z
akka avasarama ivvani but still we wer craving for ur stories will read n comment 

i agree di if only BT used logic every one in business field wud run for ram but as u said dey want raya to suffer in poverty
i really felt bad wen ram cudnt afford a ravish party for pihu n had to adjust for a/c poor ram
but as u said raya are together we can bear any crap 
this was hot n romantic plz cont but plz tc n rest
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Posted: 2013-02-24T01:36:17Z
u r a strong girl...aftr oll dis olso back wid a story...hope u r nt stresng urslf...nw i m gonna read :-P
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Posted: 2013-02-24T01:44:01Z
Lovely OS...romantic Blushing 
i was blushing Embarrassed
thanks for it...but plz don't stress yourself...take proper rest !!Smile
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Posted: 2013-02-24T01:58:46Z
its super awesone as usual...

haapyyy anni viji...

love it but cvs never gonna use their brains they will show how haapy raya being poor...
and that ugly conda enjoying on rayas hard earn money for her parties and kilos of make up...
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Posted: 2013-02-24T03:05:50Z
it is an awesome update di... plz di dont stress so much ...
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Posted: 2013-02-24T03:15:26Z
Originally posted by sss283

after a long time i felt like i found my self...found what i loved reading the most...missed these updates
every sec i used to think...now am going to get a pm from you...about updates..
missed you loads di
thanks girija di...this is the best...i was sad seeing raya struggling...but now am very happy 

P.S : Neel di...pls pls pls dont strain yourself...we will wait ...but now take care and rest...want you back completely fine soon...pls no stress and strain 
completely agree with subhi...di u should take rest...we can wait for you..we wanna see u fully fit n fine...
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