PTV Prime showz

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Posted: 2005-05-13T17:22:35Z

hey guyz...................the onleeee paki channal i have iz ptvCry

want the other 2 sooooooo bad.............

oh well

does ne1 watch ptv here..............all discussionz r abt ary n geo showz..............i feel left out0

well nowadays der r 2 really really gud showz on

Saharay (fridat @8)

and phir youn love hua saturad @ 8)

der r otherz but i regularly watch onlt these 2.........................cuz itz on weekendz

so if ne1 watchezz them............or wants 2 discuss dem or want updatez..............i can help u er

and if der r other gud showz on tell me abt dem...........................i wud luv 2 watch

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Posted: 2005-05-14T00:05:28Z

oh don't feel that way Paki Shehzadi

well ven my dish was working we were watching Duniya Dari on it, it was a very simple, and gharilo story,

but could watch afew last episodes :(

is Saharye an old drama, I think I heard this name before!

and ya we were watchin Manziallian too, staring nadia khan

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Posted: 2005-05-14T10:40:06Z

i saw manzilain and dunya dari...i saw the was so sad.........Cry


dunno how old saharay is

itz starrin sajid hassan and javeria jalil

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Posted: 2005-05-15T00:00:41Z

oh really it was sad :(

kya howa the end main Duniya Dari keh, plz plz plz can u plz tell me in short, if u can, I thought, keh woh saab last main eik saath ho jaye gaye, Confused

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Posted: 2005-05-15T16:10:11Z

no that was the sad part.......


the dad sold the house and he was all sad and everything the sons didnt even care and then b/c they were facing their own probz (oldest son lost his job cuz he was takin rishwat....2nd son was a pharmacist and he was mixing fake stuff w/ medicine and selling it so he got put in jail but dad bailed him son's wife was pregnant and he went away 4 work so she couldnt look after herself so her baby died )  after these problems the 3 sons decided 2 go back home they take their stuff and go home to find that dad sold it. when they came in the dad like u wanted the money here have it have all of it im an old man what am i gonna do w/ all this  $$ while saying that he wat throwing the bills at them. all were crying and 3 sons and daughter in laws were feeling guilty.




basically thats what happen in the last episode

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Posted: 2005-05-17T00:10:05Z


Thanks alot Paki Princess

oh thats sad, well his sons and his daughter-in-laws deserve all this, especailly the youngest one.  I cann't believe how she use to talk to his father-in-law,

Thanks alot once again!

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Posted: 2005-05-17T14:36:41Z

ur welcome ..................yea she deserved a lot more


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