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This my other ff which is after my morning of c night which may start according to its response here is the little sneak peak of it  ' I want to know how many want to read it ?your comments are going to decide whether I am going to continue it or not' here is the little sneak peak of my ff.Embarrassed

It will called as well I need an name too please suggest Smile



it starts like nuts and karthick (my version of an story inspired from balh) fall in love and for it ram goes to meet karthick family secretly not letting them know of his arrival so that find is nuts marrying and correct guy or not.. when he goes he sees priya and something brew up in mind .. he sets his eyes on her


later he learns that they are and ok good family and as karthick was good he decided to get them married..suddenly priya's job goes off


he says priya... i need to talk to u ... she says but i tell me soon what u want to say and leave.. he says.. i want u...priya as shocked


aaj mein teri faida nahi uthaavoonga as i want u to come to me with your own will and u will come until then and kisses her on her lips  where she pushed him and run away and sees shipra who was coming up on seeiiing her priya hugs her tightly and cries and shipra ask kya hua?she says ma mein woo when she was about to say she starts to get unconscious


shipra comes to meet ram and it was his personal cabin where no one dare to enter and shipra take her sip of apple juice and smiles says mr ram.. mein yaahn aapse kal ki jo baat huyi uske bare meein baat karne ayi hooon

he smiles saying may i know on what matter??she says mr kapoor mein jaanthi hoon and I saw everything .. I know that u like priya and I very well noticed how u were behind her.. u very well know if I want I can do anything even complain in police .. he smiled and sat and said shipra sharam that is ur name right.. may I know when u had gone an complain to police why did u come here? She says kyunki  I know agar priya se aap se shaadi kareein to uski bhi life hojeyegi aur  aapko bhi police ke paas jaana nahi padega' he says oh .. u want me and priya to get married? He says u r mistaken mrs sharma .. I never said I wanted to marry priya' she sasy mazaak bahut achha kar lete hain.. he says shipra jii ye sach hain I want priya but I never said I want to marry her and smiles.. I know u must have come here to blackmail me ' ya phir for money but let me tell u .. I want priya for me but not as my wife.. she says aapp ye sab'. He says before u could react let me show u something' it was dam shocking to shipra.. he says so aap priya ko manakar mere paas lekar ayenge.. and make sure she comes here with her own wish'

ur comments are going to decide it 's faith Smile

part 1 page 1 

part 2 page 5

part3 page 8

part 4 page11

part 5 page 14

part 6 page 18

part 7 page23

part 8 page30

part 9 page37

part 10 page 42

part11 page 50

part 12 page 57

part13 page 67

part14 page 75

part15 page 79

part 16 page 88

part 17 page 98

part18 page 108

part 19 page 125

part 20 page 132

part 21 page 142

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Posted: 2013-02-21T12:48:33Z
its different i like to see more of grey shade of ram cont soon great update...
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Posted: 2013-02-21T12:59:08Z
nice concept want to read more 
continue soon
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Posted: 2013-02-21T21:23:39Z
never imagine such image of Ram, looking forward to get more of him, so please continue
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Posted: 2013-02-21T21:49:48Z
oh oo cont soon its interesting
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Posted: 2013-02-22T00:02:28Z
please continue
its different..
waiting for the long time
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Posted: 2013-02-22T00:08:39Z
interesting story..plz continue soon.
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Posted: 2013-02-22T00:11:21Z
QuestionKis tangent pe jaa rahen  hai aap?
Thanx for pm.
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