Hema's Concert in Boston! [Updated PICS!]

Posted: 2006-07-18T15:52:56Z

Big smileOkay the Concert through my eyes:
Me and My dad drice to regaant theatre. we park, and go inside (1.5 hours before show starts). We get the tickets for 30$. Goto an ATM machine at a bank. Go back inside, and My dad's freind (ticket lady) says that u just Missed Hema, he walked right by. So we goto the auditorium, and see him on the stage practicing the voice and stuff. There wasn;t a croud, only 10-20 people. WE sat down. then my dad's friend (owner of the theatre) brings us to the stage, along with few other people. Handshakes and stuff. Me Hema talk. Studies and stuff. I take coulpe of pics with him. get his autograph and stuff...we get of stage and sit somewhere in the $40 dollar rows..some time later the show starts:

Show started with Hema singing Kal Ho No Ho...PERFECT
He sings another song - complete perfectism
Then I think HemaBindu comes up, sings, some duests...

Then local talent (Rita - first time on stage singin) she was great. Then rahul I think comes up and Sings - EXCELLENT!

Hema / BNindu come up and sing...Asked question on whose gonna dance and stuff. No one raised there hand. The start singing song finishes. Another song (same question) It was Come to Me I think. Som kid 2 rows in front of me goes up to stage and starts dancing 0 pretty good) song finishes. then he sang his First teluge song. ( I think he sang this before come to Me)
Break again - local talent comes up.
Hema / bindu back - sing some mre, 2-3 more people come to the stage and dance. Then Hema sang some famous telgue song - I didn't get a word he said, but the music was great.
hemaBindu sings song (her audition song i think) it was GREAT!..she sang couple more songs. THEY WERE ALL GREAT.
Hema sings Alag - like always - PERFECT!
Break - IOnterval...
show starts with Hema singin Presi I think, it was awsome But he only sang like 3-4 lines of it. Then with ramta jogi...
another break. after break - HemaBindu coomes up with awsome songs - they were GREAT!
then final 4 songs - Nach baliye - Hema and Bindu. people on stage dancing.in last two songs this Old guy comes up. He was dancing like CRAZY! Hip Hop stuff, with the feet and his wife - same thing... They were the Ghetto old people LOL His last song was Dil Chata hain

I know I screwed up in the oreder of songs, but the thing was long. Hope u lke it Big smile



Me with Hema...wow, I feel tallLOL

This is Hema Bindu singing her audition song I think..Excellent!

Hema and Hemabindu singing a Duet, and there are people from the audience dancing.

This is one of the mest up pics. The skinny lady on the stage dancing is the owner of the place, and my dad's friend. The lady to the left is Rita - Local talent.

That's Rahul (or Rohit. forgot name) - Local Talent. He is an excellent singer!

Hema/Bindu duet. I thnk it's a Telugu song.

This is "Come To Me" duet. The kid to the left in black is Hip HoppingSmile

IDK what this song was, but was great.

This is Hema, can't se that clear, cuz he's wraing black.


One of the final performence's.

Same performnce

THis was Kajra re I think. If u look closeley to the guy in blue to he right, he was the Ghetto old guy, Hip Hop dudeBig smile

Same performance.

Now u can see the Blue Shirt guy more better.

Final performanceCryDil Chata Hain. It was great.

Same performance.

SAme performance lat picture

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Posted: 2006-07-18T15:55:04Z
And he has sung a song in "Good Boy Bad Boy" Wink
and in "DIl Diya hai" Wink
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Posted: 2006-07-18T16:14:41Z
Thanks SDK for the cool update.. looking forward to see pics (we hv already seen Hema we want to see you)
Big smile Big smile Big smile

By the way I reread your post just to count how many times you used the word - STUFF... LOL LOL LOL
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Posted: 2006-07-18T16:16:23Z
LOL LOL pics - come tommorow Big smile
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Posted: 2006-07-18T16:47:50Z
wow, great!!! looking forward to see pics Smile
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Posted: 2006-07-18T17:14:14Z
thx 4 de update...woww u ppl r soo lucky dat get 2 meet hemuu Smile
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Posted: 2006-07-18T17:59:53Z
LOL Confused
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