Revised Rules on KaJen Topics/Discussions/Pictures

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Posted: 7 years ago
Hi guys,

This new topic is in regards to the 'No KaJen' topic posted yesterday, and I think we [Gun and I] need to make a few things very clear.

When we say no to KaJen topics, we do NOT say no to KSG topics.

For example:

  • If an event/award function is posted and it is related to QH and KSG is present with wife Jennifer, then YES the pictures of that event are allowed to be posted on the forum. However, if the discussion ends up being about Jennifer or any comparison between AsYa and KaJen, then the topic will be closed and pictures moved to the Picture Gallery.
  • If it's an event such as a friend's marriage which was attended by KSG and Jennifer then NO, that is not allowed to be posted. Because that is KSG and Jennifer's personal thing and they are not related to QH. And no, this does not happen because Jennifer is an actress. Such KSG-Jennifer personal images which DO NOT have to do with QH/after the launch of QH will be posted in the DMG forum and the KaJen AT in the DMG forum, regardless of the number of people in that forum.
  • Secondly, any SBS/SBB videos ARE allowed to be posted in this forum, ONLY if they relate to QH and have BOTH KaJen in it. Any single videos about Jennifer only is NOT allowed.
Many might claim that this is NOT fair, etc., but as an example, the Punar Vivah forum does the exact same thing as we do. They allow any pictures etc which has to do with Gurmeet and Debina AND Punar Vivah on the forum whereas, all personal pics are posted in the Picture Gallery.

All we ask for is that KaJen personal pics NOT make rounds on this forum whereas, any pictures in which everything is related to QH, awards function and interviews where KSG is there along with Jennifer be allowed in the forum.

This is the best compromise for everyone and the most fair resolution.

This topic will not remain open/up for discussion and if any member has things they would like to discuss, PM the Dev Team |Persephone| or *Shifali* [It' s a request that please PM one or the other and not both of us together and also because we reply fastest to PMs too! LOL]

Thank you,
QH Dev Team
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