RJN made me Romantic

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It was a rainy day..mild drops were touching the surfaces...and indu enjoyed his dinner very

well and specially the kheer his sasuma prepared for him and was ready to go
for bed. He entered his room and falled on the bed...he took a pillow and putted
his hands on it and rolled all over the bed in happiness...he was happy that
with time he has started to share a bond of frndship with sanchi...althrough
indu knew that it was only one sided love but again he did'nt wanted to loose
the hope...the hope that one day sanchi will accept his love..will be truly
his...her heart will melt for him and she will love her unconditionally...these
thoughts brought a cute smile on his face...indu was waiting for sanchi and
kept a constant eye at the door. It was 10 pm and indu thought that its too
late and sanchi is not here to sleep...he waited for her but with running time
his heart beats started to beat faster and he was not able to bear her
absence...indu decided to check for her...indu looked at kitchen,the dining
hall and the drawing rooms but sanchi was nowhere to be seen...everyone was
sleeping in their bedrooms. Indu got mad at her absence...he checked the empty
rooms but again his luck was fruitless...he decided to look at the terrace...it
was a rainy night and it was raining slowly...indu entered the terrace and saw
sanchi leaning against a pillar...she was half wet. Indu's conciousness came to
an end and he felt relaxed. His love was near him and the romantic weather made
his heartbeats run faster...a slight smile came to indu's face and he
approached sanchi...sanchi was totally lost in her thoughts...indu said to
sanchi...deviji i searched for u in the entire house and u r here standing in
the rain'he said it in a loving voice'.its not the right time to enjoy rains and
u might suffer from cold...sanchi said to indu...indu singh i m not in a
condition to say anything to u. Please leave me alone and i want to have some
time only for me...indu said what happened to u,can u tell me,,may b I m able
to sort out your prlm..afterall I m your husband so what if u don't believe
this fact..


Sanchi was teary
and indu realized it . he was unable to see her in tears and moved his eyes
away 'sanchi said 'u say that u r my husband..a husband is never the cause of a
wife's prlms..but u indu singh.because of u nothing is left in my life..now I m
nothing but just a girl who is not respected in society..u came into my life
and wanted a yes from me and I rejected u. for making my No a yes u did so much
bad with me'u forced me to say yes..forced me to get married..disrespected my
parents and me in society and university.indu singh may b u did'nt lost
anything and u don't realize that u r a
winner..u said that u will destroy me'your words r true indu singh..now tell me
what more do u want from me'is it not ok that again now my house papars r being
stolen..indu was just looking at sanchi'he can't believe that sanchi had not
forgotten her bad past till now'his face was expressionless but his heart was
completely broken'sanchi continued to say'what was my fault indu singh'if I did'nt
falled in love with u then what was my fault in that'why u brought a darker side of u in front of me'..u
make me believe that u r not the same old indu singh that I have realized this
fact but how will I forget my past' indu singh
..i think I won't be able to forget my past in my entire life'indu heard
sanchi's words but didn't said anything


Indu left the
terrace..after some time sanchi entered the room and saw indu sleeping
peacefully on the bed..sanchi thought to herself..this man only thinks about
himself and has no feelings for others..he did not said a single word and came
down and now sleeping peacefully..sanchi too slept at the other side of the
bed..after sanchi tried to sleep .indu opened his eyes and looked over sanchi'and
thought to himself..since I m the cause of ruining your life so I will not
again create any trouble in your life'I only want your happiness..your all
sorrows and pain r because of me..i m too bad'now I will make sure that u r no
more hurt because of me'while sanchi thought to herself'indu singh I will never
forgive u for disrespecting my parents and they both were lost in their own
thoughts not noticing each other.


mrng..sanchi woke up and saw that indu was not in the room..she checked the
bathroom..asked the family members about him but they also were unable to find
his presence.everyone was worried'sanchi felt restless and then too thought
that indu singh's absence does'nt effect her'she left for her college..at
university mehak greeted with sanchi but sanchi was not that normal girl like
always' she only thought about indu..where can indu go..can't he tell me before
going anywhere .does he not share a relationship with me'..why I m thinking
about him and I should concentrate only on my studies'..mehak was able to understand
sanchi's consciousness'sanchi was thinking to herself and mehak asked that they
should move to classroom as the lecture has started'they both went inside..
'sanchi's concentration was not at her books and the teacher's words'.whole day
went like this'.at the canteen mehak asked sanchi that she must b happy today
as indu is not here to disturb her..sanchi was surprised and said a yes but her
mind wanted to say something else'what
her heart was thinking she was unable to understand'.mehak started her discussion
on indu's absence just to find out what is their in sanchi's mind'.. mehak knew
that sanchi was now in love with indu but she is unaware of the fact'.mehak
continued her words that indu might have left banaras'sanchi was totally mad
and was'nt unable to control her words'she said how can indu go like this.don't
he know what the lawyer said that we r husband and wife and before taking a
decision one should ask the other partner ..then suddenly sanchi realized what
she said just and stopped..she thought once and asked mehak that they should
move to home now'..mehak said to sanchi'maybe u don't want to believe but its
written on your face that u r in love with indu singh'sanchi asked mehak to
stop her nonsence and its not what she thinks..she only hates indu singh and is
happy that he is gone'mehak tried to say'.but sanchi listen'and sanchi asked her to stop and left for her


at home, veena
asked sanchi that have she got any information about indu'veena was tensed but
sanchi said her to stop thinking about indu singh as he is nothing for me so
how can he be your son-in-law'sanchi left for her room'.sanchi was standing
near the window and was trying to find out what her heart and mind want to say
which she could not realize'..veena entered her room and saw the thoughtful
sanchi' veena made her sit on the bed
and explained her that relations r not broken so easily..indu is the
truth of your life' that man only thinks about u. love u.. and most importantly
respects u and your thoughts'now only sanchi realized that the words she said
to him last night hurt him badly and she had thought that he was not affected'.sanchi could not sleep that night


2 days passed
like this and sanchi was at university..she was not the same old sanchi..always
lost in thoughts..suddenly she saw indu's gang in the university..sanchi's face
glowed and she unknowingly approached them.


  • PART-2
  • <li>Sanchi approached the
    gang..guddu ,lucky,rajjo,yogi ..all men were not excited to see
    their bhabhiji..sanchi's expression's changed after noticing their thought
    but then too sanchi asked them '.u guys were not their in the university
    from last two days..what had happened and where is your bhaiyaji'sanchi
    was asking in a normal manner but her heart was curious to know their
    answer..yogi said'.our bhaiyaji has left this place forever'left u
    and will never come back'he had gone to his village and now he won't be
    here to trouble her anymore'sanchi's started to get nervous hearing this
    but was unable to say anything..she looked here and there and finally made
    courage to ask why he left, through sanchi very well knew why indu
    left her'guddu said 'bhabhiji with a slight smile'now bhabhiji its time
    for u to celebrate .bhaiyaji is out of your life so u should be happy and
    why your face is looking ashen'u said that u don't love our bhaiyaji then
    why after hearing the news u r not happy..guddu continued to say..bhaiyaji
    loved u more than anything in this world'respected u and your love'yes he
    should b punished for loving u and actually he punished himself by going
    away from u'rajjo said'our bhaiyaji loved u unconditionally'he did bad
    with u in the past only because he did'nt wanted to loose u..his love was
    selfless but u never realized it'now he is totally a changed man..sanchiji
    can't u notice it'.sanchi was hearing all their words and their words were
    touching her heart badly ..it happened to her never before..why she was so
    curious then'.guddu said'tell me one thing sanchiji'what u think about a
    gunda'for us a goon is the one who destroys one's life completely and gets
    happy and doennt even realize his mistake'do u think our bhaiyaji was like
    this'.he never tried to harm u unless u cheated on him and sent him to
    jail on a false case'he never lied anything to u'always loved u and u
    continued to blame him everytime'he went against his own mama maami just
    for your sake..always respected your parents and considered them his
    own family'he lived with u in a single room but never tried to touch u'.is
    this what a goon does'.. if a goon does all like this than we are proud
    that our bhaiyaji is a goon and we love him for that'..yogi said'.
    Bhaiyaji had to pay for his love and is doing so'he felt in love at first
    sight with her and loved her truly by his heart and so he is paying
    for his love..lucky said'..bhaiyaji thought that your heart will melt for
    him one day but he was wrong and asked his frnds to take bhaiyaji's belongings
    from the hostel and left soon'..the gang left for hostel leaving a
    thoughtful and lost sanchi'sanchi once thought to cry'..this was
    first time she was not listening to her mind.


  • Sanchi left the college without
    saying anything to mehak'it was raining heavily and sanchi left her
    bicycle in the campus'..now with those rain drops touching her
    skin..sanchi felt indu's presence but he was nowhere to be seen'..now
    sanchi finally realized what her heart wanted to say from past few
    days'yes she was in love ..she was in love with indu.. she had started
    feeling for him quite ago and realization of her love came today'she
    enjoyed the rain drops'moved her arms to feel the love'.she thought of all
    the moments when indu was with her'the way he cared for her in jungle,prepared
    food for her,thought for her,respected her dreams and parents,,the moments
    when he tried to cheer her up..the cute fights between then..both in clg
    and home'her falling on him and indu holding her and finally a thought
    that indu is not with her''sanchi was happy that she is in love'.love with
    indu singh..the man who came into her life and changed it completely but
    only for good reasons''sanchi thought for indu..


  • At village, indu is sitting on
    a chair completely lost'he can only think of sanchi..he was unable to get
    sanchi's thought go away from him'he decided not to think of her
    anymore'.malti was sad as his lalla was not that happy lalla like before
    who used to have fun when his maiyya and frnds were around him.. maiyya
    came to indu and said that he should forget sanchi'she was never a part of
    his life but u thought that she will change for your love'..the gang also
    entered but did'nt told anything about their meeting with bhabhiji as they
    don't wanted indu to think more for sanchi'.indu greeted his frnds and
    said to maiiya that he is no more in love with sanchi..he had left
    her in her own world and now both our world's r separate..indu said
    so but his mind was not ready to believe it..he still loved
    sanchi..more than anything in the world'.maiiya knew that indu was lying
    so she decided to fill his punchu's life with happiness.. she asked his
    lalla to marry again and she will find a girl for him who will love her
    and will understand his feelings'.indu said 'what the hell..he don't want
    to marry now and want to enjoy life like the old indu was'.the gang also
    agreed and forced his bhaiyaji'.indu in frustration left from there..


  • Indu was totally sad and
    depressed and can only think about sanchi'from past 2 days he was not able
    to sleep and eat properly'.maiya had forced him to marry and he gave her
    the vow that he will forget sanchi and move ahead in life and get married


  • Next day'indu's gang is playing
    chess in the balcony of the house and indu was sitting next to them
    depressed and lost in the thought's of sanchi' her maiiya came up with a
    girl beautifully dressed in red lehnga along with all the jewellery and
    with a long veil over the head'..indu was quite surprised and asked her
    mother what's all this'..maiiya said she is the girl whom I selected for
    u.. indu is surprised at the nonsence'he thought that soon sanchi's
    memories will also get away from him when he will marry this girl'.maiyya
    said that he will get the divorce soon and then she will make him married
    to this girl'.maiyya asked indu to open her veil but indu replied in a
    No'indu was not in a condition to look at the girl..but as malti forced
    him again and again he decided to do what her maiiya said'he came forward
    and opened her veil'.indu moved back seeing the face'.yes the girl was
    none other than sanchi'indu was surprized and can't believe his own
    eyes'he asked maiyya what's it'is he day dreaming..how can the girl be
    sanchiji..maiya said just touch her and find out by your own'the gang was
    happy and left both of them alone..maiyya too left the place'sanchi was
    looking beautiful wearing the mangalsutra and sindoor..a slight smile came
    up on indu's face'he came near her and touched her hands'.he got all
    happy..it was his sanchi..the sanchi he was and will be in love with'they
    both smiled at each other..and indu said..sanchiji u made me
    surprised..sanchi put her palm on indu's lips and said'.yes my indu ji
    ---I LOVE U'I LOVE U A LOT and now I will never leave u'indu was
    happy and he carried sanchi in his arms and swinged all along'..indu said
    I love u so much sanchiji..i cant live without u'sanchi said I love u
    too'. Then indu placed her on the ground and they recalled all their
    memorable past memories and again reciprocated their love for each
    other'they were finally happy with each other''..(sanchi had came to
    village and spoked to maiyya and gang the previous day about her love)





The journey of their love love starts after they confess
their love for each other'indu was glaring at sanchi with love..sanchi was
feeling shy and she turned her face to
the left..indu looked at her sindoor and mangalsutra ,the red bangles,..his
dream was finally fulfilled..he had got what he considered something most important in his life.he
touched sanchi's face and she closed her eyes..he turned her towards him and kept gazing at her..he came more closer
to her..sanchi was able to feel his body.. indu looked up at sanchi's lips and
and came forward to kiss them ..he was so close to her..sanchi was happy with her
man..indu closed his eyes and was about
to kiss her just then sanchi realized it ,,opened her eyes and ended up putting her palm on indu's lips..indu opened his eyes
and said what happened dharampatniji.. Sharma warma gai ka and he
blushed'sanchi said NO induji..until we do not marry again infront of the pandit..its all not
good and u have to maintain a distance with me'indu said politely'what r u saying sanchiji ..i m your
husband and u r my wife and we r married so why there is a need to take the
vows again..indu was unable to bear that distance ..sanchi said. That time when
we married our relationship was sour and
I hated u the most that time but since now when I falled for u ..i want to take
the marriage rituals again with u'I m a girl and every girl has big dreams for her marriage day so please
induji.. have I asked something big which u cannot give to me..however for
sanchi, indu agreed'they both smiled at each other'..



Insa came upto maiiya and she happily blessed them..the gang
was overjoyed and congratulated their
bhaiyaji and bhabhiji..maiyya asked to bring sweets and gang did so..indu feeded sanchi with half of the laddo and half
he ate..the scene was so beautiful..maiya asked insa to remarry..indu got
surprised and sanchi was happy..indu said..waah. waah..the mother 'in- law and
daughter- in -law thinks alike'what a relation'just few moments before sanchiji
asked me for the same'malti was happy and said'offcorse ,as she is my daughter-
in 'law..so will think like me'everyone was happy and insa looked at each
other..maiya said I will talk to sanchi's parents and will fix a date of
remarriage..it will be a simple program and I will ask the pandit to give a
earliest date as she is in no mood to keep sanchi away from her'the gang along
with insa and maiya smiled'.



Malti talked with sanchi's parents and tara was happy as by the time he had realized that
indu was a better prsn for sanchi and maiiya also asked to call sanchi's
siblings back for their sister's marriage'.the pandit gave the date of marriage after seven
days''..insa were happy..


Indu was sitting with his frnds and was happy memorizing the gr8 day of today..the gang said'bhaiyaji
.were r u lost ..in the dreams of bhabhiji..indu smiled and said'how I m going
to spend these 7 days'they r not seven days but seven years for me..the gang
smiled at indu and guddu said bhaiyaji we r their with u..we wont let u alone indu smiled'yogi got nervous and
said..bhaiyaji after u will get settled with bhabhiji.. will u forget us, ..if
u will do so then how will be all able to live..the gand joined yogi'indu hugged yogi and guddu
along with lucky and rajjo hugged indu'.what a bonding they had'indu said..u
guys r my family and indu singh respects his family members a lot'indu
continued to say'I love u all.. u r not only my frnds but also my
brothers'''.they all felt happy and shared lovely moments.



Next day indu was bathing in his bathroom..he was living in
his hostel room 'he came out in his towel and he was without his vest'not
realizing..sanchi came inside in a hurry just to show him the scetches


she had made for their room in their new house.. sanchi
looked at indu and was unable to see indu
in this situation..she turned around towards the window..sanchi felt a
hesitation and cannot look back'.indu smiled at her and came near her..sanchi started to feel nervous..indu was behind her '
he came near her ear and sanchi closed her eyes'. Indu said ..I LOVE U and he
touched her shoulders softly.. sanchi's
body began to feel his men's presence and her heart started to beat
faster' it was happened with her the second time after she had declared her
love for indu..indu turned her around and sanchi felt hesitation to look over
indu'she looked down and was unable to meet his eyes.. indu touched her mouth
and raised up to his face' sanchi looked up at indu's eyes'he too looked at her
eyes..then indu said'sanchiji now it's the time u should start looking at me in
this condition'we r still married and u should not feel any hesitation by
looking at me' indu teased her saying..
I know I look really handsome but
I m afraid of u sanchiji..i m alone in this room with u.. u could do anything
with me'.sanchiji why r u glaring at me like this'mana ki hum launde chauchak
hai par apni buri nazar na daliye humpe, hume darr lagta hai''..sanchi
slightly beated a hand on his shoulders
and she laughed'indu too laughed and again with the wonderful moment' they
looked up in each others eyes..they were both out in
their own world of love gazing at each other .





insa were lost into their world luking deep into each other's eyes when they r distracted by maiyyaji's voice.insa came up back from their dreamyland and sanchi asked indu...chale..indu like a gentleman let sanchi move out first..insa came out to the hall where maiiyaji was surprized to see sanchi and she felt happy..sanchi came up to malti devi and bent down to take her sasuma's blessings..malti blessed her and asked sanchi what she was doing there as she should be in her maika before the marriage rituals take place...indu just to make fun asked sanchi to tell maiiya why she came there..sanchi felt ackward as she can't tell her sasuma that she came here to show the design of the bedroom where she and indu will live after marriage..malti looked up at sanchi for an ans and indu again asked sanchi to speak up teasing her..sanchi uttered mai...mai...mai wo..wo...and indu said ha ha sanchiji wo ke aage kya..maiya felt like oh goditna waqt bolne me..sanchi thought to herself looking up at indu...ye aapne hume kaha fasa diya and naughty indu smiled at her..then sanchi finally said that she came to meet her just to tell that her parents wanted to know that when ...looking up to indu..inke papa kab aayege..then in exitement sanchi said...i did'nt wanted to ask this question but my ma papa wanted to know..convinced malti replied that he is all well now and will be coming here in 2-3 days..aftr answering sanchi felt relaxed and malti excused herself as she had to leave for a public meeting...now insa were alone and sanchi said to indu...ye aap kya kar rahe the..aaj to hum fas hi gaye the..jante h na aap ki sasuma in reeti- riwajo ko kitna maanti hai..phr bhi..indu smiled and said dharampatniji i m sorry..humse galti ho gai.dobara aisa na karege and he asked cutely for a sorry and sanchi smiled(it was a time of her life when she was and wanted to feel happy...she was seeing the world in a new light)...sanchi said ok..humne aapko maaf kiya par dobara se aisa karege to hum aapse baat nhi karege..indu smiled and said ok deviji ..aur kch...sanchi said nothing more and she is getting late as ma will be waiting for her..sanchi tried to go in rush and suddenly slipped and was about to fall when she was saved by her own man..she had falled in his strong arms..again they had an eyelock and then sanchi realized that she had to leave..indu was lost in her eyes..sanchi shaked her hands to ask..aap kaha kho gaye..hume chodiye..indu realized and they stood up..both felt so umcomfortable..sanchi was about to go when indu said to stop for few minutes as he wanted to say something to her..sanchi said no i m getting late and will listen to u if she would like to listen..sanchi moved out smiling as she wanted to tease indu just like he teased her (akhir sanchi hai)...indu leaned oved the door and loudly said to walking away sanchi...sanchiji aapse baat to hum karke rahege...dkh lena and saying so he blushed and kissed the wall.


sanchi and mehak were in the market shopping for sarees as ma has asked sanchi to buy some 6--7 sarees of her choice..sanchi's phone was in vibration mode in her bag..indu was with his gang and overjoyed on the thought of him and sanchi be all together for their entire life..indu blushed and his frnds were able to listen the fast running heartbeats of indu...guddu,yogi,lucky and rajjo started teasing indu..indu felt shy..indu thought to himself..what a chance life has brought to him..the man who never feared anyone,is a sher and hated grls is in the love of his princess sanchiji..the gang was overjoyed and indu was unable to bear the distance btwn him and sanchiji..he wanted to meet her somehow and he was getting curious..the gang understood their bhaiyaji's curiousnous and guddu suggested his bhaiyaji to make a call to their beloved bhabhiji and set up a meeting...indu felt that the idea is chauchak and in so much exitement indu kissed guddu...indu made a phone call to sanchiji but as she was busy so she did'nt recognized that her phone was vibrating.indu thought why sanchiji is not picking up the phone..she never does so.yogi advised to call mehakji as sanchiji would be with her best frnd..indu did so..mehak luked up at the call and teased sanchi saying...look apke shauhar ji ka mann aapke bina lag nhi raha hai..sanchi made a face and looked up at mehak..mehak said ..ok baba ok gussa kyn hoti ho..hum hi baat kar lete hai...mehak picked up the phone and teased indu..indu was blushing at her saali sahiba's words and sanchi was making faces..mehak informed his jiju that they r shopping in the manohar market and indu asked mehak to give phone to sanchi...as sanchi was busy looking up at the sarees so she did'nt wanted to talk to indu at that time..she was confused between a green and a red saree as both were looking so lovely...forced by mehak..sanchi took up the call and said hello..indu was happy to hear her voice..he felt like sanchi was near him..indu said that he wants to meet her but sanchi said no as she is busy and confused...indu thought..oh my sanchiji what happened..aap pareshan kyn hai..sanchi in a slow voice spoke up that she is confused between two sarees..one red and the other green..indu said whats the prlm sanchiji..why to get confused..just purchase both of them...indu's gang was listening to the talk enjoying the conversation...sanchi said ..no induji... these sarees r so heavy so she is only in a mood to purchase one of them,however they r so beautiful that she and mehak both r confused...indu replied sanchiji aap conphujen me mat padiye aur bina kch soche laal rang waali saadi khareed lijiye kynki aap laal rang me bahut khoobsurat lagti hai...listening it sanchi smiled again and said ok she will do so and now she is going to cut the call as she has to do some more shopping..indu again urged sanchi to meet him...sanchi smiled and said...no induji humne kaha na abhi nhi ho skta...indu said bas 2 min. ke liye mil lijiyega sanchiji..but just to tease him sanchi said a big bye and ended up the call.


[DIV]indu felt like..awh..sanchiji ne call cut kar diya khti hai busy hai...aapne pati se jyada jaruri kaam..yahi hota hai shaadi ke baad..pati ki koi izzat
 nhi reh jaati ..and his gang was smiling at him..indu stood up from chair...and said...aapse mulakaat to hum karke rahege sanchiji and he gave a cute smile...his frnds agreed...aftr about 15 mins.. sanchi and mehak were in some another shop purchasing for designer sarees when mehak saw indu standing near them..sanchi was busy selecting the sarees when she was interrupted by mehak who asked sanchi to look towards rhe entrance...sanchi looked up at the shop entrance to see indu...indu was smiling looking at her.

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buddhi kam hai...
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bareily chalo...pagal khaane
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